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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Goal Setting

I think it's time again for me to set a realistic goal for myself in the current programs I'm in.

First off, PaidVerts.

My target is to move to Group 9 within the next 2 weeks. I currently have 1,058,856 BAP which puts me on Group 8. I'm planning to buy ad packs with the small dollars left in my payment processor accounts courtesy of payments I received from programs I'm in. In addition, I have 140 PV shares remaining. If I can at least sell them at a net of 700 BAP per share, that will give me 98000 BAP. That being said, I will probably need around 250K BAP more to reach the goal. That means full repurchase mode and probably buy/sell of PV shares. I'll be requesting one payment later today or tomorrow though, then on to full repurchase until I reach Group 9.

Next is PowerAdCash.

I have 56 shares at the moment and will be doing a full repurchase mode until I reach 200 shares before requesting a small payment just to have a payment proof. The daily percentage is playing around 2 - 3%. What I like about the program is that the shares cost only $1 which makes it easy for small players like me to increase my shares.

On to ProShareProfits.

I will be continuing on with my current strategy which is to upgrade (up to the maximum amount equivalent to my daily earnings) after surfing for the day. So my profit would be the 11% earning that comes from the latest upgrade I make. Let's say that my daily earning is $10. After I surf the 1 ad requirement, I will get paid instant to my PM account. I will then upgrade with $10 (provided that that's available from the upgrade option). Technically, I just put the money I received, right? But then, I will actually receive an instant payment of $1.1 which is 11% of the $10 upgrade. So that will serve as my profit for the day. I'm already in profit with the program, so that strategy works fine with me.

What about ClickAdPays?

I have already earned my seed money back after requesting a payment. Actually I'm still $0.44 less from reaching BEP due to the high Paypal fees but no matter. What's important is that I will now be playing with profits from now on. I have 11 active shares remaining. My target is to reach 20 shares before doing a 90-10 repurchase rule. As I have mentioned previously, the daily % is no longer as high as it used to. Looking at my back office, it seems like the % has dropped to less than 2% daily. So proceed with caution should you decide to join. On the other hand, the membership base is still growing. I'm just not sure if the number of new members purchasing ad packs is growing too or if the newbies are simply free ones.


I have already removed 777Payouts from my list. Earnings are slow and membership growth is almost stagnant. The admin's refusal to increase the maximum limit of ad pack purchase is one major factor why the shares aren't earning fast enough. Since the earnings are slow, there's no excitement. And without any excitement, there's no promotion happening.

Now I understand why ShowYourLinks (admin's other site) stalled as well. It's a shame really since the program caught the attention of some big promoters earlier on.

Friday, October 24, 2014


That's the best term I can use for the market share price of PV shares at MTV. At the time of this post a PV share is worth $0.19 in term of the $ value and 800 BAP (if you sell your share in exchange for BAP).

I've sold all my shares in exchange for BAP. I just crossed the 1M BAP mark because of it. I purchased 50 shares earlier and in just less than 2 hours, I've sold them for 798-799 BAP. I got them for $0.1899 per share. If you use the computation I've posted the last time, that gives me an additional 185 for each share or a total gain of 9250 BAP. So I've decided to buy 90 more shares ($0.19 per share). I'm just waiting for it to be approved so I can list it for 798 BAP again or higher (depending on the market price).


ClickAdPays seems to have bounced back after being down due to some issues. Earnings may not be as fast before the downtime but still averaging around 5-8%. Member count is still growing but there are many of active ad packs in the system as well, hence the lower %. At the same time the early joiners and/or big players are probably not purchasing more than the required 50% mandatory repurchase rule. I have enough to request for a cashout. Once I have my seed money back, I'll be repurchasing for the most part and ride the rest of the game.


Earnings from 777Payouts on the other hand is as slow as growing molasses. The admin's firm decision not to increase the maximum daily ad pack purchase (from payment processors) is limiting the program, IMO. I have contacted the admin and gave my suggestion but he stood firm with his own idea. So that's that. I'll give the program a few more days to see if there would be any improvement. If there isn't, I'll be removing the banner from this blog.


While the daily % from revshare programs are declining, the daily percentage earnings from ProShareProfits is steady at 11% for 12 days. I'm doing a daily upgrade here though it's not required for me to follow a 50-50 rule. That rule is imposed only for accounts that have an active upgrade totaling $200. What I'm following is almost 90% re-upgrade. I'm already in profit with the program so it's just right to give back. At the same time, it actually increases my account.

Btw, I am one of the winners of the referral contest. I received $15 in my Paypal account for it. I just didn't add that in my list of payments because I only post the ones from my PM balance.


If you failed to read the email update from PerfectAdSolution, the admin mentioned about a complete restart due to the fact that the program has almost depleted funds and can no longer support the daily earnings. I have stopped promoting PAS when they restructured the comp plan. I cited flaws with the comp plan and I think others also found it to be not enticing for players. I'll take another look into the program once the admin releases the new comp plan. If the comp plan is good enough, I'll probably play.


PowerAdCash is a program that I joined sometime ago (August 2 to be exact). I didn't pay attention to it that much and only put in a very small amount to play with. However, recent announcements and movements made me do a double-take and will be building my account here. This one is considered to be long term program because of the low daily %. The daily average is just about 1-2%.


And yes, those are Adhitz ads that you're seeing. I used to have it in my blog before I changed it to a CoinUrl banner. My reason for switching back? Well, there seems to be a problem with credits at CoinUrl and the earnings is simply too slow for it to be worth it. Another reason is because of the emails I received from some advertisers inquiring as to how they can advertise here. If anyone wants to advertise in my blog, then they can simply buy an ad space through Adhitz.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Brief Insight on the New Programs

So many new programs, so little time and low playing funds. lol! Before you join any or all of them, let's discuss them a little to give you an idea of whether to jump in or not, shall we?

This is a 4X1 matrix program wherein your $5 will earn $20 upon cycling. Here's the twist: for positions that haven't cycled yet, they will earn 3% daily until they cycle. Great comp plan, right? Win-win for all. There's a BIG flaw in the comp plan. Since it's a 4X1 matrix, the $20 from the 4 new positions that will be purchased is used to pay for the top position. So where's the fund that will pay for the daily returns of those non-cycled positions? Don't forget, there's also ref commissions that will be paid out too. So if you do the math, the program will be in serious debt and will likely collapse in just 1-2 days. UNLESS, the admin has a pre-stacked positions himself wherein the earnings from it will be used to pay for the daily % of the non-cycled positions. The best thing that the admin can do is to set the matrix earnings to at least $15 (might even be better if it's simply a 200% ROI with a 3X1 matrix) in order to have about $5 reserve funds for every 4 new positions purchased. The reserve funds will be used to pay the daily %.

A new program from Charles Scoville (admin of  AdHitProfits). In addition to AHP, he previously owned a string of PTC sites namely infinitybux, tviptc, buxsecure and some others (including a few revshares prior to AHP). His PTC sites were labeled scams after he failed to pay his members. About the program: ROI is 110% which is actually the right thing to do for a revshare program. I've been a proponent of lower ROI. IMO, that's the best way to ensure that a revshare program goes along way. You can read my posts last year where I shared my insight on how a revshare comp plan should be. The main problem here though (in terms of comp plan) is the HIGH ad pack cost which is $50. If he can lower down the value of ad packs to $5 or even $10, this could be a big hit, provided that people forget their losses from his previous programs and still join. The problem with a $50 value ad pack is that he cuts down the number of potential members by a chunk since small players won't be able to join. If they do, it's going to take them a long time to reach $50 again to repurchase. By that time, the big players would already be cashing out after compounding for a while.

There are 2 plans that you can join: 3-4% Daily earning plan and a revshare. If you choose to play on the revshare program alone, you need to buy a daily earning plan at least. Both have 150% ROI with a 25% repurchase rule. Expect that members will be playing mostly on the revshare program. They'll probably just buy 1-2 daily earning plans but they will focus more on the revshare during launch. I'm a bit iffy on how they claim to be partners with Amazon, ClickBank, Apple, JustCloud and ShareASale.

Note: I'm not a member (yet) in any of the programs I discussed above.

My BAP strategy is working for me. I'm earning additional 50-65 BAP for every share I sell. It's roughly equivalent to getting 3500 BAP per $1 instead of 3100 BAP when you buy ad packs directly from PaidVerts. If not for the big players who always sell their shares by thousands with a low value, it would have been easy to earn 80-100 BAP per sold share.

I received my 1st payment from 777Payouts which was processed in less than 24 hours. My next plan is to do a full repurchase until the end of the month but I'll observe the daily earnings of course to gauge if the revshare is still moving or not.

The reason why l still haven't cashed out from ClickAdPays is due to the high minimum withdrawal amount of $25. For a small player like me who currently have 12 active shares, the minimum withdrawal is high. I'm a just $3 away from reaching the minimum amount though. I'm currently following a certain repurchase rule in order to replenish the expiring ad packs. I repurchase whenever I have $3.5 in my Repurchase balance which means to say that $1.5 is taken out of my Cash Balance. So that's a 71-29 repurchase rule. Once I have withdrawn my initial seed money ($25), I'll probably go on a full compound mode for several days before setting a 90-10 repurchase rule. It looks like CAP may stay for a while since the revshare % seems to be steadily holding above 10% daily.

The referral contest of ProShareProfits ends today. It looks like I may earn a bonus of $15, unless, someone kicks me out of the top 10 sponsors.

Btw, if you see a cash balance in your PSP account, that is actually a stuck ref commission. It could be due to your ref using Paypal or a minor glitch in the automatic payment system for ref commisions. Just simply request for the admin to send it to you manually. Use the live support for faster resolution.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The BAP Strategy

We all know that when you buy ad pack at PaidVerts directly, you will get 3100 BAPs, But you can get more BAPs and get your money's worth when you do it from MyTrafficValue. I find buying PV shares at MTV and reselling them in exchange for BAP is a better way to increase BAP for PaidVerts.

Now before you go and start buying PV shares and reselling them in exchange for BAPs, you need to learn first the formula to get the minimum BAP value you're going to sell your PV shares in order to really gain BAP. So here's how it is:

  1. Get the Price ($) of PV shares you purchased
  2. Multiply that by 1.55 (which is the computation used when you buy ad packs at PV directly)
  3. Multiply the amount you get from step 2 by 1.03 (to include the fees you will incur for selling your shares)
  4. Divide the amount you came up with by 0.0005 (that's the value of 1 BAP in terms of $ equivalent)
  5. The value you come up with in the end is your minimum selling value (BAP). That's actually the same exact value you will get when you purchase ad packs directly from PaidVerts itself. So you may want to sell your shares higher than the value you arrived with.
Here's an example:
PV share value ($): $0.1476
To get the minimum BAP value you're going to resell it for:
BAP value = 0.1476 X 1.55 X 1.03 / 0.0005
BAP Value = 471.2868 or round it up to 472
So if you sell your PV shares for 482 BAP per share, you earned 10 BAP more as compared to when you buy ad pack directly from PaidVerts. If you were able to sell it for 522 BAP, then you earned 50 BAP more per share. So if you have 1000 PV shares, you will have earned additional 50K BAP.

That's the strategy I've been doing lately. Instead of me using my earnings to buy an ad pack, I use it instead to buy a PV share and resell it for BAP. Of course, you won't get advertising credits for buying PV shares at MTV.

ClickAdPays is getting additional attention after the owner of MyAdvertisingPays issued a warning to his members not to join CAP or risk getting their accounts suspended. The MAP admin inadvertently advertised CAP by doing so. Furthermore, it alienated some of his members that are also in CAP and made those members decide to leave MAP for good in exchange for CAP. So expect those disgruntled MAP members to cash out their earnings and put it in CAP.

777Payouts now follows a 50-50 repurchase rule. Since earnings are automatically split between Unpaid Balance and Re-purchase Balance, anyone who buys only 1 ad pack won't be able to repurchase his earnings since the script doesn't allow combining Unpaid and Re-purchase balances. Therefore, anyone who wants to join 777Payouts should at least have the capability to buy 2 ad packs or have $10 to play with. If you only have $5, you might want to try ClickAdPays instead or ProShareProfits (for a limited time only since the upgrade is $2 at the moment which may change back to $10 afterwards).

ProShareProfits has been paying for 30 days already which is a rare feat for a program with a compensation plan of 11% for 12 days.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cashout and Repurchase Rules

There's a 14-day withdrawal rule that's existing at PaidVerts as an added account security. When you add funds or purchase an ad pack straight from a payment processor, you can only withdraw from that said payment processor within a 14-day period. Any attempt to withdraw to another payment processor will give you a message saying that you have deposited / made a purchase so and so with a different payment processor.

But what if you added funds or purchased ad packs from at least 2 different payment processors? Then, you won't be able to request any payments at all within 14 days.

Speaking of withdrawal rules, ClickAdPays may increase the minimum withdrawal amount from $5 to $25 today. In my opinion, the admin should just set it to $10 since that's the minimum deposit amount. I believe that a site's minimum withdrawal value should always be equal or less than to the minimum deposit.

Just in case I failed to inform you in my previous post, CAP follows a 50-50 rule in terms of earnings. It means that every 30 minutes, the earnings from your ad packs will be evenly split into Cash Balance and Repurchase Balance. You can however, combine these 2 when repurchasing. Of course, you can only withdraw the amount in your Cash Balance.

To give you an idea on how fast/slow the revshare is, here's a screenshot of my shares:

Take note that I haven't withdrawn anything yet and only received $1.5 in ref commission. My apologies as well for not taking down notes on the average daily ROI. I was relying on a post from an MMG member as to the average daily %. Unfortunately, that said member stopped posting the daily returns. I guess he simply doesn't want to scare off potential new members by showing that the daily percentage isn't as high as it was a week ago. I was able to at least take note of the time when I purchased the last ad pack shown in my screenshot. At the time of this post, that one was purchased 14 hours ago. So if you do the math, within that 14-hour period, it has at least earned 7.18%.

Minimum upgrade amount at ProShareProfits is back at $10. The admin has tested $5 and $2 amounts but put it back to $10 per upgrade. I guess that move is to ensure that members who use STP or EgoPay are able to earn at least a minimum amount of $1 daily which is the minimum requirement by the payment processors themselves for sending payments. A member (who uses STP or EgoPay) earning less than $1 from his upgrade won't receive instant payments because the payment processors won't allow it. I just wish the admin allows members who use PerfectMoney to upgrade with $2 or $5 amounts since the minimum amount required to be sent by PM is just $0.01 if I'm not mistaken.

If any of you is considering to upgrade using Paypal, remember that you won't get paid directly to your Paypal account on a daily basis. Instead, you will have to request for it after 12 days (when your upgrade expires).

I'm sure that you have noticed my banner for a new program called 777Payouts. It's a brand new revshare program that was launched 2 days ago. It's from an experienced admin who also owned the program called ShowYourLinks.

So here's how the program works:

  • Ad packs cost $5 each
  • You will earn a total of $7.77 (hence the site's name)
  • You can only buy a maximum of 2 ad packs from a payment processor a day. The rule excludes repurchase from balance.
  • It follows a 70/30 rule - 70% of your earnings will go to your Cash Balance and 30% to your Repurchase Balance
  • You can't combine both balances to purchase an ad pack
Here's one thing you need to know: ad packs are added MANUALLY. It may take up to 8 hours to add them upon purchase.

The reason why I joined this is because the program is still new and that the growth is a slow but steady one. I also see a good variety of known leaders who joined the program recently.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Here we go again!

It looks like the PTA / Revshare section is still the one that's getting the attention these days. That's to be expected since admins of plain HYIPs fail to deliver. New plain HYIPs are turning scams in just less than a week, barely allowing even day 1 players to break even.

I've never been a fan of plain HYIPs. I don't like how they boast that they have outside source of income, when it's not true at all. Those fake businesses lure unsuspecting newbies and when they get burned, they most likely won't be participating in the future. I shudder to think what happens next to that person who just got scammed of his life savings or insurance. And that's why I prefer PTA / RevSare / Hybrid programs that sell advertising. True, people join because of the compensation plan but at least, they're aware how the program works and understand that there's no BS "outside income". And when they know that nothing's guaranteed, they will only play with what they can spare.

Anyhow, you might have noticed that I just added a new banner. That's for ClickAdPays. I joined the program on September 12 but never participated because they don't accept PerfectMoney. The program had a restart as well and it looks to be working just fine. CAP is basically a revshare program. 80% of the sales revenue is distributed every 30 minutes to existing ad packs. Each ad pack costs $5 and will expire after earning a total of $6.25 or an ROI of 125%. You can purchase ad packs using Paypal, Payza or STP.

Just in case you're curious as to how fast the revshare is, here's a screenshot of my shares:

I bought my first 5 shares 18 hours ago from the time of this post. That is roughly a 24% return within that time frame.

There's a new update sent by the admin of AdzPays:
Dear Friends,
I am really very grateful to you all for your votes and email messages. I was close to tears reading some of your emails that shared your suggestions, opinions and, most importantly and most touching, your praises to me and my team for even running the program longer than most expected. Anyway, I can only say "THANK YOU" and I promise to do better where I have been considered good, and do good where I haven't been good. Thanks to you all once again.
Going by the voting results, I see that most members voted for "A Complete System Re-Start", which means a total relaunch of a "new" program. I will release details of the program later (once I can raise enough funds to get the system set up). I am also speaking to Chris of Shadow Scripts for a possible agreement for installment payment as I am yet to raise full cash for the new system.

Meanwhile, we had another issue with STP. They reversed some deposits in our account and took back the funds from our balance. They seem to be blocking certain accounts and reversing the funds already paid by those accounts for purchase on our site. This has literarily put our account in red. Note, we don't have any issues with STP and our Account is intact and our relationship with STP is great too. We have written to them and waiting for any possible response and favourable action.
Please, expect the next update soon.
Will I join the new program? Yes, I will. The admin has proven himself to be fair, so expect me to promote the new program once it's known to all of us.

Someone just clicked ads with a total worth of $1000 yesterday at PaidVerts. He has more than 100M BAP and the only person in BAP Group 14. It looks like he reached that level by selling his PV shares at MTV in exchange for BAP. As for me, I'm still trying to get into Group 9. I need about 600K BAP to do so.

While most programs are failing, I'm surprised to see that ProShareProfits is still paying, despite the low number of members. Although, I think the low member count and slow but steady growth is the key for it's current success. I wish though that the admin gets someone to improve the site's design or use a better script.