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Monday / April 21, 2014

I decided to buy additional ad campaigns at PaidVerts to increase my Bonus Ad Points. I made 2 separate ad campaigns worth $10 each using STP. So in total, I have put in $24.5 in this program. I currently have 87042 BAP. Not much to boast with but I'm satisfied with my numbers. Anyhow, I noticed that the program allows you to buy ad packs using one payment processor and be able to cashout your earnings using another payment processor. That's because your earnings go to your PV Earning Balance. Then, you can transfer your earnings to a specific payment processor balance. My plan is to use PM for cashing out only. I still have a few dollars in my STP account and I may use my remaining balance to buy ad campaigns in PV. Anyway, I requested a small payment and expect it to arrive in my PM account sometime this week.

For those who are in the program as a Free member, make sure to view the activation ads in order to earn more BAP. You can view a maximum of 5 activation ads daily which will give you a total of 500 BAP. If you convert that amount, that's equivalent to $0.25 which you will earn when you view the paid ads (less 5% that will go to your sponsor). To get more BAP, you might want to purchase ad campaigns as soon as you earn $1 which will give you 3100 BAP.

Don't forget that Account Milestones will also give you free BAP. So far, I have only completed one which is the easiest "View 100 paid ads, to receive 500 BAP". I'm close to completing this milestone though: "Refer 3+ friends, that view 300+ ads, and purchase $30 ads, to receive 50,000 BAP". Take note, that doesn't mean that those 3 refs need to click 300 ads each nor do they all need to purchase $30 ads to complete that milestone. It's an accumulation from the 3 of them. You can even just have 1 active ref and 2 dead ones and still be able to complete that particular milestone.


It's confirmed! UniDollar and Tranquil10 have turned SCAM. I didn't say ran out of funds or tagged it as a close program because both sites are still online and accepting payments. Furthermore, not a single member at Tranquil10 reached BEP. As for UniDollar, I actually profited from the program and it was just right after my last payment and my deposit expiring when the site started paying selectively and eventually turning into scam.


Now that I found a program that is right in my alley (PaidVerts), I guess 5DailyPro would be my last HYIP at the moment. I'll just ride the program until my deposit expires.

All for the Money

Thursday / April 17, 2014

I've been reading some threads lately and I just can't believe the lies/deceit that people have to do in order for them to gain money. Whew! I know that it's strange coming from someone like me who plays on these money-games but at least I try to be straight forward when I introduce a program to you all.

I just don't get it with some promoters and even simple members as to how they will back-up a claim from a Ponzi admin and sprout nonsense like the program has a brick-and-mortar business. Oh c'mon! We all know it's just a game, so therefore tell it as it is or you'll get unsuspecting members to invest their life savings into a program they think has an outside source of income because you folks claim it to be. There's a difference between a person who invests $10,000 with a foreknowledge that the program is a Ponzi with another member who invests $1000 worth of savings to a Ponzi program because the admin/promoters/shills all claim that the site has outside source of income. Where's your humanity?

And to members of another program, please don't say spike if there's really no spike just because you earned $100 because you have hundreds of shares. Be responsible enough.

Woosah! Alright, I've calmed down. I just needed to vent that out.


I've already removed the banners for both UniDollars and Tranquil10. In my previous post, I mentioned that I will only promote them until April 18 which is just a few hours away from now.

My deposit in UniDollars have already expired and I have withdrawn my last earnings from the program. I will no longer deposit anew, so there's no point for me to promote it either. Furthermore, some members are complaining that it's taking a long time for their withdrawal requests to be paid. Although, those who have complained still received their withdrawals within the Terms (12-48 business hours) set by the program, they used to receive it a bit faster before. My advise is for you not to deposit a big amount and start cashing out in small amounts since the ones that take time to be processed are the big withdrawals.

Tranquil10, on the other hand, still pays instant but I've seen instances wherein my requests go to pending status. That's usually a few hours before 12MN EST. So what I do is to cancel the request and try again 2-3 hours after 12MN EST and then I get paid instantly.


In replacement of UniDollars and Tranquil10, I joined a new HYIP which is just a day old. The name of the program is Depending on your deposit, you will earn between 5% - 6% for 30 days. I joined the program because it's new and has the support of a number of monitors. They don't seem to have a 125X125 banner, so I decided to use their 160X600. lol! I will be promoting the program for the next 15 days which I think is the period wherein it still safe to join and get into profit or at BEP at least, provided of course that the admin doesn't run with the money too quickly.


I got paid by PaidVerts yesterday. It took 3 days before my withdrawal request was processed but still within the stipulated terms of up to 7 days. My BAP is now just above 30K in total. So far, the filter feature is benefiting the big players in the field. And though I'm no longer getting $1 ads after the implementation of the filter option, I'm still able to click more than 10% of the value of my current BAP. I'll request another payment when my BAP is around 40K - 50K.


I seem to have failed to inform you in my previous post that YouGetProfit is now providing $0.01 ads. So for those of you who are interested to earn free money from a PTC site, you might want to try YGP. The revshare part of the program, unfortunately, hasn't improved. Yesterday's percentage rate is just a measly 0.15%. And here's the performance for the first half of April:


Since I'm  no longer active in AdCycleProfit, it's time for me to remove the banner for that program as well.

Pacman Wins

Sunday / April 13, 2014

Just finished watching the fight between Manny Pacquiao against Timothy Bradley Jr. Congrats Pacman for your latest win.


Last week, I made a very brief description on how PaidVerts work. Now, let me share to you a portion of what I posted at the PHF forum on how the program works:
Brief Overview
This is similar to a PTC site but with a different twist. In order to earn from the program, you'll need to view ads. Earnings from each ad that you view may range from $0.005 up to $10 (I'm not sure if there's an ad with a value higher than $10). But in order to receive paid ads, you need to have Bonus Ad Points.

What are Bonus Ad Points?
- These are points you receive from activities you make on the site. A Bonus Ad Point is equivalent to $0.0005.

How to Earn Bonus Ad Points?
  1. Viewing Activation ads - You will get 500 BAP (Bonus Ad Points) for every activation ad you view. You can view a maximum of 5 activation ads daily.
  2. Purchasing Advertising - For every $1 of Bulk Advertising, you get 3100 BAP.
  3. Milestones - Accomplishments you make from the site.
  • Once you view your first 100 Paid ads, you will get 500 BAP
  • Buy $1000+ worth of ads, to receive 100,000 BAP
  • Buy $5000+ worth of ads, to receive 1,000,000 BAP
  • Buy $50,000+ worth of ads, to receive 10,000,000 BAP
  • Refer 3+ friends, that view 300+ ads, and purchase $30 ads, to receive 50,000 BAP
  • Refer 10+ friends, that view 5000+ ads, and buy $100 ads, to receive 200,000 BAP
  • Refer 20+ friends, that view 25,000+ ads, and buy $250 ads, to receive 2,000,000 BAP
So how does the program really work?
For example, you have 10,000 BAP. Technically, that's equivalent to $5 BUT you can't convert that immediately to cash and withdraw the amount. Instead, you will receive paid ads (not all at once) that will be equivalent to $5 or 10,000 BAP. Either you'll get 1 paid ad which is valued at $5 or 500 paid ads that are valued $0.01 each or something similar. Again, they're not delivered at once. So it may take days before you receive all the ads equivalent to your BAP. Take note: You need to view those ads (30-sec duration) in order to earn from them. You have 18 hours to view ads that show up in your account. Regardless if you view the ads or not, the equivalent BAP value is taken out from your existing BAP.

Payment Processors: Paypal, PM, EgoPay, STP, Western Union, BankWire Transfer

Minimum Cashout:
Perfect Money: $1.00
EgoPay: $10.00
Solid Trust Pay: $10.00
PayPal: $1.00
Western Union: $500.00
Bank Wire: $500.00
Ref commissions: 10% on ad purchases made by refs and 5% on the value of the ads they viewed

Additional Info: $1 Bulk advertising gives you 50 PTC ads, 25 728X90 banner impressions and 100 125X125 banner impressions.
I hope that gives you a clearer idea on how you could earn from PaidVerts. Also, I want you to bear in mind that this is NOT a passive program. In order to actually earn, you need to view ads. It's not necessary to invest or deposit any amount in order to earn. What's important is that you generate Bonus Ad Points that will allow you to view paid ads.

Did I mention that I only put in $4.5 in this program? I currently have 27052 BAP which is equivalent to $13.562 when you multiply BAP with $0.0005. I was able to get that number of BAP by repurchasing and clicking the activation ads. Anyhow, I just requested a small amount earlier.


If you don't know yet, Yasapays is now offline. It lasted 19 days and those who joined on the first 10-11 days of the program were in profit (that is if you were wise enough to withdraw on a daily basis).


I joined 2 HYIPs and will be promoting them until April 18 only. After which, the banners for the said program will be removed from this blog. The names of those programs are Tranquil10 (where you earn 10% daily for 20 days) and UniDollar (multiple plans; I suggest you go for the 3-day plan if you only have a small amount).


I will no longer create a payment proof page for the programs I'm in. Though, you will still find links on the Payment Proof list which will automatically give you the screenshot of the payment itself.

On Vacation

Monday / April 7, 2014

I'm currently not in my usual abode, hence the reason why I'm not as active as I am on most forums I'm a member of nor do I post here regularly. So I guess this post of mine would be a brief one.

I joined PaidVerts which is another program from the makers of MyTrafficValue. This program allows free members to earn and requires a great deal of activity even for paid members. But what you need to know is that your earnings (aside from ref commissions) will come from the ads that you click. However, the PTC ads that you click will be dependent on the Bonus Ad Points you have from the program. You get bonus ad points by clicking on the Activation ads, purchasing ad packs and by your activity in the program. A bonus ad point is equivalent to $0.0005. Therefore, if you have 1000 BAP (bonus ad points), you will get a number of ads that will then be equivalent to $0.5 (1000 BAP X $0.0005). The ads will range between $0.005 up to whatever amount the admin decides (I have seen a post where a member got a $3 ad). Of course, the ad values you will get will be dependent on your BAP. So let's say you have only 5000 BAP, you will only get a total value of ads amounting to $2.5. You may get lucky to get a $1 ad but most of the time, they will be of small values. There's one more thing that you need to understand. When you receive ads in your account, those have been deducted from your BAP already. So regardless if you click them or not, they're already considered consumed. That goes to say that if you miss them before they expires, you lost the value of your BAP.

For now, that's what you need to learn about PaidVerts. I'll probably provide you the finer details of the program once I get back.


Just in case you make a mistake of joining LuckSeven or Exellers at this point, they're both SCAMS already. So don't even think of depositing any amounts with those 2 sites.


Yasapays continue to pay instant. Since it's already the weekdays, the hourly percentage is again at a high interest rate. Today is at 0.5% per hour or a total of 12%.

The Current Trend

Monday / March 31, 2014

So it seems like at the moment, HYIP is where the majority of players are actively participating in. I didn't even expect myself to be lured in playing from one HYIP to another. Even much more surprising is that I was able to pick good ones where they lasted enough for my deposits to expire. I guess I'll be continuing on this path until such time that an admin from the PTA or Hybrid arena, steps up and reclaim the glory of those types of programs.

Speaking of HYIP, I decided to join another one with a Russian admin. The name of that program is Exellers. Don't try to understand the FAQs though. It's difficult to actually comprehend. I guess the meaning got lost from the translation between Russian to English. Let me instead give you the basic facts as I understand it:

  • Minimum deposit is $10 via PerfectMoney, EgoPay and Payeer
  • There are 3 plans where you can earn between 5.5% - 6.5% daily. The percentage will depend on the amount you deposit.
  • Earnings are accrued every second. That goes to say that you don't have to wait for a day to earn that 5.5%. As soon as you deposit, you will immediately earn a fraction of your deposit depending on the percentage and the value in seconds. Let's say you put in $100. Your daily earnings is supposed to be $5.5 but that is accrued by the second which is equivalent to $0.0000636 per second.
  • Minimum withdrawal is $0.01 (except for EgoPay which is set to $1 min cashout)
  • You can reinvest your earnings.
  • 3-level ref commission structure: 5% | 3% | 1%
  • Instant payment
  • Principal deposit can be withdrawn anytime
Warning: As you may have noticed, there's no ROI set for the program. Your deposit will continue to earn and you can cash it out instantly (that is if the program's funds hasn't dried up). In this case, know your limits and control your greed. Decide what ROI you would like to get and stick with it. Once you've reached your desired ROI, then, by all means withdraw your principal amount. The program may last long but it could end up in a second when big-time players decide to pull out all of their deposits.


LuckSeven doesn't seem to be lucky at all. I decided to go for another round since my initial deposit was almost at BEP. It seems like it was a bad move from my part. MMG members are already shouting scam about the program. The program was just 6 days' old, so definitely it's too early for the programs' funds to dry up. If the admin fails to pay the pending withdrawal requests, it's clear that he planned to scam all along. For now, I'll be removing the program's banner from my blog. And I should remind myself not to re-invest. I knew I should have just gone for one round. I'll never make that mistake again. lol!


Yasapays on the other hand continues to surprise members. Even without the support of monitors and some of them posting a "not paying" status on their monitoring sites, Yasapays continues to pay instant. 


Although, I didn't deposit for another round, MMO Ltd which I previously introduced here continues to pay and I hope it does until it completes it's second cycle. That gives me a wishful thinking that I should have reinvested here the amount I put in at LuckSeven. I may have gotten luckier. :) Oh well, as they say, you win some, you lose some.


I have removed My-OPI from this blog. The program has stalled already. My profit-share earnings has stopped increasing for days (except for yesterday when they gained 0.6%). The promised $5000 cash injection may no longer happen because the admin decided to change the rules surrounding it. Instead of it being added on March 31st, they've decided to add it when the Total Commission Paid has reached $175000. Since, there has been little to no movement in the earnings, I don't expect the cash injection to happen unless they honor their first update.


The admin of PneNow / Tueps and Twentyby20 has changed the comp plan of Tueps. Now, members can buy ad packs for as low as $5. Minimum withdrawal was down to $5, instead of the $20 that it was used to be. I was a member of PneNow and currently a member of Tueps because I didn't have any choice. The admin decided to shut down PneNow without doing refunds and created Tueps in it's place. Only a few actually profited or even reached BEP at PneNow, hence the reason why I don't promote Tueps. Some may argue that PneNow died because the funds dried up which I believe is absolute nonsense. I joined Tueps to recover my loss from his first one because the admin awarded some vocal members a $20-ad pack (at that time) to start with in Tueps. Anyhow, I was paid earlier today but the admin still owe me about $45. In fairness, he seems to be running the last 2 programs as best as he could. However, as the saying goes, first impressions last. He could have a stronger group of supporters if only he refunded those who joined PneNow or even allowed them to withdraw whatever accumulated earnings they had from the old program. Some of us have earned about $18 but were unable to withdraw because the minimum withdrawal amount was set to $20. He could have lowered the minimum to $1 but he didn't which made PneNow a scam in my rule book.

LuckSeven Payment Proofs

Status (April 1): SCAM
The admin stopped paying completely. It's still too early for the program's funds to dry up. It's clear that this admin's intention is to scam its members big time.

4th - 5th ($3.74) - With this payment, I'm at 93.5% BEP with my initial deposit. I've been watching the stats of the program and it looks like it's safe to go for one more round (though the site hasn't really completed one cycle yet). I have decided to deposit another $10. I'll be promoting the program until March 31. If my gut is right, anyone joining until that time should at least be in BEP.

3rd ($2.74) - Received the payment fast. I guess the admin is awake at this very hour that I requested for a payment. Anyhow, I've already received 56.1% of my deposit back.

1st - 2nd ($2.87) - My daily earnings for the program is $1.87 since I only put in $10 wherein I earn 18.7% daily for 7 days. I'm not sure what I did with the second payment. I think I was still sleepy when I requested it earlier and probably just put in $1 instead of the whole amount. It was processed fast though.