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PTC 101

Note: For seasoned PTC clickers, you can skip this introduction and scroll down to the list of sites. Else, I suggest you keep reading to learn about the PTC industry.

Online Advertising is the life of most websites. If you don't know yet, most sites earn their revenue through advertising. The most common ads that you see on most sites are provided by Google. They have a program called Google Adsense where website / blog owners can sign up with and be able to run Google Ads in the hope of getting revenue. You wouldn't just simply run a site without thinking of how you can pay for the expenses of running it, would you?

Who are these advertisers? Well, ANYONE but mostly companies that have products to sell.

Since online advertising is such a big industry, a lot of websites tried to tap into that lucrative business and one of them are PTC or Paid to Click sites. What better way to advertise a product than to show them to people who are willing to view them for a price?

What are PTC sites?

PTC means Paid-to-Click. These sites pay their members to view ads for a certain period of time (usually 30 second per ad). The value for each ad depends on the site, it may range between $0.0001 up to $0.04. Some sites may limit the number of ads that you can click each day, others will allow you to click all available ads. But to really earn money from PTC, you will need to have referrals since you will get commissions for each that your referrals' clicks.

PTC sites can be categorized into three types:

Aurora - These sites are the so-called 'slow earners' simply because the ad values are lower than that of the other types or the number of ads is lesser than the others or that the commission is less from the other categories. But don't belittle these sites since they are the MOST STABLE of all the sites. Furthermore, they provide commission from referrals usually up to 6 levels.

Bux - Sites under this category usually have the word 'bux' on their website names. These are the sites where you can earn more with less clicks since the value for each ad is much higher and the commission from your first level is usually 50%-100% of the value of each ad depending on membership type. The main distinguishable factor (and the reason why you can really earn fast) for Bux sites is the ability to rent referrals for a certain fee. However, most bux sites show Admin ads since they guarantee a minimum number of ads that sometimes they can't provide. With that being said, they are the most financially unstable and are usually the ones that turn SCAM after a few months.

Hybrid - Simply put, these sites combine the PLUS factors of both Aurora and Bux sites. Hybrid sites may give you up to $0.01 for each ad that you click similar to bux sites and give you the multi-level referral commission from Aurora sites. To get more ads from a hybrid site, you will need to login from time to time since most of the ads are geo-targeted and are spread out throughout the day. Unlike most Bux sites, Hybrid sites (with the exception of Neobux) are not IP-strict.

What you will need to join PTC sites:
  1. Your own computer - Most sites do not allow 2 accounts on a single computer
  2. Internet connection - for obvious reasons
  3. Payment Processor - Paypal and Alertpay
  4. Email address - it's best to use a GMAIL account
  5. Few minutes of your time to click on ads
If you haven't signed up for any payment processors yet, then here are banners for those sites:

Sign up for PayPal and 

start accepting credit card payments 


Now, before you start joining PTC sites you need to take into consideration that there are SCAM sites out there. Of course, I'll suggest that you join the sites that I'm with to be sure that you won't be scammed. I have carefully research on the validity of these sites. These are the sites that are online for years and are paying (with the exception of 2-3 sites). There are of course new sites which are under Testing Phase which you can join still. However, I implore you not to invest on any of those sites. Rest assured, I'll update the status of each site regularly.

Should you find a PTC site not listed here and is interested to join that site, let me give you a link to my article that will give you an idea how to determine whether that site is legit enough or not: How to spot a legitimate PTC site from scams 

By the way, always read the Terms of Services of each PTC site. There are terms that you need to consider whether or not to proceed. There are sites that allow you to use one IP address only to view ads in a period of 24 hours. So that would be a consideration as to whether or not you should join the site.

Here are the sites that I've joined:
Last Updated: May 1, 2013
- Removed Bux-Matrix from the list. Site now only pays upgraded members. In order for FREE members to get paid, you'll need to click 1000 ads and upgrade your account using the accumulated $6 you earn.
- Moved Innocurrent and Bux-Levels to Recommended Status. Both sites have been paying for more than a year.

Clixsense (2007)

Category: Hybrid
Ad value: $0.001 - $0.02
Owner: Jim Grago (same owner of Adhitz)
Payment Method/s: Paypal, Payza, Liberty Reserve, Check
Minimum to Cashout: $8
Payment Wait Time: Every Monday and Friday
Referral Click Commision: $0.0002 - $0.008 (depending on ad type and sponsor's membership type)
Bonuses: $2 when a direct referral upgrades to Premium membership

Additional Info:
- Guaranteed 1 standard ad for Standard members and 4 standard ads for Premium members. You'll need to login to the site from time to time to check for available ads.
- Has an optional downloadable toolbar that will alert you of new ads.
- Has a game called ClixGrid where you can earn between $0.1 - $5 when you luckily click on the bonus grid/spot.
- Can upgrade to Premium membership to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Targeted Premium ads
  • $0.25 referral signup commission (after referral accumulates $1 in click earnings)
  • $1 bonus for each downline (levels 2-8) referral who upgrades to Premium membership
- Advertising Sales commission of 10% from direct referrals
- Earn more by doing Tasks and completing offers.
- Additional bonus when you complete certain requirements like PTC, ClixGrid, Tasks, Offers and visit to the forum.


Neobux (2008)

Category: Hybrid (Formerly Bux)
Ad value: $0.001 - $0.02
Owner: Neobux, Lda
Payment Method/s: Paypal, Payza and Neteller
Minimum to Cashout: $2 for the first time and $1 increment for succeeding cashout until it's capped at $10
Payment Wait Time: Instant
Referral Click Commission: 50% of the value of ad clicked

Additional Info:
- Rented referrals' click commission for the fixed ads is $0.005 in contrast to the $0.0005 you get from your Direct referrals
- Has an optional downloadable toolbar that will alert you of new ads
- For every ad clicked, you also earn Neopoints that can be converted to Rental balance, Gold upgrade or to increase the maximum allowed number of direct referrals
- Neobux now have additional programs to earn from like Mini-Jobs (similar to Clixsense tasks) and offers.
- Site is IP-strict which means you can only click ads using a single IP within a 24hour period.


WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
Wordlinx (2003)

Category: Hybrid
Ad value: $0.005 - $0.01
Owner: Richard Sturdy (Rogue Media)
Payment Method/s: Paypal, Payza (only for those members whose countries aren't eligible for Paypal)
Minimum to Cashout: $10
Payment Wait Time: Instant
Referral Click Commission: 3% (10% if you're an upgraded sponsor)

Additional Info:
- Coin bonus of $0.15 once you have accumulated $10 in total.
- Advertising Sales Commission of 3% from referrals


Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTCLogiPTC (2010)

Category: Hybrid
Ad value: $0.005 - $0.01
Owner: Unknown
Payment Method/s: Paypal
Minimum to Cashout: $5
Payment Wait Time: Weekly
Referral Click Commission: 10%

Additional Info:
- There's a special instructions that you'll need to follow or you'll get a warning. A total of 5 warnings will get your account suspended. Warnings are reset every 24 hours.
- Some ads has special instructions asking you to click on the Google Ads shown on the site being promoted. Although, it's really up to you to open those ads with such instructions, let me just remind you that such act constitutes to 'click fraud'. It's a way to steal from Google Adsense' advertisers.
- Has a free downloadable toolbar that will alert you of available ads.


  1. where are gpt sites like fusion cash and unique rewards they offer 15 to 25 cents a day in their simple paid to click sections as well brother . also u can get paid up to 6 cents an hour just listening to the radio loyalty offer on clixsense fusion cash and unique rewards . and yes open all at the same time mute 2 of them and earn 18 cnts an hour easily .

  2. I'm not a member of those Stacy and I can't discuss something that I'm not familiar of how they work. There were actually around 10 sites in this list before but I have removed them one by one after deciding not to continue with those sites anymore. lol!

  3. Hello yallit, I'm a member of MMG, and one of your big fan as well, may I have your ID skype, I would like to be your ref if you have joined any new programs!

    PS: sorry for my bad Englist!

  4. I don't have one since I don't actually use skype.

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