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HYIP (and other Money Games) Survival Tips

Sunday / July 27, 2014

In my almost 4 years of being a part of the Ponzi arena, I've seen a lot of players and even sponsors who seem to have disappeared (although some are making a comeback) and stopped participating in these money games. Kudos to those who finally stopped because they've earned a lot to start an offline business or moved on to better heights. My sympathies go to those who have left the HYIP world because they lost too much.

How to survive in the Ponzi jungle:

  1. Diversify - Don't pour everything out in a single program. Even if you haven't invested money to that program, you at least invested time and effort which is worth more than any currency. At least have 2 strong programs in your portfolio. 
  2. Adapt - There is usually a season for each type of programs. Today could be the revshare season, tomorrow it may be for the short-term HYIP.
  3. Accept - In the event that the program you're in has already started scamming, learn to accept that fact and get your money out. Stop defending a program that is obviously dying. Once you learn to accept the inevitable, you'll find that there's another program worth looking into.
  4. Control - Don't get too carried away. Control your finances. These are money games and not banks nor the stock exchange.
  5. Play - Do not gamble. Play smart.

I'm close to my goal of 720K BAP. Here's my current stats:
If you're not yet aware, the distribution of ads is based on BAP groups. My account is currently in the 360K - 720K BAP group. Once I reach 720K BAP, my daily ad earnings will double. I'm expecting to reach that goal in 3-5 more days (hopefully).

And no, I'm no longer adding fresh funds. I'm relying on my current earnings and ref commissions to increase my BAP.


Have you read the latest update from the AdzPays admin? If you have a blog or a site, you might want to check that out. But to sum it up, the admin added a CPC ad network into the program. This is similar to adhitz' platform. You will earn $0.03 for every unique ad click which will be added automatically to your AdzPays cash balance.

The second ad below this article (or if you're in my main page, it will be way down at the bottom) is from AdzPays Network Ads.


To those who are playing in PerfectAdSolution, you might want to view your ads between 12AM - 2AM EDT. Why? That's because the script recognizes the current day's ad surfing and not the previous day. So if you view your ads at 3AM, you will only earn from your revshare units 3 times on that day (8AM, 2PM and 8PM). If you view your ads at 9AM then you will only get credited twice that day (2PM and 8PM). You don't lose any of your potential earnings but it will delay the time/day to reach the ROI. This has been brought to the admin's attention already but until now, it hasn't been addressed yet.

The Storm has Passed

Saturday / July 19, 2014

And no, I'm not simply quoting a line. We had a strong typhoon last Wednesday which wreaked havoc in my country. We had power outages for days. In fact, electricity was just back 2 hours ago in my part of town. The electric post in my street was broken in half due to the strong winds. Another one slanted diagonally and almost got uprooted from the cemented road. Talk about freak weather!

I missed a day or 2 of clicking ads at PaidVerts before having the state of mind to view the ads at work. Shh... Don't tell anyone. lol!

AdzPays has relaunched its cycler program. So the program works a bit different from how it was presented earlier on. But to sum it up, here's the new compensation plan:

  • You can no longer buy a cycler manually. Purchase of cyclers will be done automatically by the system and it will be taken from the Cycler Purchase Balance.
  • You can't fund your Cycler Purchase Balance. Instead, 20% of your earnings from the RevShare program will be allotted to the Cycler Purchase Balance.
  • When you have $2.5 in your Cycler Purchase Balance, the system will automatically buy a Cycler for you.
  • You will earn $3 upon cycling. There are no re-entries.
  • The Cycler program still follows the same principle wherein out of 5 cyclers purchased, 4 will cycle. This makes it a fast cycler as compared to the other matrix/cycler programs out there.
  • Revshare ad packs still cost $5 and will have an ROI of 140% or a total earnings of $7. Out of the amount, $5.6 will go to your cash balance while the remaining $1.4 will go to your Cycler Purchase Balance.
  • Revshare ad packs will earn up to a maximum of 3% per day.
The new compensation plan of AdzPays reminds me of AdCycleProfit but AdzPays makes it easier at least to get into profit as opposed to ACP. Comparing it to the previous plan, I like this better because it gives emphasis to the revshare more than the cycler. I also like the fact that even without cycling any of your cyclers, you can still get in profit via the Revshare program alone.

I decided to fund my account more and buy additional revshare ad packs.

PerfectAdSolution is another program I'm trying to build my account up. Although additional funding may have to wait. Oh, try to read the news page. It says that you can now buy revshare ad packs without buying a matrix position first. So the only requirement you have now is the $3 membership fee before you can buy revshare units.

The Right Strategy

Saturday / July 12, 2014

Finally, after more than a month-long of pre-launch, PerfectAdSolution has finally launched. Well, the site encountered a fiasco on the original launch date but surprisingly, it didn't deter the players in the field.

I just noticed something though. And this happened with AdzPays as well. Members focused too much on the matrix/cycler part of the program instead of the Revshare. I understand that during launch, people will be focusing much on the cycler/matrix in order to get a good spot in the matrix or the queue. But to put all your earnings back into the matrix and leave nothing for the revshare plan or for withdrawals, is a BIG mistake. So when the cyclers/matrices slow down, they're the ones who start to panic and cry.

They seem to have forgotten that cyclers and matrices are bound to slow down or completely stall. Whereas if they have at least appropriated some funds to the revshare, they would be earning a percentage of their purchases on a daily basis. And if everyone focuses more on the revshare, the matrix/cycler part of the program will have a steady movement since part of the earnings (in the case of PAS) is allotted to the Matrix balance.

Just my two cents.

I've reached my goal of 600K BAP at PaidVerts. So, I'll be allotting my 2-3 days' earnings for withdrawals. After that, I'll aim for 750K BAP before requesting for another withdrawal.

The site is still experiencing downtime but lasts only a few minutes when it happens.

I'm still actively clicking ads on YouGetProfit in order to continuously earn from my remaining 6 ad shares. I'm not sure of the exact number but I think the daily percentage is around 0.1%. It's a shame though, YGP could have made it big if only the admins were willing to lower down the value of the ad packs which will encourage people to purchase or repurchase more ad packs. They could have been the biggest program in the PTA/RevShare section.

PerfectAdSolution - Launching Today

Monday / July 7, 2014

At the time of this post, it's just less than 5 hours before the actual launch of PerfectAdSolution.  The program launches at exactly 1PM EDT.

Piece of advise? Concentrate more on the revshare part. Not unless you're willing to gamble in the matrix program. If you do, just make sure that you're ready on the actual launch time. Here's what you need to remember:
  • You need to purchase a $3 membership before you can buy anything
  • To participate in the Revshare, you need to buy at least 1 matrix position first
  • A matrix position costs $9 while revshare ad packs are worth $6 each
  • Payment processors: EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, Payeer and PerfectMoney
You can now fund your accounts prior to the launch. Another note; you can pay for the membership 3 hours prior to the launch.


PerfectMoney was down earlier due to a maintenance. I was trying to fund my account at PerfectAdSolution when I noticed that PM was down. Anyhow, it seems that they're back online and I was able to completely finish funding my PAS account.


I have decided to post my payment proof from PrivateHyipForum. I mentioned before that the site rewards its members for their active participation in the forum. I suggest you visit the forum and join our community.


PaidVerts seems to be up again but the admin posted that they're still looking into a better security protection for the site. As for the big valued ads that was mentioned last week, they maybe released later today. That depends if the site stays up for the next few hours. So far, the admin was able to release the normal ads that were usually being sent out.


**yawn** I'm just going to sleep for a bit and hopefully I'm able to wake prior to the launch of PAS. lol!


**Edit (1:30PM EDT)** The PerfectAdSolution launch has been postponed. The site kept crashing due to server overload. It looks like the admin didn't anticipate a heavier traffic.

Back to Normal... I guess

Friday / July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July for our friends in the US. Here in the Philippines, this day is called the "Filipino - American Friendship Day". At one point in our history, it was declared as our "Independence Day" because on July 4, 1946, the Philippines gained independence from the Japanese. However, the official "Independence Day" was moved to June 12 because it was on June 12, 1898 when my country has declared independence from being a long-time colony of Spain. So to remember July 4th, it was labeled as "Filipino - American Friendship Day". As for our US friends, July 4, 1776 was their declared "Independence Day" from Great Britain (now UK).

That was just a bit of history lesson coming from me. Don't expect more, though. Back when I was still studying, History was never my strongest suit. lol!

Anyway, back to regular programming:

After my "stolen laptop" fiasco, I believe I have recovered most of my passwords. Unfortunately, I had to create a new account for PerfectMoney. As for my Blockchain account, I decided to let it go and switched to my old CoinBase account. Blockchain has no password recovery option while Coinbase does. And after comparing both sites, I'm not sure why I chose Blockchain over CoinBase in the first place since CB offers more than BC.

As you all know, PaidVerts has been intermittently down for a few days. Today however, it looks like the site has recovered from the DDOS attacks. The admin released a good number of paid ads 8-10 hours ago. The site still goes down once in while especially during peak hours or when paid ads are released.

I have already purchased an AdzPay pack subscription at AdzPays using my small STP fund. Then, I used my ref commissions to purchase revshare ad packs. I wish I have held off for a bit since the program now allows members to buy revshare ad packs without having to buy an AdzPay pack subscription. Like what I mentioned in my previous posts, the focus should be on the revshare and not on the cycler.

PerfectAdSolution will be launching in less than 3 days time. At the time of this post, it's 2 days, 15 hours, 43 minutes before launch. I was able to recover my password from the site and I believe I'll have available PM funds by the time it launches.

Stolen laptop, Lost passwords

Saturday / June 28, 2014


Someone stole my laptop last week which is the reason why I have been silent, not just here but in any forums and social sites I belong to. I can access the internet using my mobile phone but there's only a few things that you can do with it. Anyway, I got a new laptop which is what I'm using right now to publish this post.

I have trouble recovering passwords for my PerfectMoney and Blockchain accounts. BlockChain doesn't seem to have a password recovery option, so I guess I have to say goodbye to the small bitcoin value I have saved there. As for PM, they make it hard for everyone to reset their passwords. Comparing it with other payment processors (including Paypal) wherein all you need to do is to click on the link that they will send via email ad probably answer the security questions you've set, PM asks you to send documents that will prove that you're the owner of the account. I won't be able to match any documents I have to the personal info I saved with PM. The reason why I use PM in the first place was to be anonymous with my transactions while saving up on transaction fees. Furthermore, PM has the highest exchange rate value with the local exchangers. I guess, I have to create a new account and forget my few dollars in there as well.

Since I didn't have any computer for the week, I missed the launch of AdzPays and I probably won't be able to participate in PerfectAdSolution since I don't have any funds to play with at the moment due to the PM fiasco. That reminds me as well, that I haven't recovered my password for PAS. I'll do that next. As for PaidVerts, I was able to freeze my account by paying for a vacation mode the day after my laptop got stolen.

So now you know why I have been silent. But don't worry, I'm back with a vengeance! Or maybe not. lol!