Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Paypal Blame Game

It looks like scammer admins are now using the current predicament of some revshare sites in order to scam their own members. Due to limitation of the Paypal accounts of some revshare programs, other sites are now claiming that their accounts have been limited as well without actually showing proof that it was really the case. And then they'll say that they need to do a restart without Paypal while wiping out member account balances. Others are deliberately getting their Paypal accounts limited and pleading to their members to remain calm and for them not to dispute. That way, they can claim the rest of the Paypal funds after 180 days.

That's an old tactic employed by scamming admins back in the days. In fact, Charles of TM did the same thing with his old PTC sites. Contrary to what his cheerleaders were saying, Infinitybux and his other bux sites stopped paying (or performed selective payments) first before his Paypal or Alertpay accounts were frozen. So after the limitation, he was able to pocket the remaining funds.

So I'm now seeing a trend from some admins who are taking advantage of the current fear among players. Of course, most members don't realize what's really happening. They will quickly blame Paypal and hail their dear admins as victims. SMH

Speaking of TrafficMonsoon and Paypal, didn't Charles say that he's moving on from Paypal not because his account was limited but because he wants to create his own physical bank? Now he's citing that Paypal was the one who is cutting its ties with his site. And then there's the twisted story about his so-called "world bank" which is now simply an account from Dubai bank (not his). And wasn't he supposed to have a bank for each country in the world? lol! Well, his pompom leaders will believe everything he says even if the lies are staring them in their faces.

It's quite fun to watch the Live Traffic Feed of EdenTraffic. It keeps moving every second. :)

Some members have been guessing as to the total number of members who joined ET. Finally, the admin released a report on January 31st. Here's the site stats (as of Jan 31):
Paid daily Profit: 1.68% - 2.64%

Total registered User: 33,611

Total Payouts: $76,077

Alexa Rank: 13,619
I now have a total of 84 active ad packs (combination of $2 and $5 ad packs). My first 5 ($5) ad packs have already expired. I was planning on cashing out the day before but decided to keep on repurchasing to replenish my expired ad packs. Anyway, I don't need the money yet, so I might as well continually grow my account.

I'm looking forward to Kooad's launch. I'm glad that the admin is firm with his decision to keep using Paypal. Some players are asking the admin to remove Paypal because of the fear that others have instilled on them.

EdenTraffic's success has yet influenced another admin to follow its example. There's a new program on pre-launch with a compensation plan similar to EdenTraffic. The site's name is MyTrendingAds.

In addition, Grmclix will also be introducing their low valued ad packs.

Here's a brief info on the comp plan of MyTrendingAds:

Frankly, I don't like repurchase rules on earnings but this one's looking better than the first draft wherein the repurchase ratio is a high 70%. The admin at least considered my suggestions in the MTA thread of MMG. In addition, the admin has decided not to impose a $5 monthly membership fee for members who can/will buy Traffic Ad Pack 1 only.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Game Changer

That's what I would call EdenTraffic.

At least 2 admins have decided to emulate EdenTraffic's formula of low ad pack cost, low ROI seeing that the site has been successful albeit the low participation of known big players/sponsors.

Jean DuClerne of TrafficNCash has just added 2 new ad pack plans: a $3 ad pack with 115% ROI and a $5 ad pack with 118% ROI. I remember when the site was about to launch, I mentioned that the $25 ad pack of his was too high. Some medium to big players were saying that the ad pack cost was actually the right value for a revshare program. lol! And now you see them embracing the changes and waving pompoms as if they have been a proponent of low valued ad packs from the start. lol! I actually like how the admin runs his programs but I'll rather wait for another one of his than to participate in TNC at this point.

The admin of TrafficBoot, on the other hand, took a different approach. Instead of applying it to TB, he decided to create a 2nd program that offers ad packs as low as $2 with ROI ranging from 110% - 120%. The program is called KooAd (you can see the banner of the program on the right side of this blog). So I decided to join this one instead. The program will launch on February 28th.

As I kept saying before, majority of players are small-timers. If you shut them off, you lose about 70% of money game players out there. The big pocket players (who don't promote) usually go for 1-3 programs at a time, so they'll only join another program once their current ones have collapsed.

----- has been quiet for a week. So I decided to do a test cashout (my first ever payment) to see if Jo is still alive. I did receive it in just 2-3 hours. In addition, the admin just posted a new update stating he's back. And we did get a 2.1% earnings for today.

As much as I like BTCNexuAds, I'd say the admin team needs to step up their game for the program to grow. The ROI is already low, I just don't understand why the earnings is just around 5% per week. They said they were following the footsteps of PowerAdCash but they failed to realize that PAC was doing 2% daily during the first few months of the program. Furthermore, PAC uses a range of payment processors which allows more people to join. BNA only uses PM and Bitcoin. Because of the limited payment processors, the number of players is already too small to begin with. With the low daily earnings, people will be less enthusiastic to promote the site nor will onlookers be enamored to join it.

For those of you who were able to read it, I discussed EasyProfitClub last week but deleted the corresponding post about the program a few hours after blogging it. The reason for that is because the admin at that time issued an update of the state of the program.

EPC just had a reset to rectify the flaws of the program. And although I'm supportive of the change, I think it would be best for me to do a "wait and see" mode before deciding to add it back to the list of programs I'm promoting.

It seems like Charles Scoville of TrafficMonsoon (also the owner of scam PTC sites like Infinitybux, Buxsecure and a few others) has finally realized the absurdity of his claims of creating a physical bank in just 4-6 weeks. He now mentioned that he was in Dubai to create a bank account there that will be used by TM and that the real bank will still take some time to be setup. lol! And they just mentioned previously that they will create banks in all countries, didn't they?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fairy Tales and Fantasies

The TrafficMonsoon program of Charles Scoville (owner of previous scam PTC sites like Infinitybux) has decided to stop using Paypal. Currently, the site is still accepting Paypal purchases but not withdrawals thru Paypal. In order for a member to withdraw, one needs to use Payza to do so. What's the reason for the abrupt change? Well, according to the admin, he will create his own World Bank (located in Dubai) in just 4-6 weeks. He will then be distributing MasterCards (if I heard it right) which members will use for funding their accounts and for withdrawals. In the meantime, payments will be done thru Payza and STP. For Payza, there will be a maximum daily limit of about $250K because according to him, that's the max limit he can deposit to his Payza account. While with STP, it will simply rely on incoming purchases. He won't bother adding funds in it. On a recent update, max deposit that Charles can do for Payza has now been deduced to $100K.

Without any proof of building acquisition or even a land title, I wonder how the admin will be able to setup a bank in less than 2 months. However, some die-hard members or blind followers believe that Charles will be able to build an ACTUAL bank within that time frame. Others are defending the change but are silently cashing out. I guess they're afraid that they won't be able to cashout if everyone realizes the absurdity of what the admin is spewing out.

An actual bank? Seriously? And they said they will soon have banks on almost every country. lol!

Paidverts is technically dead. There's no money left in PV's coffers to continually provide daily ad issues. Not unless the admin sells PV's shares in the marketplace. But even if he does that, the money won't sustain PV for long. Even if the daily ad issue is set to $1K per day, the money that will be gained from selling Paidvert's shares will only be good for 3 months.

I have been very vocal that BAP swap is the best option for PV and MTV. However, PV's ROI needs to be reduced as well so that the next BAP swap would be the last swap it will ever have to make.

Today, marks the 50th day of my oldest ad packs in Eden Traffic. Doing the math, the average daily return is 1.997%. Take note, none of my ad packs haven't expired yet. If the daily average is maintained, the oldest ad packs will probably expire in the next 8 days.

It seems like Atrextrade has finally succumbed to its death. This HYIP has lasted for 1 year and a month.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

It's been sometime since I last published a new post. Although I'm a bit lazy due to all the holiday food that I ate over the past days, I've decided I shouldn't miss to post a blog today since it's the first of the year. lol!

It looks like I found a gem with EdenTraffic. The program is progressing nicely. At first, I thought it won't survive when Paypal stepped in for a review. Luckily, Paypal allowed EdenTraffic to continue and that's after a second review. We all know that once a site gets its Paypal account limited, more or less, the site is doomed. Fortunately for EdenTraffic, they were able to get PP intact. In addition, members seem to be keen in repurchasing ad packs which allows the program to grow and be popular. The only thing that will stop ET for being the top program for 2016 is if the admin decides to say 'quits'. Hopefully, he has the vision to keep the program running.

The low ROI is what sets ET apart from the new revshare programs that keep propping up. I still can't fathom why many of the revshare admins don't seem to realize that the key to a longer life for these programs is having a low ROI. I see a lot of new programs promising 150% and even higher. Sure, there were 1-2 programs that were able to survive long in the revshare arena with that high ROI but only because they have massive followers.

BTC Nexus Ads should be launching sometime today. That is what the admin's answer to a support ticket I sent earlier. It looks like deposits are being manually credited. So when the admin's done adding them to members' balances, the launch will commence.

**Edit** It has already launched!

I have joined a new program that is like a hybrid of PaidVerts and a revshare program. I'm still undecided whether or not to promote it though, so I'll be testing it first before finally introducing it.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Air of December

'Tis the season of giving...

'Tis also the season of thieving... at least for those admins who give the money games a bad name. lol!

Kidding aside, December has always been the month wherein the scam admins launch their sites solely to make their Christmas bright. So I'd say be very careful when joining new programs these days. There are a lot of new programs popping up that sometimes you don't know which one to turn to. If you're unsure of yourself, don't play. Wait until January instead.

However, if you want to play (with the programs launched this month) still, here are some tips for you:
  1. Avoid the high ROI programs. The reason why they're offering them is to get you perked up and play into their hands.
  2. As much as possible, use Payza or Paypal when playing. If you don't use these payment processors, at least join the ones that offer them but follow rule #1.
  3. Try to avoid the programs that are being pimped by notorious ref commission takers.
  4. Also, if you see a lot of hit and runners in those programs, better look for another one.
PV/MTV admin finally decided to remove the $0.01 share marketplace minimum limit. I remember him turning a new leaf after I posted the benefits of removing the share price limit. So he made a poll to get the members' pulse regarding the said issue. After a slide victory vote of over 85%, the limit has been lifted.

I'm also surprised that he took my advice of increasing the selling fee to 3% and setting aside a big percentage to go to the Development Funds. I mentioned that 2% should go to Development Funds (since MTV badly needed it) and 1% to the Results page. He didn't exactly copied it but instead made it 2.5% for Dev't funds and 0.5% for MTV revenue which will be used to pay FTQ.

After the removal of the limits, we've seen a surge of activity in MTV. People are also depositing money and we see a big surge in market activity.

You see? It pays to listen to critics and not just cheerleaders. Actually, those cheerleaders have done a 180 degree turn even. Funny, eh?

I have decided to drop GlobalTrafficAds from the list of programs I'm promoting. My reason has nothing to do with low earnings but rather admin decisions that are against small-time players. Minimum deposit and cashout has been increased to $20. I'm not sure why some admins can't get their head around it. Small-time players make up the majority of the membership base.

There's a new revshare in town called EdenTraffic. After much deliberation, I finally took the bait and purchased 5 ad packs (worth $5 each) to test. I, of course, used Paypal to do so.

I like the low 115% ROI comp plan which ensures that people can't simply do a hit and run. You can of course be able to buy ad packs with a higher ROI but you need to spend $500 worth of ad packs first before you can start buying ad packs with a 120% ROI. Before you can go for a 125% ad packs, you would have spent $3K and another $3K if you want to buy 130% ad packs.

Small-time players can also participate because they have $2 ad packs (at 115% ROI). The minimum deposit is $5 but you can buy ad packs directly from your payment processor which means that you can actually buy just 1 ($2) ad pack if you wish to do so. The minimum cashout is $4 and a max of $700.

You need to surf 10 ads daily which by the way will give you $0.001 per ad that you click. So for those who can't afford to buy more ad packs from their pockets, those $0.001 ads can help you out if you don't have problem with clicking ads. I don't see any limit as to how many ads you can click per day. I've tested it myself and was able to click at least 21 ads yesterday. And there are a lot of ads to click. I only stopped at 21 because I was only testing it. I don't really click $0.001 ads, even in PV or at PowerAdCash.

Speaking of PowerAdCash, the admin recently sent a solo ad announcing a new program called BTCNexusAds. Although, PAC admin doesn't own it per se, he mentioned that it's owned by one of the NJM club members. NJM is the group created by PAC admin. To cut the story short, I joined the new program.

BTCNexusAds will launch on January 1st, 2016. So it's still a long way to go but I'm looking forward to it. I like the comp plan. I'll discuss it probably a week before the launch.

You might be intrigued as to why I have a banner of on the left side of my blog. I'm sure you know that the owner is Jo (the previous admin of PV and MTV), right?

Jo maybe a lot of things but we can't argue that he did a good job in keeping MTV alive for 3 years. And I have a feeling that this is his "revenge comeback" to show everyone that he can create another big and steady program. But don't take my word for it. :)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Failure of the Swap

As expected, the recent swap done by MTV was a BIG disappointment. It didn't bring the excitement that the admins were expecting to a happen.

Here are the reasons for the failure:

  1. Rounds 92 & 93 of the FTQ were left untouched. That's $50K worth of debt ahead that needs to be cleared.
  2. The admins didn't stimulate PV growth. Paidverts is the MAIN revenue generator of MTV and yet the admins decided to leave it alone. They didn't even attempt to stir things up a bit which will create a buzz. If you recall the previous swaps (January and April), people were buying ad packs left and right because a portion of the old development funds were promised to be used for the daily ad issues which the previous admin did. So with PV not moving at all, how do you expect for FTQ to be cleared?
  3. They could have launched a PV clone or  revshare program if they have no intention to stimulate Paidverts' growth. That way, there would be another revenue generator that will clear out FTQ.
I have warned them numerous times (even before the swap) the effects of a dead PV (no growth stimulation) but they didn't listen.

It seems like Jo's shoes is too big for Marc de Koning's to fill. The current CEO doesn't seem to have an inkling on how to get the people to participate more. If only he would stop listening to his cheerleaders for a moment and starts to assess the critics' point of views, MTV wouldn't be in a murky situation it's in.

Oh and one more thing that the admins need to address is the high overhead costs. They're paying way too much.

So how can MTV and PV get out of this mess?
  1. Launch a PV clone or a revshare to get new revenue
  2. BAP swap
If they chose to implement the latter, they should do the following:
  • BAP swap rate should be the current share price rate which is $0.01 or use $0.0155 so as to make it an exact 1:1 ratio. We don't need a high swap rate since we no longer have virtual funds that we have to worry about. Any purchases that will be made after the BAP swap will come from fresh funds already since we have wiped out all debts by then.
  • Remove the share marketplace minimum limit.
  • Swap Rounds 92 & 93 using the rate of $0.1 (as in the case of the last swap).
  • Use this week's revenue for the FTQ. Last week's revenue wasn't used at all for this week which was a major mistake because it left MTV a big debt ahead
More updates later...