Thursday, May 21, 2015


The online money making world is a bit boring this month. There are no stand out programs... actually, there are no buzz at all. But I guess that's to be expected at this time of the year. April to June are usually dry months.

I'm not sure what's going on in Jo's head. He keeps driving the share price down by putting big roadblocks using his personal account. I can understand if he's doing it for PV to buy cheap shares but I haven't seen PV buy any shares since Jo placed roadblocks at $0.0365 and $0.0376.

If you've been paying attention on the Paidverts account, you'll see that the remaining balance is now at $29K which is good for only 3-5 more daily ad issues. Unfortunately, the FTQ is moving at a slow pace which means that after 3-5 days, there won't be any reserved funds for PV to use for a daily ad issue, so the daily ad issues will depend on  the 10% ad pack purchases which is simply averaging $13K total ad pack purchases daily. So expect a daily ad issue of $1300 when the reserved funds get depleted. Not unless by some miracle, an FT investment of PV matures by that time. So for PV to supplement the daily ad issue, it needs to sell some of its shares. Even if we say that PV bought shares at $0.035 each, the share price has to go up to $0.084 before PV can sell them. That's in order to comply with the requirement of generating 2.4X the value of PV's investment. The other way to supplement PV's daily ad issue (which is not advisable) is by using developmental funds.

That being said, due to the cheaper share price, I now own 12K shares. But I do hope that the share price goes up so I can use it for PV. Or better yet, Jo or Slosumo should re-open the BAP share marketplace.

Advertzer's share marketplace is still a hot mess. Though the admin has already allowed members to set their own price, you still can't buy just a portion of a member's shares that is up for sale. You have to buy them all or you won't be able to buy any at all. In addition, the site allows you to buy from anyone instead of just allowing the buy option for the lowest price.

Profitforest will be performing a Debt swap on May 25th. I guess, the lifespan for the copycat programs before a debt swap happens is just less than 2 months since Advertzer also had their debt swap recently.

Anyway, I submitted a ticket earlier regarding the share marketplace. It's not allowing us to sell below $0.0123 which then puts a long queue at that price.

So far, a debt swap is not yet foreseeable (fingers crossed) at Sanbux. Well, they haven't introduced yet their version of the share marketplace which should have been in placed since April (if I'm not mistaken). But then again, without upgrading to a server capacity, a share marketplace is not possible. The site always gets the "offline" message when you attempt to click your Bonus ads.

It seems like earnings at PowerAdCash is averaging 0.9% nowadays which is a big improvement as compared to a month or two ago when it was averaging at 0.5% or even lower. The monthly contest is surely boosting the ad pack purchases. I'm now down to 227 shares but I'm back to building mode again.

Here's the running purchase contest results for this month:

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Buy or Sell?

This is the question that pops up every now and then in the MTV forum whenever there's a roadblock in the share marketplace. I'm not an expert at day trading. In fact, I don't daytrade at all. But here's my take on that question:
  • If you see a big roadblock (200K+ shares) from any big player, expect the price to go down that value. If you don't have money, sell your shares just $0.0001 below that roadblock. Check the Bid shares section and look for a good spot to place your bid to repurchase your shares back at a lower price. Make sure that your bid price is not lower than a roadblock in the Bid section. The key is to sell your shares fast and buy them back even faster. 
  • If you're scared to take the risk, then don't do the above suggestion. Take note that you could end up losing if you don't properly time your actions.
  • If you have the money, then simply buy.
I no longer have FT investments. I sold the remaining ones at 90% of their amount due. So out of the expected $91 total maturity amount of those FT investments, I received around $81 after selling them. So it's a good trade for me rather than wait for about a month or so for them to mature. Out of that amount, I requested $60 for cashout which I'm expecting to land in my PM account in a few days' time. The rest, I combined with a small balance I had and used to buy ad packs in PV and shares as well.

So I'm currently out of funds in my balances. I have deactivated my "vacation mode" at PV and have started clicking paid ads today. I'm now in Group 7. I'll probably just maintain my current level to buy more shares while they're cheap. Once the BAP share market reopens in June, then, I'll sell some of those shares in exchange for BAP.

April purchase contest of PowerAdCash is definitely over (since it's already May, obviously) and I believe the winners received their incentives. There's a new purchase contest for this month though. You still need to have a total purchase of $50 by the end of the month in order to completely participate but this time around, you only need to purchase ad packs by $5 increments for those purchases to be counted as compared to the $25 minimum purchase requirement in April. So this month's contest allows more people to participate.

Here's the current stats:

The ones in green are those that are eligible to win the cash prizes since their total purchases are $50 and above.

Advertzer will be implementing their own version of Swap. It looks like they were only able to maintain the BAP program for less than 2 months before doing a swap. Well, they weren't too quick in adding other programs, so that's to be expected.

By the way, they launched their share marketplace but it's a crappy one.
  1. You can't dictate your own price when selling your shares. At the moment, the site has set a sell price of $0.00976 which is way lower than the price of shares offered by Advertzer.
  2. You can't buy a portion of the shares being sold by members. You have to buy the total number of shares they're selling. So if you don't have the cash, then you can't buy any at all. You'll be forced to buy the shares of Advertzer which is more expensive.
I'm not counting this one out yet. They maybe able to turn things around once the swap is done.

In contrast to the share marketplace of Advertzer, Profitforest has a better one. It's a good clone of MTV's share marketplace but still needs a lot of tweaking. They have a BAP share market but you can't sell those shares for cash (just yet). There's not much activity going on since there are only less than 650 shareholders.  The good news for those who bought their shares at $0.01, they could enjoy a 15% profit if they sell their shares now at the current price of $0.01159.

Among the copycat BAP programs I'm in, Sanbux is the one that offers a higher daily return. Here's what I got 2 days ago:
That's for Level 4 members (5K - 10K BAP). If you're wondering how much it costs to get to Level 4 directly, you need to buy $35 worth of ad packs which will give you 5075 points.

Yesterday, I got 10 X $0.14 ads and I got the same value today as well. I just forgot to take screenshots to show you.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Last Day of the Month

Hi, how have you all been? Sorry I've been out of the loop lately. My offline work is taking too much of my time that I can barely participate in forums nor can I write another piece for this blog. Do you know that it takes me about 30 minutes to an hour just to post something new? lol!

It's been 20 days since the Debt swap and here are my results:

  • 323500 BAP which puts me at Group 6
  • 14 X $10 matured 170.2% FT investments
  • $103.7 net payment
I already stopped investing in the FT for 2 reasons: longer maturity period and to focus more on share buy back. I mentioned before that I had to sell some of my shares in order to have cash available after the swap. It's a good thing that the share price dropped below $0.05 which allows me to buy more. I currently own 9772 shares.

As for PV, I'm still on vacation mode and I'm simply buying 5 ad packs daily. I'm running low on fund reserves and I don't think my remaining FT investments will come to rescue before my remaining cash balance goes out completely. I may be forced to sell those FT investments in the marketplace for a lower ROI or disable vacation mode. Let's see how it goes.

On another matter, the $10 FT Investment strategy no longer works well. Due to the longer maturity period, low cash reserves of big players and the switch of interest of members from FT to shares, it's now difficult to sell an FT investment in the same day even if you sell it for a very low price. It can still work but you'll have to wait for a week or 2 before you can sell it for  a good price.

The Advertzer admin suspended some 600 accounts due to "supposedly" cheating reasons. They've been reinstated but the admin sent a stern warning about having multiple accounts and using bot programs to click ads.

So play fair everyone. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

I can't wait for the introduction of shares at Profitforest. That is the only missing piece for them to completely emulate PV/MTV. Although I can't say for certain if the business model of the PTC follows that of PV but they do have both a BAP program and FT. On top of that, they also have Games and MicroJobs.

Speaking of shares, I'm not sure when Sanbux will release their own. I have a feeling that the Sanbux Trading Club is about share market. The admin has mentioned that in the past and was supposed to be launched this month and yet we're still waiting. Although, before the admin can have that feature added, he needs to do something about the server's capacity.

Today is the last day of the Purchase contest at PowerAdCash. Here's the latest result:

About the blog's title: it's already the 30th of April in the Philippines but Blogger seems to be following the western clock, hence the reason why the date is still 29th.;)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A week after the Swap

Yep, it's been a week since the swap. And if PV or MTV isn't working out for you, then you suck at strategy. Just kidding!

I've gotten feedback (via PM and emails) about the $10 strategy I posted here and in MMG. I'm glad that those who followed the tip I gave are able to use it to increase their BAP without having to spend more.

The strategy is really simple: invest $10 in the FT plan, sell it for $14 - $15 and wait for it to get sold. From the response I've received, they were able to sell their investments in a matter of minutes to a couple of hours. They then use the $4-5 profit to purchase ad packs in PV and then use the $10 again for the next day.

That strategy is geared toward small players. 

But why is the strategy a success? The answer to that is because the big players can't invest more than they want to. They have a lot of money sitting in their accounts but they can't invest them all in the FT because of the daily limits. So their best option is to buy those investments from those who are willing to sell theirs. They can get an average of $2 profit from each investments they buy from the FTQ market.

Speaking of FT, Paidverts just paid $500K for the 240% plan upgrade. That amount is now showing up in today's result (MTV's revenue). This goes to say that all FT investments made before today (or perhaps some of those that were made today) will be completely repaid by next Thursday. Yay!

I'm still on vacation mode at PaidVerts so my BAP isn't getting consumed except for the daily 100 BAP tax. I'm now in Group 5 with 107800BAP. I still have reserved funds (which came from sold shares) that I'm using to buy 5 ad packs and invest $10 in the FT daily. My reserved funds can last at least for the next 10 days. And with my initial FT investments expecting to mature any day now, my reserved funds will grow a bit more.

That being said, I need to buy back the shares I sold. I currently own 7980 shares. I'm buying at least 30 shares a day. I'll probably double my buying capacity once my FT investments start to mature.

With Paidverts back in business, it looks like some of the newer BAP sites are taking a beating especially ProfitForest. Group 4 earnings is down by more than a half (currently hovering $0.5). Earnings at Advertzer also dipped. Group 4 is now averaging $0.8 daily which is 20-30% less than the earnings prior to April 10.

On the other hand, Sanbux is still more or less the same. The earnings dipped when 4 new groups were added but at least Group 4 daily earnings has been consistent at $1.1 - $1.4 even after PV came back alive.

There's an ongoing contest at PowerAdCash. Let me post the update that talks about it:
2015 April PowerAdCash contest.
Cash Prize: $500
20 winners in this month
Note: You need to purchase for minimum $50 in April.
We announce the PowerAdCash contest for April, 2015. We are going to distribute $500 among 20 winners.
Conditions: Only those members can take part in the contest, who purchase any services for minimum $50 in total value on PowerAdCash in April.
Note: In case you purchase Bonus Ad Packs (shares), we count ONLY those purchases, which are minimum $25 in a lump sum!
The contest is based on who purchases any services of PowerAdCash in the highest value in April. In case you purchase Bonus Ad Packs (shares), we count ONLY those purchases, which are minimum $25 in a lump sum, but if you purchase more for $25 or above, we will add the amount together.
The period of the contest is 30 days (april 1st ,2015 0:00 - April 30th, 2015 24:00 according to server time)
The 1st winner, who purchased in the highest value in the month will earn $100 cash.
The 2nd winner will earn $70
The 3rd winner will earn $60
The 4th winner will earn $50
The 5th winner will earn $40
The 6th -10th winner will earn $20
The 11st - 20th winner will earn $8
We will continuously display the ranking of the contest in the news.
We will allocate the prizes to the winners' cash balance in the first week of May.
Feel the POWER with us!
PowerAdCash Team
 Here's the current ranking:

Just to be clear about the mechanics:

  1. You need to have at least a minimum of $50 total purchase to be qualified.
  2. Your purchases should always be at least $25 each (when you buy shares). Any purchase amount lower than that won't be counted.
Whatever hope left for ClikRev's return is now down the drain. The admin hasn't followed through with her decision of doing another Restart. Payments seem to be selective as well because some are getting paid ahead of the others.

Mobrabus has officially launched sometime ago. I just haven't paid attention to it since I feel that it has lost the excitement from members. I'm viewing my 10 ads daily though and my earnings are increasing at least. Not sure yet if I'll start promoting it again. I'll probably just sit in the sidelines for now.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The $10 Strategy

For those who are running low on cash and can't maintain a 5 bulk ads daily purchase at Paidverts, here's a nice tip for you:
  1. Invest $10 in the 170% FT plan.
  2. Sell your FT investment in the FTQ market for the price of $14 - $15. You can actually sell it as high as $15.318 but in order for your investment to get sold in just a matter of minutes or hours, lower down the price a bit for sellers to buy your investment first.
  3. Once your FT investment has been sold, use the $4 or $5 profit to buy ad packs in PV.
  4. Invest the $10 again in the FT plan the next day since you can only invest once a day with a max amount of $10.
  5. Repeat the process.
As you can see, with just $10, you can build your account at PaidVerts. Of course, there would be a time when your investment will take time to get sold. But currently, as long as your price is better than the others, you'll be able to sell it in just a matter minutes to at least within the day.

What about if you have spare cash?
I suggest you buy the max 5 ad packs and invest $10 in the FT plans daily, as long as you can. When you have exhausted your reserve funds, then you can use the above strategy if none of your FT investments have started to mature yet.
In addition, if your aiming to move to a higher BAP group, you might want to consider buying a vacation mode, so you won't be receiving paid ads which will consume your BAP. That's actually what I did yesterday. So until my reserved funds have dried up, I will leave my account on vacation mode and just keep on buying 5 ad packs daily to increase my BAP. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Ready... Set... Swap!

Paidverts / MTV debt swap is currently ongoing. The sites are under maintenance at the moment. In a few hours' time, we'll have access and be able to purchase ad packs, FT investments and shares.

A friendly reminder:

  • We can only buy max of 5 ad packs a day at Paidverts for the next 60 days
  • You can only invest max of $10 in the FT investment plans for the next 60 days except for those who have access to the 200% plan.
  • Those who have the Premium (200%) upgrade, you can invest up to a max of $250 daily
  • For those who still have an active 250% upgrade, you will only be able to invest max of $10 daily (for that particular plan) for the next 60 days as well. I suggest you invest in the 170% plan as well to increase your max deposit limit. Your upgrade will be extended for another 2 months.
  • BAP share market will be closed for 2 months but you can still sell your shares for cash.

Which is which?
If you have the spare cash or have reserved funds in your account, I would highly suggest investing in the FT plans, on top of PV.

Shares, of course is something you need to consider as well. Logic tells us, that the share price is expected to drop since 30M shares will be in the hands of the members due to the swap. However, the admin will start to buy those shares back, so the price drop maybe over too quick. Then, there's a possibility that it may not drop at all but instead spike up since the price will be dictated by the sellers.