Thursday, April 16, 2015

A week after the Swap

Yep, it's been a week since the swap. And if PV or MTV isn't working out for you, then you suck at strategy. Just kidding!

I've gotten feedback (via PM and emails) about the $10 strategy I posted here and in MMG. I'm glad that those who followed the tip I gave are able to use it to increase their BAP without having to spend more.

The strategy is really simple: invest $10 in the FT plan, sell it for $14 - $15 and wait for it to get sold. From the response I've received, they were able to sell their investments in a matter of minutes to a couple of hours. They then use the $4-5 profit to purchase ad packs in PV and then use the $10 again for the next day.

That strategy is geared toward small players. 

But why is the strategy a success? The answer to that is because the big players can't invest more than they want to. They have a lot of money sitting in their accounts but they can't invest them all in the FT because of the daily limits. So their best option is to buy those investments from those who are willing to sell theirs. They can get an average of $2 profit from each investments they buy from the FTQ market.

Speaking of FT, Paidverts just paid $500K for the 240% plan upgrade. That amount is now showing up in today's result (MTV's revenue). This goes to say that all FT investments made before today (or perhaps some of those that were made today) will be completely repaid by next Thursday. Yay!

I'm still on vacation mode at PaidVerts so my BAP isn't getting consumed except for the daily 100 BAP tax. I'm now in Group 5 with 107800BAP. I still have reserved funds (which came from sold shares) that I'm using to buy 5 ad packs and invest $10 in the FT daily. My reserved funds can last at least for the next 10 days. And with my initial FT investments expecting to mature any day now, my reserved funds will grow a bit more.

That being said, I need to buy back the shares I sold. I currently own 7980 shares. I'm buying at least 30 shares a day. I'll probably double my buying capacity once my FT investments start to mature.

With Paidverts back in business, it looks like some of the newer BAP sites are taking a beating especially ProfitForest. Group 4 earnings is down by more than a half (currently hovering $0.5). Earnings at Advertzer also dipped. Group 4 is now averaging $0.8 daily which is 20-30% less than the earnings prior to April 10.

On the other hand, Sanbux is still more or less the same. The earnings dipped when 4 new groups were added but at least Group 4 daily earnings has been consistent at $1.1 - $1.4 even after PV came back alive.

There's an ongoing contest at PowerAdCash. Let me post the update that talks about it:
2015 April PowerAdCash contest.
Cash Prize: $500
20 winners in this month
Note: You need to purchase for minimum $50 in April.
We announce the PowerAdCash contest for April, 2015. We are going to distribute $500 among 20 winners.
Conditions: Only those members can take part in the contest, who purchase any services for minimum $50 in total value on PowerAdCash in April.
Note: In case you purchase Bonus Ad Packs (shares), we count ONLY those purchases, which are minimum $25 in a lump sum!
The contest is based on who purchases any services of PowerAdCash in the highest value in April. In case you purchase Bonus Ad Packs (shares), we count ONLY those purchases, which are minimum $25 in a lump sum, but if you purchase more for $25 or above, we will add the amount together.
The period of the contest is 30 days (april 1st ,2015 0:00 - April 30th, 2015 24:00 according to server time)
The 1st winner, who purchased in the highest value in the month will earn $100 cash.
The 2nd winner will earn $70
The 3rd winner will earn $60
The 4th winner will earn $50
The 5th winner will earn $40
The 6th -10th winner will earn $20
The 11st - 20th winner will earn $8
We will continuously display the ranking of the contest in the news.
We will allocate the prizes to the winners' cash balance in the first week of May.
Feel the POWER with us!
PowerAdCash Team
 Here's the current ranking:

Just to be clear about the mechanics:

  1. You need to have at least a minimum of $50 total purchase to be qualified.
  2. Your purchases should always be at least $25 each (when you buy shares). Any purchase amount lower than that won't be counted.
Whatever hope left for ClikRev's return is now down the drain. The admin hasn't followed through with her decision of doing another Restart. Payments seem to be selective as well because some are getting paid ahead of the others.

Mobrabus has officially launched sometime ago. I just haven't paid attention to it since I feel that it has lost the excitement from members. I'm viewing my 10 ads daily though and my earnings are increasing at least. Not sure yet if I'll start promoting it again. I'll probably just sit in the sidelines for now.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The $10 Strategy

For those who are running low on cash and can't maintain a 5 bulk ads daily purchase at Paidverts, here's a nice tip for you:
  1. Invest $10 in the 170% FT plan.
  2. Sell your FT investment in the FTQ market for the price of $14 - $15. You can actually sell it as high as $15.318 but in order for your investment to get sold in just a matter of minutes or hours, lower down the price a bit for sellers to buy your investment first.
  3. Once your FT investment has been sold, use the $4 or $5 profit to buy ad packs in PV.
  4. Invest the $10 again in the FT plan the next day since you can only invest once a day with a max amount of $10.
  5. Repeat the process.
As you can see, with just $10, you can build your account at PaidVerts. Of course, there would be a time when your investment will take time to get sold. But currently, as long as your price is better than the others, you'll be able to sell it in just a matter minutes to at least within the day.

What about if you have spare cash?
I suggest you buy the max 5 ad packs and invest $10 in the FT plans daily, as long as you can. When you have exhausted your reserve funds, then you can use the above strategy if none of your FT investments have started to mature yet.
In addition, if your aiming to move to a higher BAP group, you might want to consider buying a vacation mode, so you won't be receiving paid ads which will consume your BAP. That's actually what I did yesterday. So until my reserved funds have dried up, I will leave my account on vacation mode and just keep on buying 5 ad packs daily to increase my BAP. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Ready... Set... Swap!

Paidverts / MTV debt swap is currently ongoing. The sites are under maintenance at the moment. In a few hours' time, we'll have access and be able to purchase ad packs, FT investments and shares.

A friendly reminder:

  • We can only buy max of 5 ad packs a day at Paidverts for the next 60 days
  • You can only invest max of $10 in the FT investment plans for the next 60 days except for those who have access to the 200% plan.
  • Those who have the Premium (200%) upgrade, you can invest up to a max of $250 daily
  • For those who still have an active 250% upgrade, you will only be able to invest max of $10 daily (for that particular plan) for the next 60 days as well. I suggest you invest in the 170% plan as well to increase your max deposit limit. Your upgrade will be extended for another 2 months.
  • BAP share market will be closed for 2 months but you can still sell your shares for cash.

Which is which?
If you have the spare cash or have reserved funds in your account, I would highly suggest investing in the FT plans, on top of PV.

Shares, of course is something you need to consider as well. Logic tells us, that the share price is expected to drop since 30M shares will be in the hands of the members due to the swap. However, the admin will start to buy those shares back, so the price drop maybe over too quick. Then, there's a possibility that it may not drop at all but instead spike up since the price will be dictated by the sellers.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Here comes the Swap

Just a few more days to tick off your calendar before PV/MTV's debt swap. Finally, the long wait will be over!

Last update in the forum says that the swap may happen either April 7th or 8th. And here's good news for everyone: the swap rate is now down to 600 BAP or $0.3 per share.

There maybe hope yet for ClikRev. Although payment is no longer as fast as the 24 hours that was stated in the FAQs, they seem to be getting cleared still. The admin is also visible in the forum lately and has posted her plan of doing another Reset. Let's see what happens next.

I have decided to promote PowerAdCash once again. I've seen an improvement in the earnings lately. I don't have the exact percentage but I'll keep watch and let you know.

Earnings for Group 4 (which I belong) at Sanbux is fluctuating between $1 - $1.2 daily. To get to Group 4, you need to have at least 5000 BAP. I'm trying to go for Group 5 but may take me sometime to do so.

I find that clicking ads at ProfitForest is a much more time-consuming task compared to Advertzer. I'm currently in Group 4 on both programs and the earnings are pretty much the same. The only difference is that I only have to click 16 ads at Advertzer while I need to view 40 ads at ProfitForest. That being said, I notice that the BAP requirement for me to reach the higher groups is lower at PF than at AV. So once I move up to Group 5 at PV, I will still be in Group 4 at AV which means that I'll be earning more at PF than AV until such time that I reached the next Group at AV.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Missing in Action

Yeah, I know I've been MIA for quite sometime and it's not only on this blog but from forums as well. I did post a few in some forums but not as frequent as I used to. I was simply busy with training and getting accustomed to my work in a new company. ;)

It seems like Clikrev may have turned scam. The admin has been MIA for the last few days and payments are selective. There's even a problem in viewing ads because there are none to view. Regardless if the program's momentum has slowed down or not, there shouldn't be a reason for the admin not to pay the pending withdrawal requests since the earnings is based on revenue coming in. I, too have a pending payment for about 3 days already. Maximum payment wait time according to the FAQs is 24 hours.
How do you pay and when?
We are sending every payment in your payment processor account in maximum 24 hours since request. Commissions earned from referrals are paid instantly in your account balance.
But if Clikrev is out, of course new programs are in. I joined ProfitForest and Advertzer recently. Both of them are Paidverts copy-cats which is common these days. As I mentioned in a previous post, PV has paved way for a new type of PTC which we should call as BAP sites.

Advertzer is copying PV alone wherein the site also have games to clear out BAP. It also has its version of Cheap Ad Traffic which is labeled as Flash Ads.

On the other hand, ProfitForest is attempting to do a PV + MTV combo. It has it's own version of the FT plans. And if you check the back office, shares, games and even an auction (which MTV doesn't have) seems to be the next projects to be added. The question is, will they be able to do it? At the moment the site is already struggling with the load speed and sometimes, the site even goes offline.

Sanbux has restructured its BAP levels. We now have 8 levels instead of the original 4:
Level 1 --- 75 to 1000
Level 2 --- 1000 to 2500
Level 3 --- 2500 to 5000
Level 4 --- 5000 to 10,000
Level 5 --- 10,000 to 25,000
Level 6 --- 25,000 to 60,000
Level 7 --- 60,000 to 125,000
Level 8 --- 125,000+
The admin mentioned about "Sanbux Trading" which I'm guessing has something to do with shares (just like in MTV). It was said to be implemented on or before April 10th.

It's just less than 10 days to go before the 6th of April. Hopefully the Swap happens on that specific day and not delayed until the April 10. I'm looking forward to the swap. Because once it's done, we can start building our accounts again.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Paypal is Out

After the long wait, Paypal has finally decided not to allow Paidverts to use their services. The admin will still try to see if there's a way to reverse the decision but chances are very slim. So if you're one of those who rely on Paypal for cashouts or purchases, you might want to consider checking other payment processors that you can use to participate in PaidVerts especially since the swap is just 3 weeks away.

I'm surprised that the Paypal news didn't affect the share price that much. It only dropped by $0.003 and now is climbing back up again.

ClikRev is business as usual even without Paypal as its payment processor. After the reset, the admin has never failed to pay her members who have continued to play using the other payment processors. The Paypal disputes are being handled fairly well. After non-response from Paypal regarding the admin's request for them to reverse all transactions to and from ClikRev, the admin advised members in the forum who haven't reached BEP to request a dispute.

Daily Ad Bonus at SanBux is currently paused and here's the reason why:
Dear members we recently found some malicious users are creating account and trying to cheat the system by increasing their BAPs and increasing their balances. In a recent routine check we found many members who are violating the terms and tried to cheat the system.
We are reviewing the members account who has some suspicious activities and for this we have temporary disabled all withdraw options and we are working on this. Every pending withdrawal will be checked more deeply and we may ask for some additional proofs from the members. If you are a true member you should co-operate with us.
Any member found violating our terms and tried to cheat the system will be banned and his or her account will be reset and they never be able to work here again. If you are a true member and you have not done anything wrong then you don't have to worry about anything.
Facilities which has been disabled:

All withdrawals options has been disabled.

Purchasing of Bonus Ad Pack is disabled.

Distribution of daily bonus ads will be disabled and members will not receive bonus ads until all the threats are eliminated.

Transferring funds from main balance to purchase balance is disabled.
Task Updates:
Dear members thank you for your support this is what we are expecting from you all, currently we are fixing the bugs due to which all these things happened. One thing we want to tell you that most of the malicious users who created fake accounts and withdrawals are from Philippines.
We have tracked those users countries through their I.P. Address which is recorded by our system upon member log in and signup. We have suspended those users accounts and reset all their account stats. Once the job is done we will publicly display all these bad guys usernames. Also please understand that this is not an easy task so it may take some long and we cannot specify how much time it takes, so please have patience and allow us to do our work so that we can resume our services ASAP.

We are taking every possible step to pick out the bad people from our database, our real member who want to help us by sharing their views to track the malicious users can post below. Will update this topic accordingly make sure you read this post frequently.
As for the cashout rules imposed by the admin, there would be some changes come April. Currently, the wait time for payments to be processed is 7 business days and 10 days wait period to be able to request another payment. By April, it will be down to 4 business days to get paid and 5 business days before you can request for another payment.

I have decided to drop Mo Brabus from my list. Earnings haven't moved for more than a week already and the admin doesn't seem to be doing anything to address that. They are way too slow in providing new features and payment processors which should perk the interest of the members. The big sponsors have already stopped promoting the site.