Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Failure of the Swap

As expected, the recent swap done by MTV was a BIG disappointment. It didn't bring the excitement that the admins were expecting to a happen.

Here are the reasons for the failure:

  1. Rounds 92 & 93 of the FTQ were left untouched. That's $50K worth of debt ahead that needs to be cleared.
  2. The admins didn't stimulate PV growth. Paidverts is the MAIN revenue generator of MTV and yet the admins decided to leave it alone. They didn't even attempt to stir things up a bit which will create a buzz. If you recall the previous swaps (January and April), people were buying ad packs left and right because a portion of the old development funds were promised to be used for the daily ad issues which the previous admin did. So with PV not moving at all, how do you expect for FTQ to be cleared?
  3. They could have launched a PV clone or  revshare program if they have no intention to stimulate Paidverts' growth. That way, there would be another revenue generator that will clear out FTQ.
I have warned them numerous times (even before the swap) the effects of a dead PV (no growth stimulation) but they didn't listen.

It seems like Jo's shoes is too big for Marc de Koning's to fill. The current CEO doesn't seem to have an inkling on how to get the people to participate more. If only he would stop listening to his cheerleaders for a moment and starts to assess the critics' point of views, MTV wouldn't be in a murky situation it's in.

Oh and one more thing that the admins need to address is the high overhead costs. They're paying way too much.

So how can MTV and PV get out of this mess?
  1. Launch a PV clone or a revshare to get new revenue
  2. BAP swap
If they chose to implement the latter, they should do the following:
  • BAP swap rate should be the current share price rate which is $0.01 or use $0.0155 so as to make it an exact 1:1 ratio. We don't need a high swap rate since we no longer have virtual funds that we have to worry about. Any purchases that will be made after the BAP swap will come from fresh funds already since we have wiped out all debts by then.
  • Remove the share marketplace minimum limit.
  • Swap Rounds 92 & 93 using the rate of $0.1 (as in the case of the last swap).
  • Use this week's revenue for the FTQ. Last week's revenue wasn't used at all for this week which was a major mistake because it left MTV a big debt ahead
More updates later...

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Swamped Swap

Okay... So Marc and his team has finally decided on a Debt swap. After all those talks of "no swap scenario" which some of the mods have been happily stressing out every now and then, the admins have finally realized the need for it.

In addition, they finally admitted that the cash reserves are now at a very critical level which is in contradiction to what some of the mods (Agency and some others) kept saying that MTV/PV have money and that the cashout delays are simply due to difficulty in transferring funds from one payment processor to the other. **rolling my eyes**

So will the upcoming swap save MTV and PV? My gut tells me that this swap won't be successful and it could even be worse than the last one. The last swap's main problem is that Jo and Slosumo failed to close the FTQ marketplace which allowed for a lucrative loophole for some who were quick to act on it. The new swap though isn't well-planned.

Here are the facts about the upcoming swap:
- All FTQ except for the last 2 rounds will be swapped for shares at the price of $0.1
- All cash balances will be swapped to either shares or BAP at the same price of $0.1 or 200 BAP
- BAP will be left untouched. They won't be swapped at all.
- MTV revenue this week will not be used for the FTQ next week
- Ad pack purchased prior to swap will not get 1% ads after the swap
- The admins will not supplement the daily ad issue (meaning they won't use a portion of the remaining development funds)

Alright, so the swap will address liquidity issues. All members will have zero balances, so there won't be any active debt that the admins have to pay for. Sounds good right? Furthermore, if you invest in the FTQ, there won't be too much debt ahead that you have to wait for. Wow, that's fantastic!

Here's the catch though:

In order for the FTQ to be cleared out, MTV has to earn a revenue. So where does this revenue come from? Simple: Games and Paidverts.

After swap, Games is not expected to contribute to the revenue. It's not a revenue generator. The games are debt erasers. Since members don't have money in their balance, there would be few to no gamblers right after the swap. Do you honestly believe that people will fund their accounts to simply play games at MTV? The admins even admitted that the Casino site has a low revenue return.

Paidverts has and always been the main source of revenue of MTV. So for the swap to be successful, the program has to be buzzing right after the swap. Unfortunately, the admins won't do anything to create a buzz. As I have mentioned above, they will not use this week's revenue to clear the last 2 rounds of FTQ by next week. If they would allow that, PV will have FTQ plans that will mature which can be used for daily ad issues. They won't supplement the daily ad issues using the development funds available. Even the 1% ads (coming from ad pack purchases made before the swap) which would have allowed members to have a small balance to purchase ad packs after the swap will be restricted.

So PV will then have to rely on fresh funds for the daily ad issue. And they will implement the business model which means to say that only 10% of the total sales will be used for the daily ad issue until such time that PV's FTQ investments mature or shares to get sold (which PV may not have if the admins to use PV's shares for the swap and not of Portfolio's). Now what if there's only small amount of ad pack purchases? The daily ad issue will be very small. MTV revenue will even be smaller. FTQ will take longer to get cleared. There would be too few cashouts which won't create an impact at all. So this time around, even the smartest players may not make a killing at all.

One other way to make the swap is successful is for the admins to launch the PV clone right on swap day. That is if that's already ready. If I'm not mistaken, they used up their time with creating games after games.

I'm not against a swap. I actually mentioned in the MMG forum that an FTQ swap is needed. But for it to be successful, the admins need to boost ther sole revenue maker (PV) lucrative enough for people to put in fresh funds or launch another revenue maker (PV clone or a revshare). Because if they don't, then this swap will not address anything at all.

I'll probably add more later. Gotta have some breakfast first.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

They never learn, do they?

Revshare programs are sprouting everywhere like mushrooms. Unfortunately, the admins don't seem to able to comprehend that a higher ROI means an early collapse of their programs. If you check the compensation plans of the newest revshares nowadays, they seem to be boasting of "150% ROI" or anywhere between 130% and above. OMG! Can't they realize that the higher ROI means a faster collapse? Even if they put in a high repurchase rule, the results will be the same. A high ROI guarantees that those who are satisfied with a profit of 50% will never repurchase, thus the program will stall after just 1 cycle.

A lower ROI is always the best way to go for revshare programs. Just look at TrafficMonsoon. It has been running for a year because of the low ROI. The only reason why I didn't join it is because of the high ad pack cost. If the ad packs were only cheaper, I would have played in that program. So for those who are thinking of opening up a revshare plan, go for a low ROI with a low ad pack cost. No need for a repurchase rule because the members will be the ones to do it themselves in order to increase their earnings.

Now if you want to have a good twist on a version of a low ROI revshare program, let me know and I will sell you a compensation plan. lol!

So MTV has finally released their Casino site. At first, I thought this was the multiplayer poker that people were looking forward to. Unfortunately, it's the same house games that are already in MTV and PV and were simply placed in a new domain. The only thing different is that it only uses PerfectMoney.

Well I guess it would help with new funds since those who wants to play will have to put "fresh funds" in order for them to do so. But if the players are the same folks that are already in MTV, then I don't see how this will bring about a big amount of money to help with the long cashout delays in MTV (almost averaging about a month). Those who are in MTV will simply play the same games in MTV because they don't need to add fresh funds and can simply use the funds they currently have.

Speaking of delayed cashouts, the admin mentioned about laying down the reason/s for the current state of the withdrawals. If I'm not mistaken, I believe Nov 9th is the date when members will finally be informed about it. My guess was that the admin waited for the Casino to launch before he makes a statement. The question is, if the casino wasn't as successful as they thought it would be, will they still provide the explanation for the cashout delays? I guess we'll know by tomorrow.

The "view ads" page of PowerAdCash is still not working. Good thing though that the admin listened to my suggestion last week to remove the surfing requirement in order to earn. So we're still getting our earnings but they're distributed once a day.

Based on latest updates, the GlobalTrafficAds admin will soon launch a new PTC site. Members who have active ad packs worth $100 and above in GTA will have lifetime membership (I guess there will be some type of upgrades) in the said PTC site.

I'm not sure why the admin of MyTrafficPaycheck is not addressing the broken links in the site. The top links like FAQ and Support are not working at all. The worst part of it is that you can't even use your banner ad credits because it keeps saying that there are no available spots. The rotating text ads doesn't seem to work either.

Good news!

The bitcoin price seems to have started soaring. It even reached $400 a few days ago. Right now, it's settling at the price range of $387. Last month, BTC price was around $250.

Friday, October 23, 2015

How the Mighty Fall

In as much as I like MyTrafficValue and Paidverts, unfortunately, I have to say that these 2 sites are already in life support. With payments delayed at an average of 2 weeks (with STP being delayed for more than a month), the sites are now being likened to a dying HYIP that's relying on new investments to pay off the old ones.

The worst part though is that the admins aren't doing anything to address the payment delays. They won't even talk about it in the news. And if a member questions payment delays in the forum, moderators are quick to delete such posts.

It's a shame really. MTV was cut out to be the most promising program but the way it is now, it has become one that everyone doesn't want it to be: a Ponzi.

What happened?

  • The admins are focused on debt-reducing programs rather than revenue makers. It sure is great that they introduced new games but these new products aren't making people invest more.
  • Their decisions are making people move out. Forced verification has always been thumbed down by players and yet they're not willing to do a compromise. It's like they're saying "it's my way or the highway". Now look at the share price. And what about the blunder regarding the BlackJack game?
There's still hope though. They just need to listen to the more experienced players and not from those die-hard cheerleaders.

I have decided to play on MyTrafficPaycheck. It's a new revshare program that launched yesterday (or was it the day before?). The program has 2 plans:
  1. Surf Plan - shares expire at 130% but you are required to surf 10 ads daily.
  2. Non-Surf Plan - for those who don't have time to view ads but will only get 120%.
Both plans cost $5 per ad pack.

For those who want to refer, they can earn from a 2-level ref commission format.

But I guess the most enticing part of the program is the Instant withdrawal feature with a $2 minimum cashout request.

Programs (eg TrafficMonsoon) with instant withdrawals have been popular nowadays and they usually last long.

GlobalTrafficAds has implemented a Repurchase rule in order to sustain the program's life longer. The program has suffered a major setback when Paypal has been removed as a payment processor, yet the program has continued to plow through. I just wish the admin provide an option to transfer Main balance to Repurchase balance in order to merge those balances when buying ad packs. It would be a lot faster for me to repurchase if I can combine my earnings rather than to wait for one balance to accumulate $5. 

Getting money out from payment processors to your bank is one of the most difficult thing to do for some (including me). I've survived over the past years with selling my PM funds to a local exchanger. Recently though, my exchanger opted not to use the same payment methods we used to transact with. And since I don't use the ones that he/she uses, I had to find a different way to get my funds to my bank account.

The best option I had found is to buy ad packs at PowerAdCash (using PM, Bitcoin and other payment processors - earnings I got from sites that do not use Paypal) and then cashout my earnings from PAC to my Paypal account. And from Paypal, I withdraw those earnings to my bank account directly. Although it's a longer process (since I still have to wait for my ad packs to earn), good thing is that PAC never fails to pay on time. I am also able to take advantage of the 2% bonus for my PM deposits to PAC. I'd say, it's a win-win scenario for me and PAC.

I'm glad to know that Atrextrade is still paying. This HYIP is almost a year old and yet still paying instant. I just wish I could have put in more from the start instead of just a measly $10. lol! Anyhow, I have my compound settings at 90%.

Better safe than sorry. This is what I would advise you with the current issue surrounding Payza. I suggest not to keep a very high amount in your accounts. To have a better clue on what's going on, read this:

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rock Bottom

Yep, MTV share price is now down to the minimum value with 8 pages full of shares that are up for sale at $0.01 each.

Did I mention before that I sold most of my shares at the price of $0.0109 - $0.013? Yes, I did that sometime when they announced that MTV will enforce a mandatory verification process. I then placed share bids at $0.0101 and $0.0102. I was thinking between the lines of simply leaving 5K shares in my account to see the outcome of the admins idea of legalizing MTV. My plan was to remove those bids in the event that they're not fulfilled before the forced verification and then cashout the money. But just as I expected, it took only a few days for those bids to get cleared out. So then I was back at 12K shares. When I noticed the share price dipped to $0.01 a few days ago, I decided 2K shares at the price of $0.01. Now, it's going to be difficult to sell the rest of them since there are no more buy bids where you can easily sell your shares.

A mandatory verification hasn't bode well for any programs that tried to do it in the past. So when a program started asking for verification, people (even loyal ones) start to cashout and move away to a different program. I'm not sure how the admins failed to realize that since they've been playing in these kind of games before. Sure, the goal of legalizing MTV is a good one but mandatory verification could have come later after making MTV legal first. Members won't be doing a mass exodus like what's happening at the moment.

Hmm... I wonder at times if Slosumo is the real CEO of MTV. He seems to be the one making the controversial decisions. He was the one who posted the news about changing the TOS regarding refunds for undelivered ads from 180 to 185 days. And when the change didn't do anything to address the issue, he disabled automatic refunds and advised members to send tickets if they feel that they should get a refund. Of course, those who weren't active in the forum have missed that and would have failed to send a ticket so they're most probably not refunded. Lately, he's the one who again posted the update about removing BlackJack from MTV and adjusting players' accounts because the game wasn't making a revenue. At first, he assured the public that there's nothing wrong with the game at all which made people play even more. When MTV had negative revenues for a few straight days, he then suddenly realized there's a problem with the game. So the decision was to pull out the game and readjust the players' cash balances. The way it was handled was wrong. Sure, they can say that members only lost time but what if the winning player used his winnings to buy shares, ad packs or FT investments? He will then have a negative balance in his account. If they want people to trust their games and play them, they can't keep on doing antics like that.

IMO, the admins need to prioritize the Paidverts clone rather than the casino games. Having another PV with 10% of the revenue going to MTV will definitely get the FTQ running. But just like what I have proposed in the past, the ROI should be low for the PV clone so that it can stand alone. In addition, they should limit the groupings. Max group should be 10 or 11 only. Then give it at least 2 weeks before introducing their casino games. With the current morale of MTV members, the games aren't going to be a big hit, so PV version 2 is a better way to get members excited again. And again, talk about mandatory verification ONLY when MTV is already legal and not before that. Mandatory verification is a buzz killer.

**PS: $0.01 share price is now up to page 10.

I was about to play again at AdClickXpress when I've read that payment delays are again a common issue with the site. And it looks like the daily % is now at 8%. The 7% daily earnings didn't even last for a month.

So I guess I'll have to pass.

Is Sanbux really making a comeback? There were 2 new posts from the admin in the forum. Here's the latest one:
2015-10-02 09:30:10
Hello there, how are you doing today?
Dear members if you have read the last status report then you know very well about what am I talking about, we have sorted out almost every thing and the pending payments of all verified members is being processed and if you do not receive your payment within next three days please report it via support ticket.
From Monday we will be starting a contest and we have managed to send 25% more extra value ads for all members with BAPs for this whole week. Another thing is that we have built a couple of games like MONEY DRAW, ROCK PAPER SCISSOR and FRUIT SLOTS.
All these games can be played if you have funds in your purchase balance, we are developing similar games for BAPs also and shall be available before 15th of this month.
Bitcoin will also be available for deposits but for withdrawal it will be enabled later, Neteller is still unavailable we have contacted their support via telephone and email but they are not accepting our request but we still try to get it back. Many of the members are also asking for PayPal, this is a very good payment processor no doubt about its service but their account security and verification process is very strict so as of now we are not focusing on this aspect.
Regarding the BAP market where members will be able to sell their BAPs for real money and similarly they can also gain BAPs for a very low cost. This section is almost ready and we are planning to launch it in the coming days. If there are any other updates it will be released on the forum so make sure you check here frequently.
If you have got any queries regarding your account please send us a support ticket this way we will be able to respond you faster. Forum is the place is for sharing your ideas or general questions or doubts and we thank you for taking time to read this post.
Well let's see if the admin will indeed follow through or if it was just empty words.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

State of Decay

It's sad to see the current situation of Paidverts and MTV. The sites hold such great promise which at the moment seems to be too bleak. The transparency that lured most folks to the sites and the forum itself is almost gone.

One member asked why the MTV forum is silent nowadays. With mods deleting posts left and right even though they are good discussions, who will be left to post? Even simple questions are being railroaded. Gone are the days when opinions, criticisms and suggestions are being welcomed. The forum can now be likened to other sites wherein only "hurrahs" are welcome. I just hope that it doesn't get to the point where accounts will then be suspended for not posting cheerleader posts. Tsk.. tsk...

It's been past 180 days since PV/MTV's original Paypal account was locked. By now, the money should have been returned to PV/MTV. Alas, they don't think that it's deem-worthy to discuss or at least provide any update (good, bad or simply saying no response). The silence is deafening.

I don't understand why PM cashouts are way too delayed. If you look into SCP, PM balance is supposed to be the most liquid balance of MTV. And yet, that's the one that has the longest delay among all the payment processors. With the upcoming forced verification (which will lock access to members MTV accounts for unverified users including cashouts), speculations are running wild.

As noted in my announcement board on the right, RevSharingClub has already ceased to pay. I would have understand if the program has already stalled but not paying members on their remaining balance? That's equivalent to a scam site in my book.

First it was T2D, now it's RSC. I really have to stop joining any program that matrix2income is the thread starter. It always tanks out. I have warned myself several times in the past not to join any program he promotes but silly me, I seem to have failed to listen. lol!

It seems like GlobalTrafficAds is now normalizing. I mentioned in a previous post that I was concerned about the site launching without gaining a complete approval from Paypal first. I guess my concerns were valid. Paypal is now completely out of the program. It didn't affect the other balances since they aren't merged. No one received a payment so everyone will get full refunds since the money is intact. All in all, I guess it was for the best that GTA wasn't able to use Paypal for cashouts. They were only able to use it for deposits. Just imagine if they have paid Paypal ref commissions, the admin will then have to use money from other payment processors to complete the refunds.

As for earning every 3 hours instead of 30 minutes or 1 hour, I really don't mind as long as the end result is the same.

On to some good news:

It's just a few days left before the end of the September purchase contest of PowerAdCash. I'm hoping to get in to at least position#30 to get the $8 reward. But I'm sure that it's going to be a tight race in the end just like last month when I almost got it.

I'm thinking of playing again on AdClickXpress. It looks like the program is once again regaining its former glory. Of course, don't count on your previous balances. Though, you can still use them to a certain percentage, you will need to put in fresh funds in order to actually earn.