Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rock Bottom

Yep, MTV share price is now down to the minimum value with 8 pages full of shares that are up for sale at $0.01 each.

Did I mention before that I sold most of my shares at the price of $0.0109 - $0.013? Yes, I did that sometime when they announced that MTV will enforce a mandatory verification process. I then placed share bids at $0.0101 and $0.0102. I was thinking between the lines of simply leaving 5K shares in my account to see the outcome of the admins idea of legalizing MTV. My plan was to remove those bids in the event that they're not fulfilled before the forced verification and then cashout the money. But just as I expected, it took only a few days for those bids to get cleared out. So then I was back at 12K shares. When I noticed the share price dipped to $0.01 a few days ago, I decided 2K shares at the price of $0.01. Now, it's going to be difficult to sell the rest of them since there are no more buy bids where you can easily sell your shares.

A mandatory verification hasn't bode well for any programs that tried to do it in the past. So when a program started asking for verification, people (even loyal ones) start to cashout and move away to a different program. I'm not sure how the admins failed to realize that since they've been playing in these kind of games before. Sure, the goal of legalizing MTV is a good one but mandatory verification could have come later after making MTV legal first. Members won't be doing a mass exodus like what's happening at the moment.

Hmm... I wonder at times if Slosumo is the real CEO of MTV. He seems to be the one making the controversial decisions. He was the one who posted the news about changing the TOS regarding refunds for undelivered ads from 180 to 185 days. And when the change didn't do anything to address the issue, he disabled automatic refunds and advised members to send tickets if they feel that they should get a refund. Of course, those who weren't active in the forum have missed that and would have failed to send a ticket so they're most probably not refunded. Lately, he's the one who again posted the update about removing BlackJack from MTV and adjusting players' accounts because the game wasn't making a revenue. At first, he assured the public that there's nothing wrong with the game at all which made people play even more. When MTV had negative revenues for a few straight days, he then suddenly realized there's a problem with the game. So the decision was to pull out the game and readjust the players' cash balances. The way it was handled was wrong. Sure, they can say that members only lost time but what if the winning player used his winnings to buy shares, ad packs or FT investments? He will then have a negative balance in his account. If they want people to trust their games and play them, they can't keep on doing antics like that.

IMO, the admins need to prioritize the Paidverts clone rather than the casino games. Having another PV with 10% of the revenue going to MTV will definitely get the FTQ running. But just like what I have proposed in the past, the ROI should be low for the PV clone so that it can stand alone. In addition, they should limit the groupings. Max group should be 10 or 11 only. Then give it at least 2 weeks before introducing their casino games. With the current morale of MTV members, the games aren't going to be a big hit, so PV version 2 is a better way to get members excited again. And again, talk about mandatory verification ONLY when MTV is already legal and not before that. Mandatory verification is a buzz killer.

**PS: $0.01 share price is now up to page 10.

I was about to play again at AdClickXpress when I've read that payment delays are again a common issue with the site. And it looks like the daily % is now at 8%. The 7% daily earnings didn't even last for a month.

So I guess I'll have to pass.

Is Sanbux really making a comeback? There were 2 new posts from the admin in the forum. Here's the latest one:
2015-10-02 09:30:10
Hello there, how are you doing today?
Dear members if you have read the last status report then you know very well about what am I talking about, we have sorted out almost every thing and the pending payments of all verified members is being processed and if you do not receive your payment within next three days please report it via support ticket.
From Monday we will be starting a contest and we have managed to send 25% more extra value ads for all members with BAPs for this whole week. Another thing is that we have built a couple of games like MONEY DRAW, ROCK PAPER SCISSOR and FRUIT SLOTS.
All these games can be played if you have funds in your purchase balance, we are developing similar games for BAPs also and shall be available before 15th of this month.
Bitcoin will also be available for deposits but for withdrawal it will be enabled later, Neteller is still unavailable we have contacted their support via telephone and email but they are not accepting our request but we still try to get it back. Many of the members are also asking for PayPal, this is a very good payment processor no doubt about its service but their account security and verification process is very strict so as of now we are not focusing on this aspect.
Regarding the BAP market where members will be able to sell their BAPs for real money and similarly they can also gain BAPs for a very low cost. This section is almost ready and we are planning to launch it in the coming days. If there are any other updates it will be released on the forum so make sure you check here frequently.
If you have got any queries regarding your account please send us a support ticket this way we will be able to respond you faster. Forum is the place is for sharing your ideas or general questions or doubts and we thank you for taking time to read this post.
Well let's see if the admin will indeed follow through or if it was just empty words.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

State of Decay

It's sad to see the current situation of Paidverts and MTV. The sites hold such great promise which at the moment seems to be too bleak. The transparency that lured most folks to the sites and the forum itself is almost gone.

One member asked why the MTV forum is silent nowadays. With mods deleting posts left and right even though they are good discussions, who will be left to post? Even simple questions are being railroaded. Gone are the days when opinions, criticisms and suggestions are being welcomed. The forum can now be likened to other sites wherein only "hurrahs" are welcome. I just hope that it doesn't get to the point where accounts will then be suspended for not posting cheerleader posts. Tsk.. tsk...

It's been past 180 days since PV/MTV's original Paypal account was locked. By now, the money should have been returned to PV/MTV. Alas, they don't think that it's deem-worthy to discuss or at least provide any update (good, bad or simply saying no response). The silence is deafening.

I don't understand why PM cashouts are way too delayed. If you look into SCP, PM balance is supposed to be the most liquid balance of MTV. And yet, that's the one that has the longest delay among all the payment processors. With the upcoming forced verification (which will lock access to members MTV accounts for unverified users including cashouts), speculations are running wild.

As noted in my announcement board on the right, RevSharingClub has already ceased to pay. I would have understand if the program has already stalled but not paying members on their remaining balance? That's equivalent to a scam site in my book.

First it was T2D, now it's RSC. I really have to stop joining any program that matrix2income is the thread starter. It always tanks out. I have warned myself several times in the past not to join any program he promotes but silly me, I seem to have failed to listen. lol!

It seems like GlobalTrafficAds is now normalizing. I mentioned in a previous post that I was concerned about the site launching without gaining a complete approval from Paypal first. I guess my concerns were valid. Paypal is now completely out of the program. It didn't affect the other balances since they aren't merged. No one received a payment so everyone will get full refunds since the money is intact. All in all, I guess it was for the best that GTA wasn't able to use Paypal for cashouts. They were only able to use it for deposits. Just imagine if they have paid Paypal ref commissions, the admin will then have to use money from other payment processors to complete the refunds.

As for earning every 3 hours instead of 30 minutes or 1 hour, I really don't mind as long as the end result is the same.

On to some good news:

It's just a few days left before the end of the September purchase contest of PowerAdCash. I'm hoping to get in to at least position#30 to get the $8 reward. But I'm sure that it's going to be a tight race in the end just like last month when I almost got it.

I'm thinking of playing again on AdClickXpress. It looks like the program is once again regaining its former glory. Of course, don't count on your previous balances. Though, you can still use them to a certain percentage, you will need to put in fresh funds in order to actually earn.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hot Mess

GlobalTrafficAds' launch wasn't as smooth as any member would have hoped for. Earnings went beyond the cap of 6% and from what other members are reporting, the earnings are less for the higher ad packs. Also, some earnings aren't getting credited and that there's a discrepancy between the wallet balance and earnings balance.

However, things seem to be looking up. Members are reporting of getting proper distribution of earnings in the last few hours. Hopefully, members haven't lost their confidence completely and will continue on with the program.

I'm a bit concerned though that the program launched without having their Paypal account cleared. What if it takes another week before they can use their Paypal account for cashouts? Will those members who used Paypal be patient for another week?

By the way, bitcoin deposits aren't instant. It took about 12 hours or so PLUS a ticket and a reply before my small BTC deposit got credited to my account.

The Traffic2Dollar's admin has announced the closure of her site citing low participation after the Paypal debacle. I was right in my perception the last time that the new plan was the last attempt for the site to get going. Unfortunately, no one took a bite. I haven't cashed out any from the program but then again, I only played $10 here.

Because of T2D's demise, I'm a bit cautious on how I'll play with RevSharingClub. The site is running smoothly so far, but revshare programs that use Paypal nowadays has a high risk. I'm not saying that revshare programs can't use Paypal because sites like PowerAdCash are able to use it for more than a year without any trouble. It's just that it's a bit more riskier for newer revshare sites especially if their Paypal account is newly registered. It would be great though if the RSC admin is using an established Paypal account.

That being said, I have decided to at least recover my seed money out first before going on a higher repurchase vs cashout ratio.

The MTV forum is no longer as lively as it once were. It's like the members have migrated elsewhere. I can understand why. Since most of the comments will get deleted anyway or that the responses you will get are negative in nature, will you still raise a question or post your opinion?

Hmm... it seems like the news about "forced verification" is taking a toll on both MTV and PV's performances. Shares are now almost rock bottom while PV's ad sales have been very low these past days.

Big players are now liquidating their shares by either selling them for cash or switching to BAP before cashing out (in order to withdraw using other payment processors due to the payment delays). PV's small daily ad issues now have to accommodate members in the higher groups who weren't there before.

With members' confidence dropping due to the expected "mandatory verification", the admins could have pacified members by ensuring that payments are processed faster or at the very least, always be under 7 days.

They really need to rethink about the verification procedure. Instead of forcing it out to everyone, it should only be mandatory for those who will be buying shares, investing in FTQ or playing casino games. Unverified members should be allowed to sell their current shares and cashout whatever earnings they will get from shares or their current FTQ investments. This will at least make people rethink of cashing out and leaving MTV and PV for good. It's great to hear that they're going to roll out new products but then again, with a good chunk of members leaving, who will participate on those? Don't forget that big sponsors and known/established players have expressed apprehension regarding "mandatory verification".

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mass Exodus

This is what's going to happen to MTV if the admins enforce full verification in order for members to buy/sell shares, invest in FTQ and cashout from MTV.

IMO, they should only implement verification once MTV becomes legal. Who in their right minds will send out legal and personal documents to a non-legal company? They should first make the company legal before they ask for such documents and not the other way around.

Based on Marc deKoning's post, PV will not require verification unless you're going to use credit cards or bankwire for purchasing ad packs and cashing out. Those who don't want to verify their accounts can can convert their shares into BAP to get out of MTV.  A good plan, right? However, there's still a flaw to that plan. Remember that a BAP swap is a debt clearing mechanism of PV. So if at one point, the admins feel like it, they can implement a BAP swap. What happens then? All your hardwork will be converted into shares which you can't touch unless you verify your account. So your back to square 1 when that happens.

The big players have spoken. I am in agreement with them that the verification should only apply for new share purchases or new investments. Unverified members should be allowed to sell their current shares and cashout whatever amount they have in their MTV account.

I won't be verifying my account yet. I have done that with RicanAdFunds and another program (I can't recall the name any longer) and vowed never to do it again. I will only do it when MTV has become a legal company. I will retain a few shares in my account and consider building my PV account when the admins have cleared out whether BAP swap will still happen in the future or not. Else, I will cashout the small amount I have in my account.

In lieu of the current situation, I will no longer be promoting PV and MTV.

GlobalTrafficAds' official launch date is on September 17, 2015.

As per latest update, members can now fund their accounts but purchases can only be done on the actual launch itself.

I already made a small test payment request at RevenueSharingClub and was paid within 24 hours upon requesting it. So my goal is to get to 25 ad packs before requesting for another payment. I'm now at 16 ad packs. I started with only 4.

Speaking of payments, I was also paid by SanBux recently. Payments are already taking a long time and it's even difficult to make a cashout since the payment processors are always showing "Passive" in our back office. Furthermore, Bonus Ads only appear every 2-4 days. The admin's last post in his forum was on August 24th.

I'm considering joining a new program which is owned by an admin that had a successful site before. That is, if the ad pack cost will be lower than the current price stated.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

RevShare Season

It seems to be the season for RevShare programs once again. New programs are sprouting on almost a daily basis.

I just joined a new revshare program that's about to launch in less than 12 days. The program's name is Global Traffic Ads (GTA for short). Here's a quick FAQ of the program:

  • Earnings are distributed every 30 mins.
  • Earnings is capped at 6% daily. It's not in the FAQ but I got the source from MMG.
  • There are 3 plans: Starter ($5) with 120% maturity, Pro ($10) at 125% and Expert ($20) at 130%
  • Max number of ad packs you can buy: 100 for Starter, 250 for Pro and 1000 for Expert
  • You can only purchase Pro ad packs after you have purchased 100 Starter packs. Similarly, you need to purchase at least 1000 Pro packs before you can start buying Expert ad packs.
  • Surfing requirement: 10 ads daily
  • 1-Level Ref commission: 10%
  • Only 1 payment request per day and weekdays only
  • Each payment processor have separate balances, so you can't combine deposits from different payment processors into 1. And with this kind of script, expect that the ref commissions will be sorted out based on the payment processor used by your referrals as well.
IMO, the ROI is quite a bit high. I would have preferred a lower ROI. You know me, I've been a proponent for low ROI revshare programs. I always believe that's the best way to make a program sustainable in the long run since people will be obliged to keep on repurchasing in order to gain the most of it.

So why did I join the program? It's because of the support of big sponsors. As they say, the more the merrier. As long as there's a big percentage of membership who repurchases and do not simply HAR, then the program may have a good number of high months which will attract more people to join. And from what I see, there are a good number of them. Oh I still see some of those with HAR attitude who were top defenders of programs like DigAdz but I see a good number of those who play long term.

It's my first time to request a BTC payment at PaidVerts. I got it in 7 days' time. I always request via PM mostly. The other payment processor I've used was Paypal. But due to the long wait time for PM withdrawal requests, I decided to cashout via BTC. I also had a pending Paypal payment which I just cancelled minutes ago since it seems to be a dire situation. I don't really know the reason why the Paypal account is limited but in most cases (with PTC sites) it's always have to do with increasing number of disputes. If that was the case, it could have been avoided by ensuring payments were processed within 7 days. So for that Paypal payment that I cancelled, I requested a BTC cashout instead. I haven't received the email confirmation yet and it looks like both MTV and PV are currently offline for database optimization. I'll check back later and request for the confirmation again. Although, if I'm not mistaken, there are reports earlier about confirmation emails not going through. I guess that's the reason for the downtime.

On another note, how do you find the current MTV forum censorship?

Paypal has been completely removed from Traffic2Dollar. All those who purchased ad packs using Paypal, should file a dispute as mentioned by the admin so they can be refunded back.

I'm a bit wary of the new plan that's coming out. With past programs, a new plan always spell doom for members.

I now have 4 times the number of ad packs I originally purchased at RevSharingClub. I'll probably request a small cashout before going for another round of 100% repurchasing.

I'm glad that I joined PowerAdCash when it was first introduced at MMG, despite the low interest from MMG players. A year later, the site is still paying whereas the hyped ones have already bitten the dust. 

PAC is a case of David and Goliath or the Tortoise and the Hare. lol!

I haven't requested a cashout from Atrextrade for a very long time. I have set the compound option to 90%, so I only have accumulated a small amount for cashout. I do check the MMG forum though to see if the site still pays and I'm glad to say that it still does. The program is now 9-month old.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Mod No More

First of all, I just wanted to apologize for not publishing a new post for quite sometime. I was (and still am) too busy with offline work that I barely have time to post something new.

On August 24th, Marc (PV/MTV CEO) announced the new list of forum moderators for MTV and I'm no longer part of the list. I'm not really surprised though. I was the one of the mods who speak his mind (probably the only one left prior to the new list). Since the mods will start receiving 1000 shares per month, it was the right to filter out mods who will not question any decision of the admins. :)  At the same time, I'm not really cut for a moderating job since I don't really like deleting comments if they're not really spam, abusive or blatantly against the rules. The rules allow for people to still post "where are the ads" or "why are payments delayed" as long as they're not repetitive from same person. IMO, without those comments, we won't know if the company or program has issues. It will be likened to other bux sites that hide their true nature.

Congratulations to the new mods. I just hope that you still be lenient at times and allow some freedom of speech like the old times, Too much moderation could kill conversation in the forum and alienate new and old members alike from posting. A dead forum will not attract potential members.

Hmm.. I'm surprised that druth8x wasn't hired as a mod. She has been very visible in the forum, thus, have time to moderate comments. But then again, she seems to have a mind of her own at times.

Still no new update as to PV's 2nd Paypal account limitation. On top of that, PM, STP and even Bitcoin cashouts are delayed for more than 7 days (PM at 13 days, STP at 16 and BTC at 8 days). If I'm not mistaken it's been more than a week since the admins posted about funding those payment processors to put them under 7 days' payment delay. In addition, the liquidity report hasn't been released yet. Although, there seems to be a good direction for the company (introduction of credit cards, expected release of stand-alone PM games, upcoming multi-player Tic-Tac-Toe and the likes), the payment issues isn't healthy, hence the reason why the share price is now plummeting.

Traffic2Dollar's Paypal account has been limited as well, so purchase and cashout via Paypal is currenty disabled. The good thing though is that each payment processor have their own account balances in our back office. Members can't combine earnings from different payment processors. So in the event that Paypal will be removed, it will not affect the other cash balances at all. The only drawback is if the bulk of purchases are coming from Paypal which will put a dent in the daily purchases in the program.

I still haven't requested a cashout from this program. I'm simply building my account.

I'm also building my account at RevSharingClub. I started with just 4 ad packs and now I have 9 of them. All of which are still active. I'm hoping for the program to become the next PowerAdCash (fingers crossed) which was underrated but has been paying for more than a year already.

By the way, RSC have already introduced their Cash Links so for those who don't have any spare money to play with, you can click on those cash links to gain some.