Saturday, January 24, 2015

Make it your Business to Learn about the Business

Some posts in the MTV forum will make you a little bit insane. And I'm not kidding!

I don't know why some won't even try to learn how PaidVerts works before they start asking the same questions over and over. It's exhausting sometimes to explain the same thing over and over to the same person. So I'll probably just attempt once or twice to help them out. If they still don't understand it, I think I'll leave it to the others to explain it. Perhaps they just need a different way of explaining it to them.

I haven't discussed yet the full business model of Paidverts in this blog. I was actually reserving it for my part 2 of "how PV works" but since I can't seem to wrap my head around the PV guide, I might as well give you a brief rundown. Aside from the "Where are the ads?" post, another popular question is "Where's the big ads?" Even when the total value of ads that was released is more than $200K, they still ask that question? Really?

So how does Jo arrive with a daily ad issue? First, let's take a look at how your $1 is used when you buy a bulk ad campaign:
$1 bulk ads purchase gives you some free banner impressions, and 50 visits to your website for at least 30 seconds each (verified by a captcha), after users type 3 lines of text about your offering. And it also gives you 3100 BAP (3100 * $0.0005 = $1.55 worth of ads will be delivered ASAP)
- $0.10 of purchases go to MTV portfolio
- $0.10 of purchases go to your upline.
- $0.10 are paid to the user over 10 days, a 1% value ad will be issued each day.
- $0.10 creates 10x1% ads that are issued to "super user upgraded users" at random
- $0.10 are added to the daily ad issue ($0.05 today, $0.05 tomorrow)
- $0.50 is invested at MTV to return 2.5x (via the FT250 plan, or buying & selling shares)
From the given breakdown above, let me explain each one.

MTV porfolio - 10% allocation
- PV was created using the development funds that came from the Fast Track Investment Programs of MyTrafficValue. And each portfolio of MTV is designed to pay back the cost that was used to build those programs. They are required to pay back 3.63 times the value that was borrowed to pay the FT investors back.

Upline - 10% allocation
- direct ref commission of your sponsor

Paid to user - 10% allocation
- This is your personal 1% ads. So when you buy an ad pack worth $100, you will receive a paid ad worth $1 (which is 1% of the $100 purchase) for 10 days.

Super User Upgrade - 10% allocation
- So 10% of the value of the purchased bulk ad will be divided into 10 paid ads which will then be randomly sent to those who upgraded to Mini or Mega.

Daily Ad Issue - 10% allocation
- As you can see, only 10% is actually reserved for the daily ad issue. 5% for the day's ad issue and the remaining 5% is added for tomorrow's daily ad issue

MTV Investment - 50% allocation
- So half of the total ad pack purchases are invested into MTV (either in the 250% Fast Track Plan or shares)

For each ad pack purchased, the system automatically clears out 30% of the 155% debt by means of sending ads (Personal 1%, Super User ads, Daily ads), So the remaining 125% will have to be generated by the MTV Investment. The 250% Fast Track can easily clear the remaining debt since it will generate the exact remaining amount needed to clear out the debt.
$1.55 debt - $0.30 instantly created ads = $1.25
$0.50 invested x 2.5 = $1.25

If you have questions or need a clarification on the business model, feel free to post them below.


My first 2 cashouts from PaidVerts were paid yesterday. You can see them in the right hand side of this page. Those were my biggest cashouts so far since I joined the program in April 2014.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Don't limit yourself

If you're already in PaidVerts clicking your ads daily, you might want to check what the parent site (MyTrafficValue) offers. I strongly suggest that you start buying shares even if it's just 1 share a day. After a few months, you'll be glad that you did.

Whenever PV had to commence a Swap, BAP will be converted to shares. And when MTV's Fast Track Plans need a reset as well, there's what we call a Debt Swap wherein the FT values are converted to shares too. As you can see, shares is the main denominator of these 2 programs.

Two-face - That's the right term for those who always flip their opinions based on the daily ad issue. lol! When daily ad issue is low, you'll see them post "PaidVerts Scam", then when a big ad issue comes in, you'll see them apologizing and/or saying "We love you Jo / PaidVerts". They seem to have dual personalities, eh?

It pays to read. Before you make a comment, do some back reading first because that question of yours may have already been answered. And use all tools at your disposal. If you have access to the Shareholder Control Panel, then use it. It takes time getting to learn the ropes but once you get the hang of it, you'll appreciate the power of having access to it.

It seems that a lot of members still don't know that they no longer need to manually copy/paste the 3 lines in PaidVerts. There are icons beside those 3 lines that you can click which will do the copy/paste function for you.

Another complain that I tend to read in the MTV forum is TOO MANY ads. However, the reason for that is because they purchase the recycle upgrade without getting an ad filter first. On the page where you will make the purchase of the Recycle Upgrade, you'll see a warning message about the possibility of getting 2000 ads worth $0.0005 each. So if you ignore that warning, then it's your fault for getting those hundreds of ads. Buy an ad filter first before you purchase the Recycle Upgrade.

Finally, my 14-day wait will be over tomorrow. I will then be allowed to cashout via PM starting tomorrow and then with any other payment processor the day after.

I have removed the banners for ShareAdPays. It looks like the season for pure revshare programs is over unless someone comes up with a better comp plan with multiple payment processors. I guess, I'll be sticking with the current programs in my portfolio until I can add another one.

I'm actually eyeing on a new program that will launch in a few days. Not sure yet if I'm going to join or not. Just check the banners on the right side of this page. If you see a new one in the next few days, then you'll know what I'm talking about.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sore Fingers

I just clicked about tons of $0.01 recycled ads. There was an issue with the Recycle Ad system in the past few days and so there are many recycled ads that were stuck in the Recycle queue waiting to be released. When it was finally fixed, there was a huge influx of recycled ads. My ad filter blocked them out so I decided to lower down my filter to $0.01 and boom... my account got flooded with $0.01 ads. For every ad that I clicked, another 2 comes in. It's just like Hydra, as someone commented. lol! I have upgraded my Recycle upgrade twice. Some who were enthusiastic with the ads, just keep re-upgrading even though they haven't clicked them all yet. I read one member who reported having upgraded about 6 times even. For small accounts, that's an opportunity to take advantage of, so that's the reason why they just let them pour in.

Last night's ad issue is a good one. Albeit the earnings are smaller as compared to last Monday's ad issue. The total amount issued yesterday was 1.5 times larger than that of last Monday's issue but the number of participants in each Group have increased tremendously. Participants in Groups 8 - 14 have even doubled in size. So for yesterday's ad issue, Group 9 (which I belong to) received $39.76 worth of ads. So in case you're wondering the reason for the increase of participants, it's because of the share price increase. The current share price is now at $0.089 which means that the site already achieved pre-swap status. So those who held on to the shares they got from the BAP swap were able to sell them to get back to the same group they were in before the swap. So all should be back in square one but the difference this time around is that the earnings is much higher than in December. For those who acted smartly and didn't hesitate to get back in the game right after the swap, well all I can say is that I have my swap shares intact, have a few dollars invested in the 186% plan, I'm back in Group 9 a few days ago and I have money to cashout equivalent to the pocket money I used to get back on track. I took the risk and it paid off for me. I just wish I can withdraw the amount at the moment but unfortunately I'll have to wait 8 more days because of the 14-day rule. I guess I'll be cashing out a bigger amount on the 21st since I would have accumulated additional earnings by then.

For those who were able to read my post yesterday, you'd notice that a big chunk of my post is missing. I deleted my discussion of LetsHaveCash. I just read news about LHC withdrawal requests going to Pending. The site offers instant payments but complaints about "pending payment" status have resurfaced. And just today, MNO monitor has given an "ON HOLD" status for LHC. I also made a request and it went to "Pending" as well. I guess it was really too late for me to join.

In replacement of LHC, I have decided to promote ShareAdPays. I wasn't planning on doing so but it seem to be picking up momentum. The site launched 2 days ago. I became a member more than 24 hours ago. I think I joined almost at the end of the server day for Jan 11th.

The program is basically a revshare with a 50/50 repurchase rule. An ad pack costs $1 but you can only fund your account with a minimum of $5. Earnings are distributed every 30 mins and repurchase should be automatic but so far, I had to repurchase manually. You can only have a maximum of 50 active ad packs. If you want more, you need to upgrade your account. Hmm.. what else? Oh, only STP and Paypal is accepted at the moment. Payza will be added soon. This seems to have the signature of the ClickAdPays admin but the site says it's owned by Marie Cime.

As expected, the earnings at DigAdz is now dwindling. And since they don't have the additional components that make up PV, I'm not sure how the DA admin will get the site back on its feet. The server still can't handle the load that even with the banners still disabled, the admin had to resort to compressing the earnings in just 2 ads.

I have decided no to maintain my Level but to simply click my ads and accumulate my earnings, then cashout later on. I still have 41K points which is equivalent to $38.95 after removing sponsor's fee. If the site is able to recover and earnings improve, then I can use that same amount to regain my points.

Still no update from PerfectRevAd's admin about how she'll proceed with the site. I just visit PRA from time to time and repurchase whenever I see an accumulated amount in my account. Surprisingly, I'm still getting earnings from the program.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


That's the equivalent value of the shares that was based on for the BAP Swap. And just 11 days after the swap, that value has been realized in the marketplace

After the swap, a lot of member cried foul. Even senior members actually resisted with that idea. Instead of planning a strategy, they've been questioning the swap.

Admittedly, the swap was somewhat a 'dick' move by the admin because right after he posed the idea of the swap, plans to have it put in motion was already in placed. But that move made PaidVerts a bigger better with lucrative earnings. I have posted the last time the ad earnings I've been getting and they're impressive. For yesterday's (Sunday) ad issue, I got $34 worth of ad packs and it's considered a mini issue even. Comparing to last month's earnings, that mini issue is already considered a big ad issue at that time.

Anyhow, for those who held on to their shares, you can now sell your shares at the ongoing BAP or cash price and you'll get the exact pre-swap BAP equivalent. The good news is, your earnings  is a lot better this time around.

Speaking of good news, for low Group members (especially for those who just joined recently), you can now make a maximum of 4 Micro Ad Pack requests. Each Micro ad pack will give you 12 low valued ads with a total worth of $0.025. So 4 Micro Ad Pack requests will give you a total of 48 low valued ads which will give you $0.1. This will help you to purchase ad packs faster. In just 10 days, you can buy a $1 bulk ad through it. Another thing that you can do with a $0.1 is to buy a share from the market place.

And there are 2 more good news for PV members that will be added soon:
  1. Ability to change your ad filter value for free. Take note, that this is only for those who have already purchased an ad filter. It only gives them the capability to change their current filter values. So if you don't have an ad filter yet, you will still have to pay $10 to get one.
  2. Bulk ads extension timer upgrade. So for those who wants additional time to click your ads, you can upgrade and get 1 - 3 days extension.
And before I forget (I think this could be another good news for you), you can now change your captcha from SolveMedia to Google Recaptcha. You can make the switch by going to this page: Just click the link that says "Switch to Google".

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back to Group 9

Yep, I'm now back to the same Group I was in before the BAP Swap. The good thing is that the earnings this time is 4-6 times more than what I used to get last month. Here's my ads for the day:

Oh, and the share price rose to $0.07+ earlier then settled down at around $0.05 per share. I sold 5K shares which I listed within the price range of $0.05 to $0.069. I didn't expect that the admin will be buying shares that fast. If I was able to pay attention, I would have cancelled those listings and immediately put a price tag of $0.07 in order to squeeze more value to them. Regardless, it was profitable because I got those shares at a cheap price. I still have 7500 share left which came from the BAP swap. And if I could only request a cashout today, that will already pay for the out of pocket funds I had to shell out in order to get back to Group 9. I made a mistake of using both Paypal and PM to buy bulk ads on the same day which locks me out from cashing out using any payment processor for a period of 14 days. But as you can see, I'm back to Group 9 where I was in with a better daily earnings PLUS I have 7500 shares which I can use at my disposal.

But it's not always sunny in Paidverts. The "Buy Ads" page is again restricted to 2 schedules (usually 21:00 and 11:00 Server time). It looks like it may take sometime for that to be back to normal.

From the bits and pieces I'm getting in the MTV forum, the next portfolio is a gaming site but with legal gaming licenses. The first project is multi-player poker, if I'm not mistaken.

I do hope that Jo hasn't forgotten my suggestion for MTV/PV's version of "Adhitz". He was keen to that idea when I initially raise that up.

You may have noticed that I took down the banner for PerfectRevAds, right? Well... unfortunately, the site didn't get the attention that I was hoping for. The comp plan was great and the admin seems fair but it looks like the inability of the admin to add STP or Paypal is the program's achilles' heel. Only a few participated in the relaunch of the pure revshare program despite having 215 members. The good part though (at least for my end), the admin became my referral at PaidVerts. Let's see how the admin will proceed from here.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Getting back on track

Although there were a lot of Paidverts members that were previously opposed to the BAP swap, they're now able to see the beauty of the system. For the past days, the earnings have been relatively high. If you compare the daily earnings these past few days of what we're getting last month, you can see that our earnings are 4-6 times more than what we're getting previously. The amount I was getting when I was in Group 9 last month can now be easily achieved by simply being in Group 6 or 7.

I'm currently in Group 8 and this is a screenshot of what I received for today:
In December 2014, the one I posted above can only be earned by those in Group 10 (on a really big ad issue) or Group 11 (on a normal ad issue). As for Group 9 (which was my previous Group prior to the Swap), they earned $95 today which is 4 times higher than the $25 I get on a very big ad issue last month.

For those who are struggling to find a way to buy ad packs due to lack of additional funds or simply because you don't want to buy ad packs from your own pocket, here's what you can do: Sell your shares at the current price and then buy them back using your PV earnings at the same price or even at a lower price. I sold a few shares at $0.0479 to get a quick cash when I was trying to move up from Group 6 to 8. Then using my PV earnings, I purchased those shares back as low as $0.0434 even. The share price fluctuates most of the time, so you can buy low and sell high or vice versa. In fact, I have started doing share trading because there's profit that can be made if you just play your cards right.

Although earnings are soaring at the moment, PV is full of bugs as well. These are the main issues that we're encountering:
  1. Can't buy ad packs - we can only buy at certain times of the day and only on a small 15-20 minute window. The reason for that is because when members buy ad packs directly from payment processors, there are a lot of instances that the BAP aren't automatically assigned. So they have to be manually added after sending a support ticket.
  2. Super User Upgrades not working properly - Mega ads were going to a few members only. So there were cases wherein 1 member receives a lot of Mega ads totaling $1000 in just 1 day while the rest have a big fat 0. In addition, when a member purchase both Mini and Mega, that member only gets a few $0.01 ads. Although, I believe this issue was already addressed today.
  3. Captcha errors - I don't get that many errors but then again (thanks to my ad filter), I don't click too many ads. But imagine the horror of those who have to click 100+ ads and have to deal with those captcha problems. The issue is still ongoing and the programmers are working on it. Ads are being extended so that members won't lose their BAP for not being able to click them all.

PerfectRevAds will be launching tomorrow. The site now has 179 members. I hope that this time around, we'll have a good number of participants compared to the first launch. The admin seems to be fair. She's honoring payouts and the Restart feature is working as designed.

I've just checked the status of Atrextrade in the forums and I see that they're still paying. I invested only a small amount and I have the compounding feature set to 100%. I won't be withdrawing anything yet until my account has grown for compounding for quite sometime.

If you're looking for news about DigAdz, well I'd say the site is back online but they're having issues still. They claim that the site is under DDOS attack. However, I noticed that prior to the said attack, the site was still lagging, even with the banners disabled from the site. In addition, it seems like Adbonuz has been taken down. There's no info as to whether the site wil reopen or not. Hopefully the admin honors the pending payments at AB. It would also be best to reopen the site and enable the cashout button, then honor all payment requests before completely shutting the site down.

I currently own 255 ad shares in PowerAdCash. My plan was to reach 300 ad shares first before requesting another cashout but since I need a quick cash to use for PerfectRevAds' relaunch tomorrow, I'll be requesting a small withdrawal later instead.