Friday, July 3, 2015

Ad Delivery and Refunds

Paidverts has failed to deliver ads within 180 days and some old campaigns received refunds to the tune of $28K in total.

The good thing is that we kept the promise that we'll refund advertisers when we fail to deliver their ads within the 180-day time frame.

The bad news? It puts a dent on the site's revenue which could have been used to send out more ads.

I've been very vocal in the forum, urging the admins to keep issuing daily ads even on weekends but they were overconfident that the site can deliver the ads. If only they have issued daily ads on weekends, the refunds wouldn't have happened.

Looking at SCP, the site is in danger again of having to refund old campaigns. I made some suggestions in the forum on how to clear them out. Hopefully, this time around, they listen and implement those suggestions.

For those who are using the ClickGrid, the max clicks have been increased to 35 per day. The probability of winning has increased as well. All in all, a good way to help with the ad delivery. Although, it would be best to raise the prize value as well because sooner or later, people will stop clicking due to the fact that they only win a small amount for clicking 35 ads.

In addition, Micro Ad packs has been raised to 6 requests instead of 4.

I have long removed ProfitForest from my list, so I haven't attempted to check the site for quite sometime. I just noticed that the site is already offline. *sigh* The program had lots of potentials but the admin bungled it up.

Here are the winners of the June Purchase Contest of PowerAdCash:

There's another Purchase Contest which is now being held for the month of July. The prize is bigger this time around since it marks the 1st year anniversary of the program.

Here's the mechanics as posted in PAC's blog:
In this month we celebrate the first birthday of the PowerAdCash, so the July race will be more exciting than ever! We have doubled the cash prize and increased the number of winners as well.
Cash Prize: $1,000
30 winners in this month
Note: You need to purchase for minimum $50 in July.
We announce the PowerAdCash contest for July, 2015. We are going to distribute $1,000 among 30 winners.
Conditions: Only those members can take part in the contest, who purchase any services for minimum $50 in total value on PowerAdCash in July.
Note: In case you purchase Bonus Ad Packs, we count ONLY those purchases, which are minimum $5 in a lump sum!
The contest is based on who purchases any services of PowerAdCash in the highest value in July. In case you purchase Bonus Ad Packs, we count ONLY those purchases, which are minimum $5 in a lump sum, but if you purchase more for $5 or above, we will add the amount together.
The period of the contest is 31 days (July 1st ,2015 0:00 – July 31st, 2015 24:00 according to server time)
The 1st winner, who purchased in the highest value in the month will earn $250 cash.
The 2nd winner will earn $150
The 3rd winner will earn $100
The 4th winner will earn $80
The 5th winner will earn $60
The 6th winner will earn $50
The 7th winner will earn $40
The 8th winner will earn $30
The 9th winner will earn $20
The 10th -16th winner will earn $16
The 16th -30th winner will earn $8
We will continuously display the ranking of the contest in the news and on our facebook page.
We will allocate the prizes to the winners’ cash balance in the first week of August.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


That best describe Paidverts' ad delivery. Check this:

As you can see, there's 3 days left before some of the bulk ad campaigns get refunded. Slosumo believes that we can clear them up before they get refunded but even if that happens, we'll be down to a single day buffer. If the admins don't send out ad issues on a weekend, then that buffer will be **poof**. And if the site goes under maintenance... You get the picture yet?

This is why I have been very vocal in the MTV forum that ad issues need to be done even on weekends and that we shouldn't miss a single day of sending out ads. Furthermore, ad recycle needs to be fixed which until now still isn't.

On a better news, PV launched Click Grid which is our version of Clixsense' ClixGrid. A good addition but needs a higher prize probability to entice people to continue to click.

As for those who can't control their urge to play games at PV and/or MTV, you can now lock yourself out from the games by paying $0.01 (a total of $0.02 for both sites) for a max period of 7 days. You can also pay 25BAP instead of $0.01 for PV.

The Sanbux admin needs to hurry up in adding more payment processors and launching the Sanbux Trading Club. The program's popularity (which is already low) is declining because the only available payment processor for cashout is Payza.

And if my guess is correct, the Trading Club is Sanbux' version of the share marketplace of MTV. Folks who love shares in other programs will take a 2nd look at Sanbux if the admin launches its share platform.

I just realized that Atrextrade has been running for about 7 months now. I think this has been the longest HYIP that I have been in.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jo is Out! New CEO for MTV / PV has been named

June 18, 2015

If you haven't visited the forum in the past 2 days, then it would come as a shock to you that the previous CEO of Paidverts and MyTrafficValue has been replaced by another shareholder. The new CEO is Marc Dekoning.

So what happened?

Apparently, Jo mentioned about leaving the reins to someone else. A day after saying so, Slosumo mentioned that Jo will now be replaced by Marc Dekoning. And then the next day (or two), the new CEO has officially introduced himself in the forum.

The change of leadership wasn't completed without a flair of drama. Jo's account was banned and will remain so until he transfers the company's BTC funds that he holds in his personal account back to MTV's acct.

Due to Jo's account's being banned, the share price shoot up from $0.008 to as high as $0.03 until it settled down to $0.014. With the sudden increase in share price, some medium shareholders cried foul because they lost considerable shares since they sold shares at a low price hoping to buy them back at an even lower rate. I'm not sure what they're crying about though since that was the risk they took. If they simply held onto their shares and helped in eating up the roadblocks instead of pushing the price down further, they wouldn't be licking their wounds.

Anyway, let's see how the latest news will affect the share price in the coming days and the revenue of both PV and MTV.

I have removed ProfitForest from my list of programs. The site is currently facing financial issues. The admin sent an update stating that both his Payza and STP accounts have been limited.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Test of Wills

If you've been paying attention to MTV's share marketplace, you would have noticed that the price has dipped down below $0.03 and even went down to $0.0119 as of today (before the site went offline again). Unless you're day trading, you lose if you panic sell. Just like you, I don't really like the fact how Jo is driving the share price down which of course make people bail out. There's a saying that "a dissatisfied customer tells 10 other people about his experience". So if hundreds or thousands of members bail, it would paint a "not-so-good" image of MTV or PV and promotion would be much more difficult. That being said, for those who understand Jo's tactics, they are turning the event as an opportunity to increase their shares or gain some profits. Eventually, Jo will remove his blocks and the price would bounce back up again. Just imagine buying shares at $0.0119 and selling them at $0.025 once Jo remove his blocks.

Looks like MTV is having difficulty getting a bank account due to the nature of the programs that the company caters to. From Jo's latest updates, MTV will probably be closed down and a new site will be created which will be private in nature, not unless the company gets a bank account soon enough. What does it mean? All account balances, shares, FT and member records will be migrated to the private site. Private in a sense wherein the information that's currently available to the public can only be read when a member is actually logged in. This is to hide the nature of the business, so banks and Paypal won't base their decisions of approving the company due to the FAQs and TOS noted in the site or in the forum. What I don't like though is the possibility of having to send over KYC documents. I've never been a fan of sites that asks for personal documents. I prefer to be anonymous on money-making programs for security purposes. Besides, they already my real name when I purchased ad packs using Payza, STP or Paypal. Hopefully, if and when it gets implemented, only those who will use bank transfers and card transactions will be asked for documents.

And if you're wondering why both PV and MTV are down, that's because the sites are being migrated from iWeb to AWS.

I failed to read Sanbux update prior to the site maintenance so I thought at one point that it was a goner. lol! Anyway, the site is back up and so are our ads. And if I may add, the homepage was tweaked and now looks smart.

I haven't bought any ads since ProfitForest had its debt swap. I simply have shares in the program that I'll be selling when the time comes.

Frankly, I'm planning to remove both PF and Advertzer from my list of programs. I did buy new ad packs at AV but their share marketplace is still a hot mess.

May purchase contest at PowerAdCash has ended. The winners have been announced and the admin decided to launch the contest for the month of June. Same mechanics as last time.

I'm not yet in the lookout for new programs to join and it seems like a lot of people share the same sentiment if you look at the low member turn out of the newer programs in the market.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


The online money making world is a bit boring this month. There are no stand out programs... actually, there are no buzz at all. But I guess that's to be expected at this time of the year. April to June are usually dry months.

I'm not sure what's going on in Jo's head. He keeps driving the share price down by putting big roadblocks using his personal account. I can understand if he's doing it for PV to buy cheap shares but I haven't seen PV buy any shares since Jo placed roadblocks at $0.0365 and $0.0376.

If you've been paying attention on the Paidverts account, you'll see that the remaining balance is now at $29K which is good for only 3-5 more daily ad issues. Unfortunately, the FTQ is moving at a slow pace which means that after 3-5 days, there won't be any reserved funds for PV to use for a daily ad issue, so the daily ad issues will depend on  the 10% ad pack purchases which is simply averaging $13K total ad pack purchases daily. So expect a daily ad issue of $1300 when the reserved funds get depleted. Not unless by some miracle, an FT investment of PV matures by that time. So for PV to supplement the daily ad issue, it needs to sell some of its shares. Even if we say that PV bought shares at $0.035 each, the share price has to go up to $0.084 before PV can sell them. That's in order to comply with the requirement of generating 2.4X the value of PV's investment. The other way to supplement PV's daily ad issue (which is not advisable) is by using developmental funds.

That being said, due to the cheaper share price, I now own 12K shares. But I do hope that the share price goes up so I can use it for PV. Or better yet, Jo or Slosumo should re-open the BAP share marketplace.

Advertzer's share marketplace is still a hot mess. Though the admin has already allowed members to set their own price, you still can't buy just a portion of a member's shares that is up for sale. You have to buy them all or you won't be able to buy any at all. In addition, the site allows you to buy from anyone instead of just allowing the buy option for the lowest price.

Profitforest will be performing a Debt swap on May 25th. I guess, the lifespan for the copycat programs before a debt swap happens is just less than 2 months since Advertzer also had their debt swap recently.

Anyway, I submitted a ticket earlier regarding the share marketplace. It's not allowing us to sell below $0.0123 which then puts a long queue at that price.

So far, a debt swap is not yet foreseeable (fingers crossed) at Sanbux. Well, they haven't introduced yet their version of the share marketplace which should have been in placed since April (if I'm not mistaken). But then again, without upgrading to a server capacity, a share marketplace is not possible. The site always gets the "offline" message when you attempt to click your Bonus ads.

It seems like earnings at PowerAdCash is averaging 0.9% nowadays which is a big improvement as compared to a month or two ago when it was averaging at 0.5% or even lower. The monthly contest is surely boosting the ad pack purchases. I'm now down to 227 shares but I'm back to building mode again.

Here's the running purchase contest results for this month:

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Buy or Sell?

This is the question that pops up every now and then in the MTV forum whenever there's a roadblock in the share marketplace. I'm not an expert at day trading. In fact, I don't daytrade at all. But here's my take on that question:
  • If you see a big roadblock (200K+ shares) from any big player, expect the price to go down that value. If you don't have money, sell your shares just $0.0001 below that roadblock. Check the Bid shares section and look for a good spot to place your bid to repurchase your shares back at a lower price. Make sure that your bid price is not lower than a roadblock in the Bid section. The key is to sell your shares fast and buy them back even faster. 
  • If you're scared to take the risk, then don't do the above suggestion. Take note that you could end up losing if you don't properly time your actions.
  • If you have the money, then simply buy.
I no longer have FT investments. I sold the remaining ones at 90% of their amount due. So out of the expected $91 total maturity amount of those FT investments, I received around $81 after selling them. So it's a good trade for me rather than wait for about a month or so for them to mature. Out of that amount, I requested $60 for cashout which I'm expecting to land in my PM account in a few days' time. The rest, I combined with a small balance I had and used to buy ad packs in PV and shares as well.

So I'm currently out of funds in my balances. I have deactivated my "vacation mode" at PV and have started clicking paid ads today. I'm now in Group 7. I'll probably just maintain my current level to buy more shares while they're cheap. Once the BAP share market reopens in June, then, I'll sell some of those shares in exchange for BAP.

April purchase contest of PowerAdCash is definitely over (since it's already May, obviously) and I believe the winners received their incentives. There's a new purchase contest for this month though. You still need to have a total purchase of $50 by the end of the month in order to completely participate but this time around, you only need to purchase ad packs by $5 increments for those purchases to be counted as compared to the $25 minimum purchase requirement in April. So this month's contest allows more people to participate.

Here's the current stats:

The ones in green are those that are eligible to win the cash prizes since their total purchases are $50 and above.

Advertzer will be implementing their own version of Swap. It looks like they were only able to maintain the BAP program for less than 2 months before doing a swap. Well, they weren't too quick in adding other programs, so that's to be expected.

By the way, they launched their share marketplace but it's a crappy one.
  1. You can't dictate your own price when selling your shares. At the moment, the site has set a sell price of $0.00976 which is way lower than the price of shares offered by Advertzer.
  2. You can't buy a portion of the shares being sold by members. You have to buy the total number of shares they're selling. So if you don't have the cash, then you can't buy any at all. You'll be forced to buy the shares of Advertzer which is more expensive.
I'm not counting this one out yet. They maybe able to turn things around once the swap is done.

In contrast to the share marketplace of Advertzer, Profitforest has a better one. It's a good clone of MTV's share marketplace but still needs a lot of tweaking. They have a BAP share market but you can't sell those shares for cash (just yet). There's not much activity going on since there are only less than 650 shareholders.  The good news for those who bought their shares at $0.01, they could enjoy a 15% profit if they sell their shares now at the current price of $0.01159.

Among the copycat BAP programs I'm in, Sanbux is the one that offers a higher daily return. Here's what I got 2 days ago:
That's for Level 4 members (5K - 10K BAP). If you're wondering how much it costs to get to Level 4 directly, you need to buy $35 worth of ad packs which will give you 5075 points.

Yesterday, I got 10 X $0.14 ads and I got the same value today as well. I just forgot to take screenshots to show you.