Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's that time of the year

... when scammers and thieves proliferate. And I'm just not talking about snatchers you see in the streets but also scam admins on the internet. So proceed with extreme caution when joining new programs. My advise? Don't join newly launched programs. Wait until the holidays are over.

The holidays will also test the active programs. Will the survive and plod through and make it to the next year? Or will they collapse due to low funds coming in?

Finally, the long wait is over! Paidverts and MTV has successfully migrated over to the new servers. Now, both sites are running smoothly. And if I'm reading the updates correctly, it would be easier in the future to simply increase the capacity to handle the growth of the programs without having to go through the same ordeal that we experienced in the past 2 weeks.

I have started to diversify inside MTV/PV recently. I'm now splitting my earnings into PV, Shares and the 186% plan. From my earnings at PV, I use a portion of it to retain my BAP level and then I make it a point to buy 20 shares daily on weekdays and 10 shares daily on weekends while I'm investing at least $1 daily on weekdays in the 186% plan. The rest of my earnings is kept for cashout purposes and for purchasing shares when it hits a very low price.

I'm still in Group 9 but I currently own 2850 shares. My plan is to use my shares to move up to Group 10.

The earnings at DigAdz are now 1/4 of what they used to be 2 weeks ago. In fact, I noticed that Level 9's earnings in the last 2 days is already at par with PV's Group 9.  If you don't know yet, DA's Level 9 is almost the same as PV's Group 9 in terms of the minimum funding requirement to get into that level/group. So far though, Levels 1-5 and 11 are the ones with earnings hovering above 8%. The rest are below 4%.

When the earnings finally settle down to a more sustainable level, the current advantage that DA has over PV will soon disappear. With a slower site and no other income streams to back the program up, people will finally realize the major difference between the original and the copycat. And then there's the "non-payment" status of Adbonuz which is the admin's other site.

ClickAdPays just launched their $1 ad packs today. I did purchase some $1 ad packs using the earnings sitting in my account but I failed to click the 10 ads required to earn, so I have no basis as of yet whether the $1 ad pack is a separate line or not. I'll probably know more about it later once they start earning. The previous ad pack cost which was $2.5 (they lowered it down a week or so ago) will be back on January 9.

Speaking of $1 ad packs, I now have 247 of them in PowerAdCash. I'm able to repurchase 2-3 ad packs daily. I'll be requesting a cashout once I reach my goal of 250 ad shares. After which, my next goal would probably be 280 or 300 before requesting for another withdrawal.

Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Days to go before Christmas

Just getting into the Holiday spirit.


Not much to talk about really. There's usually no excitement during weekends. So I'll be back in a day or two.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Share Split and Bot User Crackdown

These are the 2 big surprises in PaidVerts within the last 48 hours:

Share Split

Shares were split by 10-fold. What does it mean? Shares were increased 10 times but the price per share has been reduced to 1/10th. However, after the share split, admin listed 700K shares at the price of $0.05 per share, so members started listing theirs around the same amount. He then removed that big listing. He only did it to initially dictate the price. At the time of this post, share price is now playing at $0.0587.

Good news:
  • Seller's fee is now 0.25% as opposed to the 3% before the share split. Take note that it's only for the $ price and not for the BAP share price which is still at 3%
  • Purchases are now instant unlike before wherein we have to wait for the admin or staff to manually approve the transactions.

Bot User Crackdown

There were 2404 users that were found to have used bots to automatically click ads for them and they paid dearly for their actions which means to say that PaidVerts also recouped a good amount of money and BAP.
  • Total Bonus ad Points deducted 109,010,801
  • Total cash deducted $8,776.62225
To check the list of members who were found to use bots:

The bot trap was performed between Dec 3 - 10 and focused on 2 bots commonly used bots alone.

There were members who confessed in the MTV forum of using such bots. And there are of course a lot of "in denial". It's funny though because after they started saying they didn't use bots, some non-bot users posted screenshot of those who are "in denial" of them posting in the website: about their usage of the said bots. Anyway, even the creator of the "Paidverts Bot V3 [No Imacros]" was also in the list of those who received a fine

Were there any members that had false-positives? Well, we don't know yet. They have the right to submit a ticket if they honestly believe that they haven't used any bots.

Here's a warning for those who haven't learned their lesson yet and for those who escaped unscathed because they didn't use any bot between Dec 3-10 or for those who thinks the worst is over and that they can now safely use a bot (posted by Jo):
When we run the bot traps again in the coming days / weeks -- we'll also fine users' share holdings. So they can't get around it by buying shares... And next time we'll publish the method by which we're catching people. It's really simple -- but for the moment, the bot makers don't know about it -- so we'll use it against them again.
We're also about to install Googles no-captcha system; and likely use that for 50% of ads, and SolveMedia for the other 50%.... As solvemedia is not effective against bots... As the bots are using image archives to get around the captchas & only requiring users to complete the captcha if they encounter a new one.... So lets see if Google is more effective at stopping bots.
But either way; we'll keep trapping them... and pocketing $50k+ per go in debt reduction makes it entirely worth the few programming hours required to do so.
So my advice? Play fair. This is the first PTC that's rewarding you dollars per ad clicked instead of cents that you get from the traditional PTC sites. Build your account honestly and reap the benefits. If you find the low-valued ads to be time-consuming, then purchase a filter. If you can't afford the filter, then don't purchase the recycle upgrade because that will most likely give you a lot of $0.0005 ads to click on. As for the low-valued ads you receive during daily distribution, do a simple computation and see if those ads just amount to a few BAPs which you can simply recycle.

I'm proud to say that none of my refs are in the list. Thanks guys for playing it fair.

As for those who like to advertise porn sites and/or use banners with nudity involved, the admin has also started deducting a minimum of 10K BAP from the offenders which can go as high as 50K BAP for the repeat offenders.

Additional news for PaidVerts members: BAP Group 15 has been created. To reach the said Group, you need to have at least 500M BAP.

It looks like the DigAdz admin has started to lower down the earnings. Either that's because he found out it wasn't sustainable to give out as high as 50% return in one day or that the funds coming in are getting lower. A few days ago, I was earning $14 from the daily ad distribution and now the daily earnings is $4.45 for Level 5. It's still high since for you to get into Level 5, you only need to buy ad packs worth $30 in total. Anyhow, I've already withdrawn my seed money out. So from now on, I'm playing with profits.

They still haven't done anything with the "non-payment" status of Adbonuz (the admin's older site).

I recently joined a plain HYIP. It's been a long time since I joined one. The program's name is Atrex Trade. It was said that this admin owned 2 successful and long term HYIPs in the past. The comp plan is simple. The site will show a trading percentage and from that, you will earn 50% - 75% depending on the total amount of your Principal. Here are the plans:
Plan NameAccount Balance, USDInvestor's Share of Daily profit
So let' say they post that the previous day's percentage is 1.5%, if you have a total Principal amount of $20, you will get earn 0.75% (that's half of the 1.5%) from your Principal amount. There's a compound button in the back office which you can set between 0% - 100% (increments of 10%). So if you set your account to compound mode, your earnings will be added to your Principal amount. "Trade days" are business days only and earnings are added to our accounts the next day (Tuesday -Saturday).

Can you withdraw your Principal amount at anytime? Yes you can but there's a fine if you withdraw within 241 business day. Here's how it's computed:
# If you withdraw principal between 25-100 business days - 65% fee will apply
# If you withdraw principal between 100-124 business days - 50% fee will apply
# If you withdraw principal between 125-149 business days - 30% fee will apply
# If you withdraw principal between 151-199 business days - 20% fee will apply
# If you withdraw principal between 200-239 business days - 10% fee will apply
# If you withdraw principal anytime on or after 241 business day - 0% fee will apply

Payment processors accepted are EgoPay, PerfectMoney and Bitcoin. There's no minimum amount for withdrawals (it's based on the minimum allowed by the payment processor) and payments are instant.

If you join, please remember that this as a money-game. Don't believe that they actually trade. So play smart. I only put in a small amount and have it set to 100% compound at the moment. If the program runs as long as their previous programs, then there's a possibility that this one will also last for a year.

Friday, December 5, 2014

PaidVerts is Back in Business!

After a long and nerve-wracking wait, PaidVerts is back up and business as usual. There are some paid ads that were missing during the downtime but you can send a support ticket for it to be checked and have those BAPs returned to your account. I just sent mine and waiting for a response.

I made a mistake of purchasing ad packs using EgoPay and my account is now locked for EgoPay withdrawals for the next 14 days. I forgot to purchase using PM first to ensure that the system locks it to my PM account. So you won't be seeing any PV payments proofs from me until Dec 20th. In case you're wondering why I used EgoPay in the first place, that came from BuyClickPaid which is accumulated ref commissions.

The earnings from DigAdz is ridiculously high. I'm in Level 5 wherein I only put in about $33 in total to get to that level. But I'm getting an average of $10 during daily ad distribution and then around $1.5 from Dig Bonuses. That kind of earnings is what you get from Group 8 in PV on those rare higher than average daily ad issues and for you to get into Group 8 in PV, you need to have at least 720K BAP (which you can do so by purchasing ad packs worth $233 in total).

I'm not sure how they will be able to keep that up since they don't have any other sources of income. I just requested a $16 payment. My goal is to get into profit and then play the game by the ear. If a lot of people are simply compounding, I might be able to get lucky with my small venture before it collapses.

So PerfectRevAds has finally launched.... and a day after, had to perform a Restart. The number of participants was too few, so the admin had to commence the Restart and provide 2% daily earnings for the active ad packs. The Restarted ad packs will earn their remaining ROI until they expire. The PURE revshare program will relaunch on January 2.

I really like the comp plan but it looks like the admin and the program just needs to gain additional respect in order to be taken seriously by some top promoters. As long as the admin keeps paying for those who will request for cashouts from their 2% earnings, then hopefully, the program will catch on and gets a good member count by January 2.

PowerAdCash is giving out free money with their ongoing Promotion. You simply have to promote the site using provided text ads and you'll get a share of the 10% of the site's sale for the day. Just follow the mechanics noted in your back office to get qualified. Promo ends Dec 7 though.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


That's how I'll describe most members of DigAdz. The program launched on Saturday but except for those who are members of PaidVerts, until now, a lot are still grasping at straws on how the program works. I can't blame them though because admittedly, if I wasn't a member of PV, I may also have a difficulty understanding DigAdz. The problem is that the FAQs aren't that concise. In addition, (as of this post) no one has received any valued (paid) ads yet except when you request for the micro ads (10 X $0.001). So there's really nothing to do a trial and error.

And yes, I did join the program but I have decided not to promote it because of the current payment issues with the admin's other site which is AdBonuz. I have a feeling that the players (especially the cheerleaders) in DigAdz will gloss over what's happening at AdBonuz, so expect DA to be business as usual. That is, if they're able to completely start the ad distribution for the program.

The server lag that PaidVerts has been experiencing last week seems to have been addressed. However, the site is still under maintenance (the Paid Ads section, that is) since Sunday. So there was no ad distribution yesterday and there is no assurance that there would be one today yet. There's a possibility that the Paid Ads section will be unlocked today and that ads will be distributed as well but there are no guarantees yet.

PerfectRevAds launch date has been moved to Thursday; same time which is 10AM EST. You can see the countdown timer on the main page of the site.

There are 77 registered members. Yes, it's low but I can definitely say that it's not a fake member count unlike what other revshare programs do. Anyway, 21 of those members are my referrals. Do you know where I got them? Mostly from MyTrafficValue. I ran banner ad campaigns and when my ad usually shows up, I get at least 1 signup per hour.

I finally made a payment request from PowerAdCash and was paid as well. It was just a small test withdrawal after reaching 200 ad shares. I'll probably build my account further and do additional promotion.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

And after all the secrecy... hello photocopy!

Based on the video that circulated that discusses the comp plan of DigAdz, it's now revealed that DigAdz is a copy-cat version of PaidVerts.

Upon watching the video myself and reading the worded comp plan posted in MMG (no comp plan yet on the site), there's not much of a difference between DigAdz from that of the original PaidVerts. There's still some changes here and there but overall it's like a mirror image.

Let's make a breakdown on the similarities:

  1. Bonus Ad Points is called DigPoints
  2. You earn 1500 DigPoints when you buy $1 ad pack
  3. You can also earn free DigPoints (12 X 20 DigPoints)
  4. 1 DigPoint is equivalent to $0.001
  5. You need to have at least 800 DigPoints to receive paid ads
  6. Level is their term for BAP Group
  7. There are 11 Levels for DigAdz; no exact info yet on the minimum points required for each Level
  8. Digger is the name for Recycle Upgrade
  9. Digger costs $0.05 but have a 7-day expiration
  10. Hunter is Mini Upgrade - costs $3 for 7 days
  11. Hunter Pro is Mega Upgrade - costs $21 for 7 days
What's different?
  1. They don't have the 1% ads which you will get for 10 days when you buy an ad pack
  2. Although not yet confirmed, it looks like only 1 person gets a 1% ad from the upgrades as opposed to PV wherein 10 users get 1%
  3. They may have a section called "Dig Bonuses" where you can earn points and some paid ads
The question now is how they will sustain the program because unlike PaidVerts, they don't have MTV where there are other products that will help the program. There would be a lot of free players here that will strain the site's funds. Although, there would be a lot of big players who are not in PV that are playing here. They don't understand the concept well and they'll probably burn themselves on upgrades.

I haven't signed up yet but I'll probably join later with a small amount. Then I'll play by the ear. I'm just waiting for one of my refs in PV to respond to my PM so I can join under him.

PS: I'll probably add a few more later which may include some updates on other programs as well.