Wednesday, November 26, 2014

PerfectRevAds - Pure RevShare Program on Pre-Launch

I have hinted the program a few times in my previous posts and the site is now on pre-launch.

PerfectRevAds - It's a pure revshare program where earnings are distributed every hour.

The reasons for joining or promoting?
  1. Low ad pack cost of $1
  2. Low ROI of 115% per ad pack
I have been a proponent of a low ad pack, low ROI as the right combo for a pure revshare program. The reason for that is because a low ROI will make the ad packs expire at a faster rate than the other revshare programs out there. While a low ad pack cost will allow small-time players to join. In any program, the membership base is always comprised of 60-80% of small players.

This program also has a Restart Feature. When the revshare program stalls, the active ad packs are converted into 2% daily plans.

Additional info:
  • Payment processors - Payza, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer and Bitcoin
  • 1-level ref commission of 6%
  • Minimum withdrawal of $1
  • 25% Repurchase rule
Admin's name: Mahalakshmi Ganesan of WinWinShares

The admin contacted me on October 25th asking for a feedback on a program she wants to launch, so I gave her an idea of what I think was a good pure revshare comp plan. The restart feature was her idea but the ad pack cost and ROI were the 2 things that I kept telling her to implement. The main concern here is the absence of STP as one of the payment processors. The reason why it's not added is because it's difficult for Indian nationals to get a bank-verified STP business account. They're required to submit a letter from their bank to STP which the banks won't easily provide.

Anyhow, the program is set to launch on Tuesday (December 2) at 11AM CST.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nervous Wreck

1 day of delayed ads in PaidVerts is equivalent to a mob. lol! Well that's what it looked like if you check the forum.

Alright, so there's a technical issue at PaidVerts in the deliver of ads. It was taking a very long time for the system to do what it's told. The ads for the 24th took time get delivered and members only got them by the end of Nov 25th. Because of that, the daily ad issue for the 25th was put on hold. Expect them today, along with the ad issue for the 26th.

Watch out for a new program that I'll be adding in my portfolio. It's a pure revshare program with a LOW ad pack cost and a LOW ROI which is the perfect combo for a pure revshare program to succeed.

As you may have noticed, I have added BuyClickPaid. It's my replacement for ProShareProfits after the admin reset all earnings and entertained only STP upgrades. BCP pays 10% daily for 14 days. There's no repurchase rule.

12 more ad shares to go before my first goal of 200 ad shares at PowerAdCash. Once I reach that initial goal, I'll be requesting a small payment then aim for another step before cashing out the next.

***Sorry for a short post after a long gap from the last one. And I haven't forgotten my Part 2 of PV How Tos. I just don't have the luxury of time right now.***

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spam Disclaimers

Recently, I have noticed an increase of spam mails I receive on a daily basis. I didn't sign up under anyone's list so either these are from admins of previous programs I joined or from those lowlife-who-does-not-know-how-to-promote-a-program-properly folks. lol! And what drives me nuts is that they don't have an unsubscribe link. Instead they ask you to reply to their emails in order to get removed from their list. They're giving you additional work which you're not supposed to do so. And even when you do, they still send you emails. Anyhow, here are their common disclaimers or email PS:

 =========================DISCLAIMER========================This is Absolutely not SPAM. This message is sent in full compliance of the new U.S. Federal e-mail bill S.1618 Title III, Section 301, Paragraph (a)(2)(C).
This message cannot be considered SPAM as it includes contact information, and a way to be removed from future e-mailings.
Simply reply to this email with the subject "Remove" to stop any future mail.
How come it's in full compliance of the so-called bill when I didn't sign up for his email list?

You received this newsletter because :
a. You are one of my upline or downline online.
b. You have subscribe on one of my newsletter
Reply : REMOVE ME on subject if you want to be removed.
Thank you. 
I did not subscribe to his newsletter. Who'd want to receive one from a spammer? The first reason does not give him the right to spam me on a different program. Sending an email asking for assistance or providing one for the program we're in is okay but to spam for a different program is not.

This isn't a "SPAM". I have no intention to spam. You were included in this newsletter because you subscribe on one of my connection in at least one investment program. If you do not want to receive future emails, please reply to this email and ask for removal.
I kinda chuckled on this line "I have no intention to spam". Sure he did. The mere fact that I received a spam meant he intended to actually spam.

This is not a "SPAM". I have no intention to spam anyone. You were included in this newsletter because we made an up-line / down-line connections in at least one investment program. If you do not want to receive future emails, please reply to this email and ask for removal.

Again, just because he is your sponsor or downline from another program, doesn't give you the right to spam anyone.

Some of those spammers happen to send email after email about new programs that are launching. And in order to try to get back to this frequent spammers, I decided to sign them up for some adult subscriptions. lol!

I'm amazed at how blockheaded some PV/MTV members are at times. I'm a frequent visitor of the MTV forum and tend to help anyway I can but I don't understand why some members don't use the freakin' "Search" button to find the answers they're looking for.

My mini-upgrade will be expiring later today. I've already earned $10.04 from it. I won't be getting any more since there's a specific schedule for the distribution of the super user upgrades. The total value I got is still considered profitable in the sense that I managed to recover the $2.99 fee and convert my BAP to cash at a faster rate. I'll probably buy another upgrade once it expires later on. It may no longer be profitable since there are about 3350 members currently upgraded but I like to take my chances.

ProShareProfits turned the instant payments back on 2-3 days ago but then is back to manual payments today. I don't think I'll be promoting the program anytime soon. The program does pay but there are some who complain that they aren't receiving their payments on time for the next server day. So they had to cover 2 days' worth of upgrades without receiving any. In my case, however, I've always been paid my daily earnings. Maximum time I had to wait was today which is about 3 hours. As for ref commissions though, some of them pile up in my Cash Balance and the admin refuse to pay them yet, saying he's still recovering from the Paypal fiasco. I understand that, hence the reason why I suggested before that the admin should remove all commissions via Paypal upgrades but he hasn't done that either.

I'll probably replace CAP in my current list by the weekend. There's a new pure revshare program that I'll be participating in. It has the elements of the ones that I've been looking for in a pure revshare program which are Low ad pack cost and Low ROI.

I won't be revealing any further details yet or it will ruin the surprise.

Aargh! So close and yet so far! I now have 159 ad shares with PowerAdCash. Just 31 more to go before I request for a small payment and set a repurchase rule for myself.
Oh shoot! I haven't released my Part 2 of my PaidVerts How Tos yet. Sorry, I'm just too busy nowadays. I'll publish it as soon as I get my hands (and my brain) free.

Also, I haven't started with my idea of a Clixsense teambuild as well.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

RevShare Fiasco

It's the revshare season and we see a lot of these programs sprouting like mushrooms. Promoters hyping the ones they're in and bashing the others. Alas, most of them are going down the toilet. Let's do a recap, shall we:

  1. GlobalAdCircle never stood a chance after employing matrix2income as its thread starter. The compensation plan isn't unique and even with some promoters taking the $200 offer by the admin, the program stalled in just a few hours of launch due to low member count. The admin attempted to launch another line with low valued ad pack and 140% ROI but the turn out is even more pathetic.
  2. RevShareAdvertising, rumored to be another one of Lieven's program, was a disaster since the start. The admin attempted to cap the revshare plan when the FAQs states something else. He made a 2nd attempt but to no avail. He seems to have merged the first revshare plan with the second, however, it wasn't done correctly. You see, if you merge an old revshare plan that has a lot of uncycled ad packs, it will place a burden on the new revshare line. He could have taken the risk instead and followed what CAP did. For those who are unfamiliar, what the CAP admin did was that he converted the remaining balances of the unexpired ad packs from the $10 line to repurchase balance which was then used by members to purchase $5 ad packs. That's how CAP was able to bounce back after the $10 line stalled.
  3. AdShareNet is another program currently in the brink of collapse. If you check the thread for the program in MMG, you'll see that there are members posting their payments, right? That's because the admin set a daily maximum site limit for withdrawals in all payment processors to supposedly prevent HARs, although the site has a 50/50 repurchase rule already set. It was a tactic by the admin to force members to repurchase if they see that they can't withdraw due to the limit. However, he failed to factor in the fact that the members would just simply let their cash balance sit and request a payment in the next day. He lost the trust of  his members.
  4. 777Payouts - I've discussed the reasons for this site's failure in my past posts which are maximum purchase limit per day and the admin's reluctance to make improvements.
Here's an advice for those planning to launch a revshare: Don't put a cap on the earnings after launch if you advertise your program as a pure revshare. If you're after a long term program, then launch a 2% program instead.

I still can't understand why admins fail to realize that a LOW ROI and a LOW VALUED AD PACK is the best comp plan for a pure revshare program. A high ROI will stall the program quickly while a high-valued ad pack will limit the number of potential players.

On another note, I'm still sitting in the sidelines pertaining to DigAdz. Admittedly, there seems to be a lot of people pushing for the program but unless the comp plan is revealed, my suggestion is to hold your horses. I find it amusing when people say that it would be the best revshare program when they don't even know how the program works. lol! Sure, Adbonuz (admin's other site) is still paying but don't forget about TrackYourIncome where the members are calling it as scam due to how the admin bungled the comp plan. But I guess without TYI, the admin wouldn't have the funds to continue paying for AdBonuz' members.

I still owe you Part 2 of my discussion about PaidVerts. I'll have that completed tomorrow or the next day but don't count on it too much. Sometimes, I get sidetracked. lol!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PaidVerts - How it Works, Tips and Strategies

This particular post will cover the basic things you need to know about PaidVerts and how you can earn from it.

PaidVerts in a Nut-Shell
First off, this is a hybrid PTC program. Thus, in order for you to actually earn, you will need to view ads. Uh-oh, you may be thinking along the lines of $0.0001 per ad click just like other PTC programs, right? Well, this one isn't like that. This is the program where the value of an ad may range between $0.0005 up to $1000. If you were able to read a previous post of mine, I've posted my earnings for a particular day. But just in case you missed it, let me show you that in PaidVerts, you don't earn merely cents... you earn dollars instead.

Alright, I have a feeling that I got your attention now. Don't expect though that all earnings would be the same. You may get smaller valued ads or it maybe even greater than what I posted. It all depends on Bonus Ad Points (BAP).

So what is this BAP thingy? 
Bonus Ad Points (BAP) is what determines your account level which will then determine the value and volume of ads you will receive. For every paid ad that you receive, your account is deducted the equivalent BAP value. 1 BAP is equivalent to $0.0005. So if you get a $35 paid ad (like the one above), your account would have been deducted 70000 BAP. So in order for you to receive paid ads, you need to have BAP.

How to get BAP?
There are 3 ways to get BAP but I will only discuss 2 of them in the meantime.
  1. By clicking the Free BAP ads daily. If you just signed up, you will get 16 ads X 25 BAP or 400 BAP daily until you have viewed a total of 100 of them (equivalent of 2500 BAP). After that, you will get 8 ad X 25 BAP on daily basis.
  2. When you purchase a bulk ads campaign (ad packs). An ad pack costs $1 which will give you advertising credits for you to promote any program which will be viewed by PaidVerts members (including you). On top of the advertising credits, you will also get 3100 BAP for every $1 purchase. If you're still computing in your head, 3100 BAP will eventually give you paid ads worth $1.55 in total. 
Now that you've got BAP in your account, when will you get paid ads that will actually earn you money? Normally, ads are distributed twice a day.
  1. Between 8AM CST - 12NN CST - this is when we receive the big-valued ads as you have seen above. Earnings would vary depending on sales.
  2. 8PM CST - This is the schedule for the free BAP ads. At the same time, you will get the 1% ads. Every time you buy an ad pack, you will get a paid ad equivalent to 1% of the value of the ad packs you purchased for 10 days.
So will you now be earning the same amount I posted above? Not quite yet. Not because you have BAP doesn't mean we will have the same earnings.

BAP Group
Member accounts are divided into 14 groups which is determined by amount of their BAP. Here's how it's done:
BAP Group 1 ........ 1600 to 12000
BAP Group 2 ........ 12000 to 24000
BAP Group 3 ........ 24k to 48k
BAP Group 4 ........ 48k to 96k
BAP Group 5 ........ 96k to 180k
BAP Group 6 ........ 180k to 360k
BAP Group 7 ........ 360k to 720k
BAP Group 8 ........ 720k to 1.5m
BAP Group 9 ........ 1.5m to 3m
BAP Group 10 ....... 3m to 6m
BAP Group 11 ....... 6m to 20m
BAP Group 12 ....... 20,000,000+
BAP Group 13 ....... 50,000,000+
BAP Group 14 ....... 100,000,000+
When the big-valued ads (8AM - 12NN CST schedule) are distributed, the earnings you will receive will depend on what group you're on. Let me give you the data of what we had yesterday:
BAP Group                Percent (x100)        Dollar Value          Participants        Ads Per User
1600 to 12000          0.0375                      3778.6875              6586                    0.5737454449
12000 to 24000        0.025                        2519.125                2822                    0.8926736357
24k to 48k                 0.05                          5038.25                   2453                    2.0539135752
48k to 96k                 0.07                          7053.55                   2256                    3.1265735816
96k to 180k               0.085                        8565.025                1805                    4.745166205
180k to 360k            0.09                          9068.85                   1385                    6.5479061372
360k to 720k            0.075                       7557.375                  812                       9.307112069
720k to 1.5m            0.085                        8565.025                 498                      17.1988453815
1.5m to 3m                0.1                            10076.5                   274                       36.7755474453
3m to 6m                   0.09                          9068.85                   137                       66.1959854015
6m to 20m                0.105                        10580.325                 87                        121.6129310345
20m+                         0.075                        7557.375                   17                        444.5514705882
50m+                         0.06                          6045.9                        7                          863.7
100m+                       0.0525                     5290.1625                  2                         2645.08125
I am currently in Group 9 (1.5M - 3M BAP), so I got $36 worth of ads yesterday. Now for those 2 in Group 14 (100M + BAP), they received ads worth $2645 in total. In case you're curious as to what these 2 Group 14 members saw in their accounts, here's a screenshot that was posted by one of them:

How's that for a PTC site?

Part 2 - Coming Soon!

New Look... Same Style

After more than 3 years, I finally decided to make the blog a bit lighter. I've been meaning to make the change for quite some time but I was actually worried about previous posts where some of the texts were in yellow or white colors. But then screw those posts, they were old anyway.

After answering several queries about PaidVerts, I think it's about time for me to dedicate one post/page for the program that will provide a brief summary on how the program works. I might throw in some tips and strategies that I am using as well.

Today's PV ad issue is a big one again. I woke up to 52 paid ads with a total value of $36. Here's the full list of earnings per group, in case you're interested:

BAP Group                Percent (x100)        Dollar Value          Participants        Ads Per User
100 to 1599               0                                0                              13280                  0
1600 to 12000          0.0375                      3778.6875              6586                    0.5737454449
12000 to 24000        0.025                        2519.125                2822                    0.8926736357
24k to 48k                 0.05                          5038.25                   2453                    2.0539135752
48k to 96k                 0.07                          7053.55                   2256                    3.1265735816
96k to 180k               0.085                        8565.025                1805                    4.745166205
180k to 360k            0.09                          9068.85                   1385                    6.5479061372
360k to 720k            0.075                       7557.375                  812                       9.307112069
720k to 1.5m            0.085                        8565.025                 498                      17.1988453815
1.5m to 3m                0.1                            10076.5                   274                       36.7755474453
3m to 6m                   0.09                          9068.85                   137                       66.1959854015
6m to 20m                0.105                        10580.325                 87                        121.6129310345
20m+                         0.075                        7557.375                   17                        444.5514705882
50m+                         0.06                          6045.9                        7                          863.7
100m+                       0.0525                     5290.1625                  2                         2645.08125
With the number of ads I had to click for today's big ad issue, I expect that there would be a good amount of recycled ads that will circulate. I'm sure not everyone would be as patient as me in terms of clicking ads.

My mini-upgrade has expired but I earned a total of $11.86 from it. The BEP for Mini-upgrade is about $6.5, so it was profitable since I only had to click 36 ads to reach that amount. I decided to pay for another mini-upgrade. Mega-upgrade is not advisable.

I have removed the banner for ProShareProfits. I won't be promoting it at the moment since there's no reason to do so at the moment. I haven't been paid any referral commissions lately. Added to that, for the past 2 days, my referral commissions that have been recorded as pending are being deleted by the admin and not even adding it to the Cash Balance. I get that the admin is trying to cut some losses due to the Paypal fiasco but then he should at least inform us beforehand. As for the daily payments from upgrades, I'm at least receiving them. Payments are still manual though. What I don't understand though is why he won't send an email advising members to file Paypal disputes. The admin claimed that he "no longer have a Paypal account", so the best option is for those who upgraded via Paypal to claim refunds directly from Paypal. I advised him even to remove the stuck ref commissions from Paypal upgrades even. That way, he doesn't have to shoulder the losses of those who upgraded via Paypal. Another thing that concerns me is the reason why the admin doesn't want to turn the "instant payment" feature back. He said that it's to prevent members from cashing out to a different payment processor due to some members selecting a different payment processor when compounding. The solution for that is simple: remove the compound button, so there' won't be anyway for members to compound to a different payment processor.

ClickAdPays is able to maintain a high daily percentage for the past days. Support is slow though. My 2 missing ad packs on the 9th are still not added.

I received an approval from Clixsense telling me that I can create a teambuild just fine. I guess I'll be working on that next.

We can now use Payza to receive payments or purchase ad shares at PowerAdCash. So the payment processors accepted are Paypal, Payza, STP, EgoPay and PerfectMoney.