Sunday, April 3, 2016

Never gone

Hey, I'm back!

Sorry for not being able to post for the last 2 weeks. I just wasn't able to make time. Unlike the others who are using these money games as their main source of income, I do have an offline job. It was hectic for the past weeks, so I had to put my weekends to good use.

For those who are waiting for Paidverts, it seems that there maybe some good news in the coming week/s (or even months, if you base it on how they launch/implement new projects). Daily ad issues may soon return. In addition, the comp plan will be revised. The ROI will be lower which IMO is going in the right direction. Unfortunately, they don't have any concrete plan regarding the 4 Billion BAP in circulation. So even with a $1K daily ad issue, that would just be a few cents for the lower BAP groups. Even the top group (100M BAP) will probably get only $5. It looks like they'll be implementing a new forum for PV which will also cater to other discussions unlike the too restrictive MTV forum.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


As much as I like EdenTraffic, I dislike the way how the admin is too slow in updating his members in this crucial time. If I haven't sent a ticket informing him that some members are already planning to file disputes, he wouldn't have replied and given a quick update. Even then, the admin still didn't post any new update. It was only yesterday that the admin decided to post a new update. Here's the entirety of the post:
Mar. 12, 2016
Update About PayPal Situation

The only update that I can give you at this moment and time, is that, 30 days after the 04.03.2016, PayPal will once more examine our account and evaluate their risks. Having done that, there will be another three possible procedures:
1. They will release all funds.
2. They will partly release the funds and recheck in 30 days our account again.
3. If they think there is a high risk, they will further more hold back all funds.

PayPal hold the rights to do this for up to 180 days, and I feel sure that this they will do.
Please understand that AdPacks and earnings that have been generated with PayPal payments will unfortunately stay in Pending status until all funds are released.

To ensure that every user can continue to receive the service and benefits provided by EdenTraffic, we are still separating AdPacks and earnings that have been generated with PayPal payments from the other payment processors.
This will hopefully be finished by Tuesday, 15th 2016.
As of Wednesday 16th 2016 it will be easier for PayPal users to change their payment processor. Which means, the lastpayment processor that you used to buy AdPacks, is also the payment processor you use for cashouts.

Thank you for your patience
Arnulf Gleisner
Because of the Paypal limitation, I'm expecting the site to be mostly on hibernate mode, not unless a big number of members decide to play with STP and Payeer. In this regard, I will stop promoting EdenTraffic until such time that there's progress with the site.

The KooAd admin decided to add 2 new plans which offer 122% and 125% respectively. IMO, I don't think adding 2 more will get the big players' attention. He already has TrafficBoot which offers a higher ROI, so providing the same in KA is already moot. Besides, the reason for launching KA was to actually tap into the small and medium players who are greater in number.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

EdenTraffic Set Back - Paypal account limited

Edentraffic's Paypal account has been limited. And to test if the admin is telling the truth, I tried to send $1 directly from my account and got this message:

Now that we've confirmed that his account was indeed limited, what happens next?

While waiting for the release of the Paypal funds, the admin has imposed the following adjustments;
  1. Earnings are placed under pending status. **Note: I can't confirm if only earnings from ad packs that were purchased via Paypal will be locked or not since I haven't used any other payment processors, so I can't personally determine it.
  2. All active ad packs purchased before March 5, 2016 will be placed under Pending Status.
  3. If the ad packs that were purchased before March 5 came from STP or Payeer processors, they will be reactivated but will take a few days (I guess the admin will still have to find out which ones were purchased by what payment processor)
When the Paypal limitation gets lifted, all ad packs and earnings under Pending will then be restored to active status.

Though I'll be one of the members who won't be earning until the Paypal limitation is over, I would have to admit that the current adjustments is fair enough for those who didn't use Paypal at all.

Who's to blame in the current situation?