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The Oil Well has Dried Up

Sunday / August 31, 2014

For the past 3 days (Aug 27 - 30), the daily percentage for the ad packs at AdzPays is at 0.2%. And you can't barely find an ad that you can click on when you try to surf which is an indication that only a few are purchasing ad packs. The admin did send an update on August 28 informing us that they're "re-tooling the system with more earnings systems to fire up and increase your earnings potentials". I'm guessing that the admin may introduce a new plan that will help the revshare recover but until such plans have been implemented, I wouldn't advise purchasing ad packs for the sole intent of trying to earn profit fast. If you're in it for the advertising, then feel free to do so. Well I do hope that the admin can/will be able to provide a new plan that will take the program further.

And it looks like PerfectAdSolution is also experiencing low reserves for its revshare program. The good thing though is that the admin has already released an update about the planned changes. Here's the summary:

  • There will be a Restart for the Revshare Plan where the current packages will be converted into new ones.
  • Here's a sample computation: You purchased a total of $60 for 10 revshare packs. Your expected ROI is supposed to be $90 but if you have already earned $40, that means to say that only have $50 left. Divide that amount by 1.5 and your restart package is $33.33. You will earn 2% of that value until you reach $50 or 150%.
  • 2 Different Revshare packages: 
  1. $5 shares - earns 3% daily with an ROI of 120%. The earnings is split 2 ways: 80% to cash balance and 20% to matrix balance.
  2. $25 shares - earns up to 6% per day with an ROI of 150% where 120% of the earnings go to cash balance and 30% is allocated to the matrix balance.
  • There will be 2 types of memberships: Basic which costs $3 and Premium for $10.
  1. Basic - allows you buy $5 shares and Perfect Matrix packages
  2. Premium - enables you to buy $5 or $25 shares, Perfect Matrix packages and Mini Matrix packages. 
  • Mini matrix package place you on 2 of the matrices only. It's not yet clear as to which ones.
  • There is still a confusion about the repurchase rule (based on ROI) since it conflicts with the repurchase rule for the shares.
The changes will take effect on Monday. Currently, the revshare program is in a frozen state.

My thoughts?
I'm glad that the admin has decided to implement the changes as early as he can, in order to prolong the life of the program. As for the comp plan, I won't advise anyone to buy the $5 shares. You won't reach BEP by purchasing $5 shares. You will be at the mercy of the matrix program. If you're going to participate in the revshare program, purchase $25 shares instead.

Even though I'm actively promoting PaidVerts, I haven't really looked into what MyTrafficValue (the parent site of PV) has to offer. So I took my time and finally decided to purchase PV shares using my earnings from PV. Let's see if I'm patient enough to resell those shares at a higher price. :)

Now What?

Wednesday / August 27, 2014

This is the 2nd day that I've been cooped up around the house wherein I'm supposed to be at work. Well, the doctor ordered me to rest for at least 2 days before going back to work. Oh no, I don't have any life-threatening sickness but enough to warrant a 2-day instant vacation. lol!

For those who didn't bother to read the update sent by the AdzPays admin, let me summarize it for you:

  • Earnings will now be distributed every 6 hours instead of hourly split. To be exact, the earnings are distributed between these times: 12MN, 6AM, 12N and 6PM EDT.
  • RevShare ROI is down to 130% per ad pack
  • 10% of the revshare earnings go directly to the cycler instead of the previous 20%
Although the total ROI is 10% lower than what it was before, the percentage that goes to the cash balance is higher by 5%. You will get a 117% ROI from the revshare alone. However, expect the cycler to be slower or will take twice longer to do so, unless revshare purchases is doubled.

I did a computation for the percentage for August 26 and I can say that the ad packs earned 1.1%.

One component of the program that would have helped in boosting the site's income is the AdzPays Network ads. Unfortunately, the admin was too slow in implementing enhancements that I suggested. The concept will only work if there are sites using the codes. No one's going to buy AdzPays Network ads if there are no bloggers or site owners showing those ads.  But in order for bloggers/site owners to add those codes, there should be a stream of ads to be shown. So the only way to ensure that is to allocate credits for the AdzPays Network when members buy ad packs.

Well let's see if the daily percentage for August 27 will go up or not.


PaidVerts is approaching its 5th month. According to the info noted in MyTrafficValue (the parent site), the program was installed on March 30. It was introduced in the MMG forum on April 1st but I joined it on April 4th.

If you've  been paying attention to the updates in the forum, it seems like the games are reducing the site's debt by a good margin. If that continues, we'll probably see more higher valued ads than what we're getting at the moment.


I just purchased my 16th revshare pack at PerfectAdSolutions. So I guess it's now time for me to make a withdrawal/repurchase strategy to start getting my seed money back while still building my account.


The YouGetProfit support is having some fun.

Their response just proves that they froze my account and they're simply just toying with me. If only they have listened to the suggestions I have raised months ago, the daily earnings from revshares would at least be better than what they are now and they wouldn't need to conceal the daily percentage from prospective members. At the current state, they have downgraded their revshare site to a low-paying PTC site. And since they have started freezing accounts for no valid reasons, I would say, they have started the art of scamming as well.

Pure Hype - That's just what it was

Saturday / August 23, 2014

Adzbliss, one of the newest revshare program that created a buzz recently was a total train-wreck. The program was launched on Wednesday with members' expectations that it would be following a 'pure revshare' concept (which means that new sales will be distributed evenly to the existing ad packs) as noted in the site's FAQs. Instead, the admin had a different plan which is to cap the % at 2-3% daily. And because of that, you got a riot.

I did join the program an hour or 2 before it launched (under someone who offers ref cash back) to make a quick buck since it was supposed to be a 'pure revshare' program. I wasn't going to promote it since I wasn't confident about the program at all. I didn't prefund my account. My plan was to fund my account and purchase ad packs after the program has launched and before the first earnings distribution to ensure first that the program launches successfully and will not relaunch at a later time or date due to hosting capability failure. To cut the story short, the site didn't launch on time, so I decided to skip it altogether. This site's fiasco just reaffirms my rule of not joining any program where the thread starter is 'matrix2income'.

IMO, the admin should have just stick with the 'pure revshare' concept. With all the hype and support he got from cheerleaders, the program could have been his way of making a name for himself. Then when it stalls eventually, he could have launched his 2% program and it will have attracted the same crowd.


Last week's post, I mentioned about how YouGetProfit is trying to hide how low the daily percentage earnings of the revshare program was. A few hours after my post, this is now what I've been getting whenever I try to login:

I tried logging in with my mobile phone and I get the same error message. I sent them 2 tickets. The first one as closed after telling to clear cache, cookies and try other browsers. The second one is still open. They did reply once but they haven't bothered to reply after informing them that it's my account they need to fix.

Anyway, that particular error message is one that you will see when you try to sign up with a username already used. My guess is that they didn't suspend my account fully but tweaked it so I can't login to it. Because if they did, my account will show up banned in the forum which will rouse suspicion to those who have seen my posts.

I have given them good suggestions on how they can improve the daily revshare % but they refused to implement them. Instead, what they're trying to do is to quash the truth of the low revshare earnings. That's the first stage of scamming.


I like the "Swap Ad" feature that PaidVerts have implemented recently.
If you're having difficulty with the 3rd captcha or don't like to view the ad, then you can simply click the "Swap Ad" button and get a different one instead. The good thing is that you won't lose any of your BAP or earnings. So for those buying ads, let me remind you not to create ridiculously long and difficult to read captcha or else your ad won't be seen by anyone at all.


My oldest ad packs (purchased on June 28) at AdzPays have expired on Aug 20. I currently have 30 active ad packs and 2 uncycled spots.

I guess what I like about this program is that you can Hit and Run fast due to the repurchase rule that will be imposed as soon as you hit 120% ROI. Here's the FAQ on repurchase rule:
What is the details of your re-purchase policy?
We have implemented a very fair repurchase policy that ensures every member is supporting the system while making profit. This repurchase system works thus:
Free members can withdraw upto $10, thereafter only 50% of their earnings is available for withdrawal. The remaining 50% can only be used to buy things in the system.
Upgraded members can withdraw upto 120% of their investment into the program, thereafter only 75% of their earnings is available for withdrawal. The remaining 25% can only be used to buy things in the system. Once a member reaches 200% profit level, only 50% earnings will be available for withdrawal.
NOTE: The repurchase policy works during withdrawal. Once a member places a withdrawal request, the withdraw-able amount is automatically completed and sent for processing, while the repurchase amount is automatically debited and returned to E-wallet to be used for system purchases only.

Among the 3 programs I'm in at the moment, PerfectAdSolution is the most difficult to promote. I'm not sure if it was due to the site's compensation plan or the site's design which makes it hard for me to promote it on the same sites where I do the same promotion for PaidVerts and AdzPays.

The Revshare Season

Saturday / August 16, 2014

Yep, it seems like it's the season of RevShare programs once again. They've been popping up like mushrooms these few days. I guess the lack of better plain HYIP has made the RevShare section active once again.

That being said, I still haven't found a good one to join and promote. I'm hesitant to join even the most overly-hyped program which is launching on Monday. The name of that program is AdzBliss. My reasons for not joining the bandwagon yet are the following:

  1. There's really nothing special about the comp plan. It's simply a pure revshare program, no twists at all.
  2. The ref commission is set at 15%. That means to say that only 85% will be shared. Furthermore, it's a 4-level ref plan which means that the admin will get most of the ref commissions for himself, unless he decides to give those back to the revshare pool.
  3. The thread for the program in MMG was created by matrix2income. Need I say more?
  4. Major promoters are the ones who tend to over-hype programs they're in but they can't seem to attract a good number of players themselves. In addition, they tend to conceal/hush the true state of a program when an admin starts paying selectively or already scamming its members.

Whoah! One of the mods of YouGetProfit has deleted my post in response to a member asking about the current state of the revshare. And they even locked the threads. They don't seem to want new members see that the earnings have dwindled to less than 0.1% daily. If only they have listened to suggestions about lowering the value of the ad packs and doing compression, the daily percentage would have improved and YGP would have been a force to reckon with.

So let me post my stats here instead:

Based on my last purchased ad pack, the average daily % between Feb 28 until today is 0.177%. However, I've been checking my account on a daily basis and I can definitely say that the % doesn't even reach 0.05%

My advise? Purchase ad packs for advertising purposes only and not because of the compensation plan. If you're looking for a program where your goal is to put money in and earn from it, then, YGP isn't that program at the moment.


From the latest update, there won't be big ads today and tomorrow for PaidVerts members. The earnings from ads the past few days have been good though.

I'm simply maintaining my account and ensuring it doesn't go down below 720K BAP. It's time for me to reap what I've sown. I will then start to build my account up and go for the next BAP group (1.5M - 3M BAP).


I guess it's time for me to withdraw my seed money from AdzPays as well after simply repurchasing for a month. Then I'll just play it by the ear.


I can't say the same for PerfectAdSolution though. I still need to build my account before cashing out. I only have 11 revshare units at the moment.


Something to perk you up for the day.

This is a good cover of "Cups" from the Pitch Perfect movie.

Let's do the Math

Sunday / August 10, 2014

I've been getting a lot of $0.001 ads from PaidVerts lately. My guesstimate is that it's an average of 40 daily. If you multiply that with 30 secs (the required time to view an ad), that's 1200 secs or 20 minutes of lost time. But no, I'm not clicking them at all. Instead I recycle them or just leave them to expire. Some of you will say, it's a BAP loss. Yeah, it's true. I'm losing my BAP in the process but if you do the math, that's just equivalent to 8 BAP.

So here's the computation:

40 X $0.001 = $0.04 (the value of my loss)
$0.04 / **$0.005 = 8 BAP

**Check the FAQ: 1 BAP is equivalent to $0.005.

As you can see, clicking those $0.001 ads isn't really worth the time. You can simply click a BAP ad (which will give you 25 BAP) to compensate for it. And paying for a $10 filter isn't also a good idea if you just have below 3M BAP and/or if you're simply going to set the filter at $0.01. And even if I have that amount of BAP, I still feel that it's way cheaper to just recycle ads below $0.01.

I'm happy to say that I'm now in BAP Group 8 (720K - 1.5 M) and currently have 742400 BAP remaining. I won't be doing an aggressive increase of my BAP. I will probably just raise it to 10K - 20K every cashout request. That's because it wouldn't be easy to reach Group 9 since I have to double my BAP. So I'd rather take it slow this time around.


I'm still building my accounts up for both AdzPays and PerfectAdSolution. I did request a payment from AP just to test it out and payment is instant.

AdzPays stats:
  • 23 revshares wherein the oldest has already earned 107.5%
  • 2 out of 4 cyclers have already cycled
PerfectAdSolution stats:
  • 9 revshares; oldest have earned 102%
  • 1 CyclerMatrix has cycled
  • Level 1 Boardmatrix position ranks 59 in the matrix.
My focus at PAS is just on the revshare program. I will only buy a matrix position when my matrix balance has enough dollars to buy one.


I'll temporarily remove the ads from AdzPays Network. There hasn't been any ads lately for me to continue adding the code in my blog. I have suggested to the admin to allocate credits to AdzPays Network whenever a member purchases a revshare pack. That way, there will be a good number of ads in the AP Network that will be shown in the sites/blogs that used their codes. Hopefully, the admin listens because if he doesn't their wont be any site/blog that will promote the AP Network due to non-existent ads. I'll put the AP Network ads back once the admin implements my suggestion or create a better one of his own that will actually show ads.


If you haven't noticed yet, I got paid again by PrivateHYIPforum for being active last month. I suggest you take a look at the forum. Not only will you get a bonus for being active but you will learn a trick or two from seasoned players.

PaidVerts - Milestones removed

Friday / August 1, 2014
For those who haven't been keeping tabs at the MTV forum, the PV milestones have already been removed to reduce the debt due to the free BAP being awarded via the milestones.

Some are devastated by the news (especially those who are about to reach their next milestone) while some are elated that it has been removed from the system (especially those who have no refs and are simply building their account by purchasing ad packs).

I do understand the frustration of those who were close to reaching their next milestones. Who wouldn't want free BAP? I, myself have already completed the first 2 requirements (20 refs and 25000 clicks) for the 3rd ref milestone. As for the purchase requirement, my refs still need to buy $1500 ad packs before I finally complete it. What I don't get is that those who scream the most are the ones who have a handful of refs wherein their refs aren't actually purchasing anything. I've seen a post wherein a member clamored to get a compensation because he has 3 refs who have clicked 60 ads but $0 ref purchases. Even if the milestones were not removed, he won't ever complete the milestones if his refs don't purchase anything.

Here are my thoughts about the milestones removal:

  • The admin should have given an advanced warning prior to its removal. The reason why folks are angry is not because the milestones was removed. Most members know that it has to be done or at least they realize the effects of the free BAP being given by the milestones. The main reason why they're really pissed off is because they were not informed in advance. The admin just mentioned it in the forum and a few hours later, the milestones have been removed all of a sudden.
  • The milestones is indeed a great burden to the program, hence the rash decision to remove it. If you do the math, a sponsor already gets 17.75% from his referral who purchase an ad pack. When a member purchase an ad pack, his sponsor gets 10% direct ref commission from his purchase. Now that member will earn 155% via the ad packs he will click which will then give the sponsor additional 5% from the earnings (of the 155% ROI) of his ref. If you sum it up, the sponsor will get a total of 17.75% from the purchase of his referrals. So a sponsor who reaches the 3rd referral milestone (Refer 20+ friends, that view 25,000+ ads, and buy $2500 ads, to receive 2,000,000 BAP) , will have earned a potential ref commission of $443.75 + 2M BAP (equivalent to $1000 worth of paid ads) which brings to a total of $1443.75. So more than half of the purchases that members make are given to sponsors (who have reached the 3rd milestone) only.
  • I think the admin could have compromised a bit with the members by implementing a tougher milestone challenge or a lower bonus. Although the admin did mention that the milestone may return with major adjustments.

On other PV concerns...
  1. BAP tax has been increased to 100 (from previous BAP tax of 25). To compensate for it, members will get 8 X 25 free BAP. Technically, we're earning 25 BAP more but in order to do so, we have to view more ads than usual.
  2. For those who purchase ad packs, can you be a bit considerate and don't create gibberish captchas? If our ads are viewed before we complete the captcha, then, making a ridiculously difficult captcha is one way to get more ad views. But since we have to complete the 3 lines first, I don't understand the reason why anyone would make the 3rd line difficult to understand.

I have cycled my first ever cycler at AdzPays and I have another one just waiting to complete. I haven't cashed out anything yet from the program because I'm currently building my account. I now have a total of 45 ad packs. Here's my ad packs' stats:

Did you notice that my latest purchases are all via PM balance? I have 2 balances with AdzPays (PM and STP) because I deposited using both payment processors and also getting ref commissions on both as well. I found out that AdzPays has an internal currency exchange. So what I've been doing recently is to transfer my STP cash balance to PM cash balance and purchase via PM. That way, I can combine the earnings I get from 2 balances and be able to purchase ad packs at a faster rate. There's a fee when doing the currency exchange and it seems to be manually processed by the admin.