Saturday, March 14, 2015

Paypal is Out

After the long wait, Paypal has finally decided not to allow Paidverts to use their services. The admin will still try to see if there's a way to reverse the decision but chances are very slim. So if you're one of those who rely on Paypal for cashouts or purchases, you might want to consider checking other payment processors that you can use to participate in PaidVerts especially since the swap is just 3 weeks away.

I'm surprised that the Paypal news didn't affect the share price that much. It only dropped by $0.003 and now is climbing back up again.

ClikRev is business as usual even without Paypal as its payment processor. After the reset, the admin has never failed to pay her members who have continued to play using the other payment processors. The Paypal disputes are being handled fairly well. After non-response from Paypal regarding the admin's request for them to reverse all transactions to and from ClikRev, the admin advised members in the forum who haven't reached BEP to request a dispute.

Daily Ad Bonus at SanBux is currently paused and here's the reason why:
Dear members we recently found some malicious users are creating account and trying to cheat the system by increasing their BAPs and increasing their balances. In a recent routine check we found many members who are violating the terms and tried to cheat the system.
We are reviewing the members account who has some suspicious activities and for this we have temporary disabled all withdraw options and we are working on this. Every pending withdrawal will be checked more deeply and we may ask for some additional proofs from the members. If you are a true member you should co-operate with us.
Any member found violating our terms and tried to cheat the system will be banned and his or her account will be reset and they never be able to work here again. If you are a true member and you have not done anything wrong then you don't have to worry about anything.
Facilities which has been disabled:

All withdrawals options has been disabled.

Purchasing of Bonus Ad Pack is disabled.

Distribution of daily bonus ads will be disabled and members will not receive bonus ads until all the threats are eliminated.

Transferring funds from main balance to purchase balance is disabled.
Task Updates:
Dear members thank you for your support this is what we are expecting from you all, currently we are fixing the bugs due to which all these things happened. One thing we want to tell you that most of the malicious users who created fake accounts and withdrawals are from Philippines.
We have tracked those users countries through their I.P. Address which is recorded by our system upon member log in and signup. We have suspended those users accounts and reset all their account stats. Once the job is done we will publicly display all these bad guys usernames. Also please understand that this is not an easy task so it may take some long and we cannot specify how much time it takes, so please have patience and allow us to do our work so that we can resume our services ASAP.

We are taking every possible step to pick out the bad people from our database, our real member who want to help us by sharing their views to track the malicious users can post below. Will update this topic accordingly make sure you read this post frequently.
As for the cashout rules imposed by the admin, there would be some changes come April. Currently, the wait time for payments to be processed is 7 business days and 10 days wait period to be able to request another payment. By April, it will be down to 4 business days to get paid and 5 business days before you can request for another payment.

I have decided to drop Mo Brabus from my list. Earnings haven't moved for more than a week already and the admin doesn't seem to be doing anything to address that. They are way too slow in providing new features and payment processors which should perk the interest of the members. The big sponsors have already stopped promoting the site.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The PaidVerts Trend - Rise of the BAP sites

It looks like PaidVerts has created a new breed of PTC and revshare. A lot of programs has started to emulate the success of PaidVerts lately. We all know about DigAdz which first copied the concept. Extantbux followed suit. Then comes other versions like what ClikRev started because they're limited to what the script can do. A new one is about to launch even which is Advertzer. And recently, I learned about Sanbux which was following a bux model previously and has restructured their comp plan and made a hybrid of DigAdz (Sanbux copied DA's concept of qualifying ads) and PaidVerts.

This BAP (PV) type is similar to the bux trend that Neobux started a few years ago. So would this mean that PaidVerts will be here for a long term? I guess we'll have to find out in a few years, shall we?

Yep, I just added Sanbux in the list of programs I'm promoting. As I mentioned above, it was a bux site previously, hence the reason why the site has "bux" at the end of its name.

So like Paidverts, this program also revolves around the concept of BAP. So you'll need points in order to get the daily ad issue. You will get 10 high valued ads depending on your level/group. There are only 4 Groups that you can get into and here's how the revenue is distributed between those groups/levels:

You can only get BAP by purchasing Bonus Ad Packs. I'm sorry but there are no free BAP ads unlike what Paidverts offer. But don't worry, you can still earn as a free member. There are fixed ads and micro ads that you can click and earn money from. Those ads won't consume any BAP so you don't need to have a BAP to be able to receive them. Checking my own account, a Fixed ad will earn you $0.0025 while you will get $0.0001 for every MicroAd you click.

Going back to the discussion of BAP...

Bonus Ad pack costs $1 each which will give you the following:

  • 25 unique visits to a website you're promoting
  • 1000 Banner impressions
  • 145 Bonus Ad Points (which is equivalent to $1.45 worth of paid ads since 1 BAP = $0.001)
From the image I posted above, you'll see the required number of BAP you need in order to get to each Group.

In order to view your Bonus ads, you need to click 10 qualifying ads first. These qualifying ads may also contain bonus cash in them too. Now even members who don't have BAP can click on these qualifying ads as well and will have the chance to get the cash bonuses. This concept is similar to DigAdz qualifying ads and Clikrev's adbonus credits.

Additional info about the Bonus Ads (daily ad issue), aside from completing the qualifying ads, you need to have at least 75 BAP to be able to get them. Also, they're unlocked every 12AM server time which you can see on the site itself. They're available for you to click until the next server day when it refreshes. Here's one good news: your BAP gets consumed only if you view those Bonus ads. So if you miss a day or 2, you won't lose any of your BAP at all.

As for those who wants to promote, you will get 10% ref commission from ad pack purchases of your refs PLUS you get 5% of their ad clicks similar to PaidVerts' concept.

Unfortunately, the site only uses the following payment processors: Payza, PerfectMoney and Neteller. EgoPay is still shown on the website but you will get "This payment option is temporary unavailable." if you try to fund your account with it.

I'm still in Group 1 since I just tested it out with just $5. But I can say that yesterday, I got 10 X $0.05 ads and today it was 10 X $0.07. I currently have 750 BAP after repurchasing earlier today.

So far, after ClikRev's reset, the program has been paying me on a daily basis. The earnings is good too. I was given $125 in my repurchase balance out of my 21 active ad packs before the reset. The reason why I got a good amount is because most of my ad packs have only earned less than $2 and the admin based the computation on the remaining potential earnings of the ad packs. So I bought 25 ad packs with it and was able to increase it to 31 in total. I'd say my average daily earnings from my ad packs is about $4.5.

I have the half mind to drop Mo Brabus from my list. The revshare program is barely moving at all. The site only accepts STP at the moment and that's hampering its growth. The only reason why I'm still keeping them is because they seem to have a list of programs they'll be implementing in the future. So they have something in the pipeline at least. But until they add new payment processors, I suggest not to buy and revshare ad packs at the moment unless you're willing to wait for the program to move forward. A bit risky though. You might as well use those funds to buy shares at MTV while they're still cheap.

Speaking of Paidverts, the swap will commence between April 6 - 10. Why was it moved? That's because of Jo's previous announcement on Feb 14 wherein he guaranteed that there will be no swap before April 6.

If you ask me though, get on with the swap so we can start building again. But I guess the admin needs additional time for the Polish and Slovenian offices to be setup which will bring out new programs that will help both MTV and PV.

Looks like ClickAdPays is back. There's movement on earnings after the admin created new plans and launched them a few days ago. The old revshare ad packs are still earnings slow but a bit quicker than before. However, for the new ad packs bought, they seem to be expiring fast. I tested it out with 1 ad pack using the earnings I've accumulated in my account and it expired after 2 days. So if you have some accumulated earnings in your account, you might want to test it out.

They have removed the repurchase rule and the minimum withdrawal is back to $5.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

And another Paypal casualty

ClikRev's Paypal account has now been completely suspended. Awwts!

The admin has decided to do a Restart of the program. All potential earnings from ad packs are now showing up in the Repurchase Balance EXCEPT for those who purchased ad packs using Paypal. So for those who used non-Paypal payment processors, rejoice since all your earnings are safe and you can regain those ad packs back when the program resumes tomorrow or Monday. As for those who purchased ad packs using Paypal, unfortunately, you'll have to wait on Paypal's response to the admin's request from them.

The admin sent a ticket to Paypal asking them to do reversals of payments made by ClikRev and send refunds to all those who made payments to ClikRev. This way, everybody wins. Although ClikRev will still suffer a loss because of some ref commissions that were already given out.

Under the current circumstances, the admin's decision to remove the ad packs from Paypal purchases is the best way to go. If the admin allows those ad packs to continue to earn, funds from the other payment processors will be compromised and the site will collapse at a faster rate.

What if Paypal doesn't respond positively to Clikrev's request? Then the best way for the admin to handle it is to advise members to file a dispute and let Paypal make the necessary refunds. The problem here though is that the funds available in Clikrev's account may not be sufficient enough to refund everyone. Take note that some members have already withdrawn more than what they have paid for. There's also a possible scenario wherein a member who used 2 payment processors (for example Paypal and STP) and cashed out mostly using STP (and already in profit) will file a dispute as a way to cheat. That will contribute even further to a lower Paypal funds. So not everyone will be refunded if all Paypal members of the site will file disputes. Hopefully, Paypal honors the Clikrev admin's request.

As of now, I'm not going to remove the site from my list but I'll advise you to at least tread carefully.

The reset was just completed and you can now buy ad packs again.

Since we're discussing about Paypal, it's good to know that Mo Brabus have finally sorted out the Paypal mess it was in. They now had access to their Paypal account, so the admin was able to process Paypal cashout requests that were made before their account limitation. However, they have decided to drop Paypal as their payment processor completely. So all balances and ad packs are now under STP balance.

I still haven't read all of the compensation plans of Mo Brabus. At the moment, the program that is in motion is their RevShare program. They have several plans that are in the works though: cyclers, combo packs and subscription packs.

If you're going to join, here are the important things you need to know:

  1. You need to provide your complete name or the name that shows in your payment processor account.
  2. You need to upload your photo.
  3. You need to either upgrade to at least Bronze or pay a $15 monthly subscription.
If you're not able to do all 3 things, you won't be able to cashout or shall we say that your withdrawal request will be cancelled. For the first 2 requirements, their reason for asking so is for KYC (Know Your Customer) requirement. As for uploading a photo, well... they really don't know what you look like, do they? At least they removed the "full address" requirement that they were asking for previously.

For small players like me, you can first build your account before paying for that monthly subscription. You will earn from your ad packs and be able to repurchase even if you haven't paid for the subscription yet. That's what I'm actually doing.

PaidVerts is another that is still waiting for a final verdict from Paypal. From my reckoning, Jo mentioned that Paypal will release official statement on March 10th. Though, PV's account is currently limited, what's impressive is that the site continues to pay no matter what. You can barely find programs that can do that. But then again, they don't have a Swap feature which actually helps A LOT.

Don't you just wish that we get this swap done with so we can start building again? That's how I'm feeling right now. It's just that 1 month is far too long to wait for. Geesh!

I'm down to 8K shares after selling half of what I used to own so I can have available cash for the swap. I may also withdraw a portion of that money to use for something else. I still have 377K BAP left which puts me under Group 7.

I'm officially dropping Reverse2Click from my list. I've seen complaints of selective payments. In addition, the admin seems to have stopped communicating to members. It was a stroke of luck that I was paid triple in my last withdrawal request which is the reason why I was at least in profit. If not for that, then this would be another program wherein matrix2income was the thread starter that I would have failed to reach BEP. And I kept telling myself to be wary of the programs that he was the TS.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Debt Swap Facts

Here's what the Paidverts admin posted in the daily news thread:
1. We will be swapping all BAP & FTQ investments for shares, at a rate no higher than $0.35/share, between the following dates: Mar 30th - Apr 2nd.
eg. For every $350 you are owed from the fast track queue, you will receive 1000 shares.
eg2. For every 700 BAP you have, 1 share will be issued.
2. Your account balances will not be touched. That's your money, and can be cashed out at any time. Or saved in your balance to be used after the swap.
3. When we initiate the swap, the BAP marketplace (ability to sell shares directly for BAP) will be suspended for 60days. You can still sell shares for cash during that time.
4. When we initiate the swap, we will be limiting PV Bulk Ad Purchases to 1-5ad packs per day, per user for 60days. ($1.05-$5.25/day maximum)
5. When we initiate the swap, we will be limiting 170/200/250 plan investments for 60days. $1-$10/day per user for 170 + 250 plans. And $1-$250/day per user for the 200 plan.
* 250 Plan Upgraded users will have their upgrades extended by 60days, as a result of this limitation.
* The 240% plan upgrades will be exempt from these limitations.
6. Up until the swap, Fast Track Payments will continue as normal. And there will be daily ad issues from Monday to Friday only (cron permitting!) - With a guaranteed minimum value of $10k per issue.
Is the conversion rate set in stone? No. The total debts will be recalculated by then, if the total debts that need to be swapped is less than the current debts today, then the conversion rate will be lower. And my guess is that it will be since we're still going to receive Paid ads which will consume our BAP and members are trading their BAP to shares in the market and reducing BAP debt from the system. As for the FT plans, we can no longer invest so that debt from FT won't increase any longer.

Just as I have expected, the BAP price increased after that announcement. It's now playing at around 500BAP per share. So if you failed to exchange your BAP to shares at a lower price, my suggestion is not to do so at the moment. What you should do is simply stop repurchasing ad packs and don't increase your BAP but continue to click your ads. Reserve the cash you will get from the paid ads you receive so you can use them after the swap. For those who are still earning a good amount from paid ads, you can use a portion of the earnings to buy shares while they're cheap or make some low bids. That way, even if your buy bids don't come into fruition, you can cancel those bids so you can use the funds after swap. A week before the swap, assess how much BAP you have left and the current BAP price in the marketplace. If the BAP price is at 600 BAP and you only have less than 300K BAP, my advise is not to trade your remaining BAP. Ride it out instead and keep clicking your paid ads to get some cash.

As noted above, there would be purchase restrictions that will be imposed after the swap, so that should give you at least an idea how much funds you'd want to reserve. I'll talk about strategies for post-swap in the coming weeks.

Clikrev's Paypal account seems to be limited at the moment. So for those who used Paypal, you may have to wait for your payments. Workaround is to purchase more than what you put in with Paypal using a different payment processor so you can withdraw using another payment processor. I received my 2nd cashout with them using PerfectMoney. Hopefully, they get their Paypal account sorted out.

I got triple payments from Reverse2Click for the payment I requested recently. I sent them a ticket informing them about it and asked for the next course of action. I have not received a reply but they did deduct the extra payments from my account. So I'm now sitting in a negative balance since my payments were already paid in advance.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

How to Best Prepare for the Upcoming Debt Swap

Brace yourselves for it because it's going to happen, whether you like it or not. It will happen sometime in April. My best guess? It would be the 1st week of that month. With the swap decision out in the open, there's no need to delay it further since both MTV and PV's revenues are declining at the moment. Although there are 2 factors that may push the swap to a later date: first if Paypal removes PV's acct limitation on March 10 and the other is if the 2 offices aren't setup by then.

So what is this Debt Swap?
As the name implies, it will swap all debts into shares. So all investments in the FT plans and all our BAP will be converted into shares. Take note that any cash in your account balances will be left untouched (they won't be swapped). The expected conversion rate is $0.25 for 1 share or 775 BAP per share.

If you check the current share marketplace, the current share price is $0.033 and 228 BAP which means that if you don't act accordingly (and if the current price stays the same), your BAP will be 3 times lower than its value when the Swap happens. It would even be worse if the share price drops further after the swap. As for any FT investments you have, you'll probably get 7 - 10 shares for every $1 FT investments you have (and this is using the amount due as the baseline). Let's say you have a $10 186% investment. Since the total amount due is $18.6, you will get 75 shares for it ($18.6/$0.25 = 75). With the actual share price at the moment, the value is 1/4 of your original investment. So if you sell your shares right after the swap, you will end up losing big time.

That being said, what should we do now?

First, don't panic sell. It's a sure way to lose.

If I were you, this is what I'll be doing:

  1. Don't repurchase ad packs. Don't worry about retaining your BAP group at this point. Just keep clicking your ads and decide what you'll do with your earnings. You can cash it out or buy cheap shares with it.
  2. Don't invest in the FT plans. Anyway, Jo mentioned that he'll put a block on further FT investments until the swap. As of now, it's still available so don't get any ideas of putting additional dime.
  3. Attempt to sell your FT investments. Even if you sell it at its original price, it's still a better deal than the expected swap value.
  4. Don't let your BAP be swapped. So buy shares using your BAP before the actual Swap happens. 1 week before the Swap period is too risky since people won't be possibly selling their shares in exchange for BAP at that time. So if you're going to delay buying shares using your BAP, at least ensure that you have already zeroed out your BAP a week before the Swap or that you should just have a small BAP in your account by then.
  5. If you're not going to use the cash you'll be earning from this day until the swap, place some share bids in the values of $0.02 to $0.01 in the share marketplace. Or you can use a portion of your cash now to buy shares at the current price.
And in the event that you were not able to liquidate your BAP or FT investments before the swap, then the best way to win, is to wait for the share price to go up. If the conversion rate is going to be $0.25 and 775 BAP, you will have to wait for the share price to go up to $0.143 to recover your seed money for the 170.2% plans (for the other plans, you will need to wait even less than that value) while for swapped BAP shares, at $0.125 share price, you will get your actual investment back. So anything above those numbers are already profit.

Again, you only lose if you sell your shares at a cheap price. So make sure to clear your head and not get emotions cloud your decisions.

If you're feeling a bit confident at your trading skills, you might want to check the opportunity of doing buy/sell of shares in the market place. I was able to increase my shares a little bit by doing so. It's risky though because if after selling your shares and the price goes up instead of down (in order for you to buy them all back at a cheaper price), then you'll end up losing big time.  lol! With the talks of Debt Swap, the share price is expected to go down than up but you never know when someone starts buying them all up and increase the share price all of a sudden.

I'll probably be cashing out some of my earnings in PV still. But for the most part, I'll be using that to gobble up some cheap shares before the swap happens. I may even retain cash in my account balances to use for buying ad packs or investing in FT plans right after the swap.

And before I forget, don't expect to be able to go up in the higher groups in PV after the swap. Most likely, the admin will implement his idea of limited daily purchase. So you may only be able to buy 1 bulk ad campaign a day. Same thing will be applied to the FT investments. I can't recall the exact numbers. I'll probably have to do some digging in the news thread to give you the exact amount so wait for my next post for that.

My concentration (as far as promotion is and account building is concerned) will be the other programs I'm in.

This one seems to be running smooth. I made a test withdrawal and it was paid quick. I now have 11 ad packs in total and based on my history, the earnings seems to be averaging at least 3% daily.

I need to correct my previous post about how we earn here. It's actually 2-fold. Your ad packs will earn passively wherein for new ad pack purchases, a small percentage is shared to the existing ad packs. So even if you don't click your ads, you will still earn from them but expect it to be very slow. The main bulk of that 3% is by clicking your 6 ads. Take note that the earnings from the revshare and from your clicks will contribute to the 140% ROI. The additional income will come from the Extra ads and Bonus ads.

By the way, they have this Team competition wherein both the sponsor and his team members will get a prize if they're in the top 10 teams. 10% of the prize goes to the team leader and the remaining 90% will be shared to all the members of the team (including the leader). Top 3 prizes are $500, $200 and $100 while the rest would be between $20 - $50. Mechanics: for every ad pack that the sponsor and his refs buy, you and your team will be awarded 100 points and for every 1 extra ad clicked, that's equivalent to 1 point as well. You can even win twice if your own team (wherein you're the leader) and the team you belonged to (under your sponsor) grab 2 spots in the contest. The contest ends on March 16th.

The earnings have been soaring for the past 2 days for the program. However, I'm concerned that disabling the payments on weekends will slow down the momentum which seems to be starting already. I wish that the admin has kept some revenue to release on Monday to jumpstart it again.

Mo Brabus
I won't advise you yet to purchase revshare positions until they have added new payment processors that can be used by the program. Although they seem to have regained their Paypal account back, they mentioned they won't be using it any longer. So at the moment, members can only use STP. They still haven't migrated our Paypal balances to STP. They said it should be done this weekend. What I'm concerned about though is their KYC (Know Your Customer) wherein they want members to provide complete full name, address and even upload a photo. So I'm considering removing them from my list of programs. I don't like online money games that require personal details. They're not a bank where you are going to deposit your money and expect them to be around for quite sometime.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Updating my Portfolio

I have decided to remove PowerAdCash from the list of programs that I'm promoting. Don't get me wrong. The program is paying. However, I've noticed that the average daily earnings is about 0.5%. Comparing that to the interests from the banks, then we can definitely say it's a good return but then we're talking about online money games here and that is relatively low. A new member who purchase an ad pack today will get his seed money back in 200 days which is too long especially if there are other programs with the same stability but are offering better turnout.

For replacements, I joined 3 new programs:

The program has been launched for almost 2 months already. The concept is really simple. You buy ad packs worth $5 and you'll get a 140% return by clicking 6 ads that have monetary values in them. If you want to earn more or want to earn as a free member, you can click the extra ads. The values for the extra ads are mostly $0.001. The program also has bonus ads. When you click an extra ad, you get a bonus point (2 points if you have an active ad pack). If you have bonus points, you can click a certain amount of ads equivalent to your bonus points wherein those ads may contain monetary values or a free ad pack even. It's similar to Clixgrid of Clixsense where you may or may not get any cash.

This one hasn't launched yet. It was supposed to launch yesterday but the server was unable to handle the load. It's getting popular because of the comp plan. Basically it's a revshare with a PTC platform. Revenue will be shared to all active ad packs. It's not yet clear whether it's going to be a true revshare or a capped one but I'm suspecting it's the latter. What sets it apart from the other revshare programs is that you will earn from clicking ads AND when someone else click your ads. I just find the ad pack price a bit expensive at $39 per ad pack. Also, I'm  concerned who is running the program. They say he's from Canada but the server timer is on Indian time.

Mo Brabus
The site hasn't fully launched yet. There are a lot of products/plans in the pipeline. The admin though has at least launched the revshare part of the program. It's a true revshare wherein revenue are distributed as it happens. Unfortunately, the site's Paypal account got limited in just 2 days of the launch of the revshare program. So the only available payment processor at the moment is STP which actually puts the revshare at a stand still. The reason why I haven't dropped it off my list is because the admin seems to have big plans for the program. So I'm going to wait and see how it evolves. I'm not advising you though to participate in the revshare program at the moment.

PaidVerts seems to be back on track. Fingers crossed that there won't be any major bugs that will hamper the site's growth.

No positive news yet for Paidverts' Paypal account. From the latest update of the admin, it seems like Paypal wants to keep the limitation and observe the site until March 10th. They will then decide as to whether or not they will remove the account limitation.

If you have a pending Paypal cashout, you can cancel it and may now be able to transfer the said amount to a different payment processor balance for withdrawal purposes.

Just a reminder, the ads that we get from the daily ad issue follows this formula:
50% issued via your default group ad value
20 x 1% ads (which were sometimes less than the group default)
1 x 30% value ad
What does that mean? Let's do a scenario. Say you're in Group 9 like me and this is the daily ad issue breakdown:
BAP Group …Percent (x100) … $Available ….. No. Users … $ Ads /User ,,, Default $/ad
1.5m to 3m …........ 0.125 …........ 12069.5 …........ 1052 …........ 11.4729 …........ 0.25
Your total earnings would be $11.4729 but you will get these ads:
  • 23 X $0.25 ads (50% of 11.4729)
  • 20 X $0.115 ads (20 X 1% of $11.4729) 
  • a $3.442 ad (30% of $11.4729)
So make sure that your ad filter is not set to the amount in the last column. You need to put it lower to get all the ads for your group. As for me, my ad filter is set to $0.01.

Just in case you're wondering, that's the daily ad issue for Feb 17th for Group 9.